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ZhaGong ditch tour is introduced: here is the first Tibetan medicine in Tibetan history, the seat of the school. In large floral gold peony nest through the body through the low, watched the old cleft corner, seems to want to take a hidden ancient CangYiXue originated human remains. Standing in the ancient wall, looked around, and not by the famous medicinal materials vegetation, can't help bosom think of CangYiXue ancestor, generation YunDan kampot guru demeanor. According to the Tibetan history · of treasure string of records, the space NingMa · · cloud denier kampot (708-832) was born in Lhasa and the DuiLongDeQingXian medical family, great-grandparents to three generations are father tubo dynasty though. Teens in the medical talent and he has accomplished exude, three times a day to study, to return to the tubo practice after destruction, outstanding contributions. Praise ChiSong praise at the tubo DE have given up to wave, textile, Joan wave fiefs three places. In 765, YunDan kampot with disciple DE wow the master came to textile mann lung (now MiLin domestic) to the firm gong ditch, create a medical temples, enrolls three hundred students, formulate detailed syllabus, main teaching himself to the writing of the dew essence to the secret know-how ", and granted India, han tubo etc, the medical theory works, form relatively system, perfect teaching system, has for Tibet train more than 1100 medical talents. They have to, traces, still in existence. Looking across the valley, plunge gong ditch entrance left the barriers, stands a generous cliff wall, as if a stocky man leaning against the loba makes the mountains, face the pilgrimage, Pu v's blessing, and worshippeth it, and praise of appearance. Cliff's row by row of embedded green YunSong, like a man of judah loba jerkin. Look back at the distance the skylight reflections and tie up the mountain peaks of the white clouds between cage, he seems to have a pair of printing two-tone footprint in peak body, that is the wilderness to tea, or master of the mountains in a national footprint?
Nyingchi area, from BaYiZhen through yanghe bridge, and into the MiLin original forest area. Here towering ancient, hay great, ditch river plummeted. Light yellow pine rose from the branches of the tall fine threads continuously between lop, blowing in the wind. According to information, not only in the environment pollution, loose rose was able to grow. White HaiTangHua, red azaleas blossom, the forest have colorful ornament.
The most rare is wild yellow peony, not only highly ornamental value, and medicinal value. It is said that the domestic only ten thousand remain many strains, and 80% growth in the firm gong ditch, belongs to the endangered plants. Every year on May 28, the relevant departments are pierced gong ditch held a grand yellow MuDanJie, attract many tourists from home and abroad.
Karzai gong ditch forest 820 hectares, said to the YunDan pharmacology earliest textile, who had been in the such as screen the mountain in the CaiYao, grenade is practice, and write out the pharmacology, classics "the four books a Canon".
Karzai gong groove guide flat cuo: you walk on the grass three steps, you can pick three different kinds of medicinal herbs, such as this, whose name was wild chili, can the blood, and this also is a kind of medicinal herbs, can do plasters. )
Because has the rich resources of medicinal materials, karzai gong ditch is known as the continent pharmacology, also, rhodiola, angelica, coptis chinensis and so on a variety of wild medicinal materials can be seen everywhere. Can say, plunge gong ditch not but a beautiful snow area garden, also is a treasure trove of forest resources.


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