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Zhari Namco tour is introduced: Zhari Namco the third great lakes of the Ngari Tibet autonomous region. Also called tower hot wrong, terry namucuo. Located in northern southern plateau, between the latitude 30 ° 44 '~ 31 ° 05', longitude 85 ° 19 '~ 85 ° 54', ali area cuo frequently county territory. Structure of east-west faulted the lake. Things of 53.5 kilometers long, wide 26 kilometers north and south, on average, 18 km wide, covers an area of 1023 square kilometers. Elevation 4613 meters, an average of 3.6 m depth, the maximum depth of water 5.6 meters, the perimeter of 183 km. The lake transparency 2.45 meters. PH 9.6, the salinity is 13.90 g/l, of salt water lake. Lakes form irregular, and cross the narrow, things open terrain on both sides of the Taiwan straits. East coast fluvial plain of 20 km wide, swamp development; The north and west bank development has 10 way of ancient lake, the highest level of meters above the surface of the lake; The lake area southeast development has level 3 terraces. The lake district is located in the northern alpine grassland region, cold and dry climate, is pure pastoral areas. Zhari Namco, fault basin south wood area of 1.643 square kilometers, mainly by the lake ice and snow melt water supplies. The main river lake concerning the hidden cloth, reach achievements frequently cloth. Cuo often hidden cloth originated in the bottom of the hill, mountain, the 253 km, valley area of 9930 square kilometers. The lake salinity is 13.90 g/l, of salt water lake. Lake beach on plants grow well, hard leaves moss grass and purple flower, grass needle can be as high as 20 ~ 30 cm, is one of the northern good pasture.
Concerning the county frequently from the often hidden cloth concerning the spacious valley XiangDongKe downstream reaches the lake, it is located in the plateau uplift process things fall along the fracture in the form of large tectonic basin, the lake on the northern side of the body is the foothills leveled fault scarp triangle. As early as in thousands years ago, it had tremendous volcanic eruptions, by red and black volcanic ash and lava flow and volcanic debris composed of rocks, in the later Himalayan orogenic movement under the function of curly and fold, form the modelling design flow. In the lake, which let the north lake wood GuFeng central mountain, the two, formed three hundred million years ago on the sea bottom black limestone constitute, elevation 5174 meters, more than 500 meters above the surface of the lake, climbing cliffs, firm, panoramic view of south wood wrong, here are ornamental lakes and mountains of the best spots. From south lake of wood's peak southeast direction the lake, there is a sand dike arc extends to the middle of the island, walking along the sand dike can be reaching to the island, the island lava strewn at random, standing on the island look around, lake day monochromatic, on the world, view of the lake is another good place.
Zhari Namco body broad, NuanJi sunny, mountains as Diane, lake weeks the shore on the QiQi, is good pasture, and is rich in precious RongShanYang purple. Lake Tibetan antelope, wild have groups paraded and haunted by wild animals, Mercedes in the lake on the fields. Due to the firm, wood is wrong south closed already a long time of NaLiuHu, the water salinity has reached 13.9 g/l, of salt water lake, the lake blue, good diaphaneity, but less aquatic organisms, only in the lake in northwest body shows often hidden cloth into a body of lake in the shallow water and thick growth of algae, draws crowds of waterfowl foraging. South lake lake after three residual from lake, the lake is suitable for the salt content at a worm called bittern the arthropods growth, this is a kind of farm raised fish, crabs, shrimp of high quality feed. Around the shore, circle layers of ancient lake shoreline clearly visible and witness the lake by climate warmer body dry shrinkage and the life away. The highest ancient lake of about 100 meters above the surface of the lake now, even in concerning the hidden away from frequently 64 kilometers of the mountain body cloth have ancient lake the remains of the shoreline. It around the small lake were included, at the time the ancient lake, than now out to two to three times. In the wood's peak and the lake on the northern side of the body between the foothills, one area of about 12 square kilometers of closed small salt lake, the great lakes isolation, and basic water supply their own without, of the remainder of the salt lake already below the firm, the lake Zhari Namco 63 meters, shape like a big funnel.


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