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Zhada Tsaparang tour is introduced: Zhada Tsaparang by the running water, in the form of special physiognomy, in the backdrop of smooth shadow psychedelic plateau, like the mythic world. Into the firm of soil Lin, will see like spring on both sides of the river soil around Lin, wonderful artical excelling nature, winding in decades. Some like mighty men stationed peak, some like energizes, some like devout christians meditation practice. Karzai of soil Lin, from about 1100 years ago, is a strong guge kingdom palace and the site of the temple.
Karzai of soil Lin is located in trevor ariza daxian territory. In the great lakes basin and the river for ancient riverbed calendar ten million geological change and become. Fangyuan nearly hundreds of square miles of earth is filled with strewn at random discretion monitoring.throughfall the "forest", different pattern, and the early human cave site.
Karzai of soil Lin area of hundreds of kilometers broadly, the landscape in geology in rivers said. Expert textual research, more than one hundred years ago, firm reach between plank is a 500 square kilometers of the great lakes, the Himalayan orogenic movement) to rise, diminishing water level, gradually blunt grinding out "building" lifelike shape and layer are tall, hundreds of thousands of years of wind and rain erosion, like ShenGongGuiFu uninterrupted carve burnish, more make his exquisitely carved superb.
From a distance, the eyeful of resplendent and magnificent; In the highlands of smooth shadow psychedelic foil below, like the mythic world. Near view look, will see like spring on both sides of the river soil around Lin, way not to be harmonious days away. The world does not have wonders, like stately temples, like fortified diaolou, like grand towering pagoda, like best luxurious ancient palace, like of primitive simplicity of European castle majesty, and some will follow, or if the head squealing day, or if the christians, religious practice meditation, apparently everything, no jinshu.
China's vast land distribution with the stone forest, soil forest, BingDaLin, etc. Various kinds of special natural landscape of the "forest", but the scenery, the momentum of the huge to matter, no one place can more than firm of soil Lin. Ariza is the level of rock by the flood erodes, landscape and the formation of the weathering and eroding of the unique landscape, steep tall and straight, majestic spectacular. Winding like spring the river in soil for static flow in the valley, like place oneself in wonderland, in a world of fantasy matchless. The bright and beautiful sunset gives soil in the twinkling of an eye for life, like a castle, flocks of diaolou, flashing their tents, layer upon layer the palace, CuoE ragged, bearing. The forest soil "trees" strewn at random discretion of dozens of meters, appearance condition, it's very fun. Facing the masterpiece that's surprised.
Karzai of soil Lin atmosphere still deeply wear delicate and a reiki, seemed natural and people with common there. Any a hill, any a group of beacon station, any a soil Lin, can let travelers have thinking. In the history of the mystery behind, in the soil for centrifugal feel like reappear in this land has ever happened in history. Pierced with a TuoLinSi county of mountain side development direction. TuoLinSi although is one thousand ancient temples, but also villages, schools with strewn at random alternate with, we are inseparable. Like the vast earth springs, tallinn, stick with dwellings tightly.
To the firm of general from the springs of the river, driving about 12 hours. If the mountain from the north, and/or leave karzai of continue to southbound, can consider the river in spring 136 km distance of the wood add (or call it as) get off, then to firm up to. But to a lift to karzai is not much, might be there's hotel accommodation, where the hotel is just by a group of ZangMin wasteland in building several rooms of the mind.
Along the 219 national highway to baal depots, a fork, a road leads to the spring river town, another way to ali's firm is of soil Lin. Into the firm of XianJing, far away and you'll see it on both sides of the river as spring soil around Lin. Winding in decades, drove through place look at the soil Lin, some similar to temples, some like pagodas, some like diaolou, in GaoErPing ridge under, in neat formation mountain some survivors like the ocean's eleven, some resembles rows of the castle, and the western United States the grand canyon of the same place.
SuDe can choose firm of hotels, this is a 2 small building, is built in hebei province of buildings. The internal facilities although simple and crude, but to be clean, it is said that this is the highest firm to block of hotel, but according to I see it, and the rest of the hostel ali is the same as. The hotel built on the slopes, below is like spring river and TuoLinSi.


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