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CangLiNian is the Tibetan traditional festival, and many people in the world one kind, the celebration of the New Year to visit is to hide the grand national, the most big things one of. Snow area plateau the festival, the most distinctive glamour rich also calculate Tibetan New Year. Tibetan New Year concentrated the Tibetan people's psychology, expresses the living on this land of one year after the people hard the joy of harvest is to enjoy the fruits of, is the strength and wisdom of the proud show, is the Tibetan people's love life of one song hymns, is the Tibetan people's future and toward a new life to the assembly, and the declaration.

Tibetan New Year from January 1 to the Tibetan began, 15 th for 15 days. No designated in ancient times, people think the peach blossom open even if one year 1 new start. Now the Tibetan originated in A.D. 1027 years, from then on, the 25 th of the fixed for Tibetan New Year one day. Near the Tibetan New Year, every family busy preparing for special purchases, similar to the han nationality of the Spring Festival. At the beginning of the Tibetan one, old and young, men and women meet each other and one way one sound "lothar zha-xi-de-le" (New Year luck), the children set off fireworks and firecrackers, adults drink of barley wine and Tibet, wish each other New Year. Both the Tibetan opera to play. The herdsmen around the campfire-singing and dancing, working all night. Even during the festival held horse racing, archery, wrestling competition, etc. Start early, relatives and friends happy New Year each other for five to seven days.

With Tibetan as the main body and the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet, in order to celebrate the Tibetan New Year, like the one from early December began to operate for, eat, wear, with various special purchases. On December 29, the Tibetan before supper, to clean up the middle of the ZaoFang in the wall, with dry flour point "lucky eight badge" design; The door with dry flour painting symbol propitious of characters; And in the building of a lot of white point point, said the house full of food. 29 days late, as one may eat "ancient turkestan" (that is Ge face being) and for the activities of the evil, symbol used lixin, disaster from evil.

December 30 into the New Year's eve this day, families of hutch ark or table all put a layer upon layer of Fried since base of fruit, filled with wheat and ZanBa "zhuo and cable cut," naked barley seedlings, coated with all sorts of color sheep head or face knead sheep head, candy, Tibet, of barley wine, these things as offerings on temple gods and the next, to show their devotion. Do one interesting activities, such as try on new clothes, housewives will cook good "mountain view" (a brown sugar, and broken in the residue of milk of barley wine) in midnight to sleep in bed for a family to drink.

In addition to the special purchases for the purchase of beer and skittles, every household will elaborate "card plug", "card plug" is one kind of oil production of cookies, divided into the ear shape, butterfly form, form, square, circular shapes, coated with all sorts of color, covered with sugar, since adornment art, it is to entertain guests cuisine. "Card plug" breed of design and color of diligence, the hostess often become the symbol of intelligence and passion, on holiday particularly noticeable. Near the Tibetan New Year every household will make "zhuo cable cut and" grain measures, namely in the draw of the color decorative pattern around the wooden box contains wheat and fry respectively ghee blended into the ZanBa, above the ear plug in color and SuZhi trades of barley CaiHua, to pray for the grain and make it plentiful in the coming year.

The new one morning early, housewives want to Wells or fountain and "zhuo cable cut ter, back home to the first one bucket of clean water, let the family get up and wash and drink full cattle. Stay last-borns after sit quietly in sequence, mother and end up "zhuo cable cut and" grain measures, blessing to the family, "zha-xi-de-le PengSong cuo" (I wish good luck and perfect). So each one point on a family to empty the ZanBa scatters, taste a little and back to wish: "BaZhu amah GongKang mulberry" (may loving mother happiness and health). Wish each other and people drink "zhuo turkestan" (a broken meat bones and broken milk in the residue of wheat porridge, etc.).

The first one day one of the New Year as not drop, the second day began visiting relatives friend's house, treat each other. This visit each other and ZiYuXing entertainment activities to last for five to seven days. During the Chinese New Year, where conditions are held horse racing, archery, "yaks, run, play along a, folk song singing, and the LiuXianQin, dancing, see Tibetan entertainment activities.



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