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214 national road tour is introduced: 214 national road (or "national highway 214 line", "G214 line") is a Chinese national highway, the starting point for in qinghai, end point for the consideration of the yunnan national road, covering a total of 3256 km. Different from other national highway 214 national highway's advantage is the whole road on the rare, the biodiversity of geological diversity, landscape diversity, rich natural and historical culture to, unique to religious and ethnic customs.
214 national highway obscurity. As countries increase national road improvement, crisscross of high grade highway network structure, 214 national highway travel status it gradually emerges. Although, it is not the longest of national highway, but the load bearing huge tourism resources is amazing, it cross the most special place, landscape is the most diverse, full showed the Chinese in the geography environment most natural phenomenon and cultural phenomenon. Qualified people to take responsibility for the cultural quality after upgrading to the task of tourism diversified one of national highway.
Green kang highway in qinghai province and the along to sites, and "TangFan road" in accord with, since the ancient times is sino-tibetan economic and cultural exchange of passes, there many industries, uncle HuiMeng princess nephews reappeared unharmed, tea ma mutual trade moving story, etc. Highway coupling hainan, go luo, have three Tibetan autonomous prefecture, riyue mountain climbing over the yucca mountain, river, a mountain ridge, ginger, road, BaYanKaLa mountain, wild goose mouth mountain etc more than ten mountain; Across the Yellow River, Yangtze river, lancang river barrier, along the complex terrain, climate alpine, was considered risks way dangerous road. There are a lot of people have been to xining, jade tree, changdu, shangri-la, lijiang, Dali, xishuangbanna, etc, but never thought of these famous scenic spot where in the road on or near, GuDou unconscious walk 214 national highway. The 214 national road 3256 km, longitudinal cross qinghai, Tibet, yunnan, close to sichuan. Qinghai segment is 1954 in the history of the "TangFan gu" route for the construction of xining highway to yushu, Tibet to yunnan period in the history of the "tea ma gu" line in 1976 completed the dian-zang highway, 1988 national officially named 214 national highway. It started in qinghai province qaidam road and bridge of xining city street intersection, a republican, and across many, and yushu and capsule after modest, the class together into Tibet, changdu, mangkang, join again, lijiang in yunnan province shangri-la, Dali, lincang, tea, jinghong.
In addition to cross the landscape outside, according to experts including 200 kilometers near theory, its tourism should also include some areas in western sichuan. These places and just people dream "shangrila" area. That makes 214 national road is even better. On the whole, 214 state road has the following factors provide it with the most beautiful solid basis.
Lap communication network for "best" create conditions of the show. In ancient national highway 214 is "TangFan gu", "tea ma gu" age continues and "shu body poison gu", "the south road," the important node. 1981 years after naming issued national highway, 214 national highway and 227 national highway, 315 national highway, 109 national highway, 317 national highway, 318 national highway, 320 national highway, 323 national highway, 213 national highway and qinghai, Tibet, sichuan, yunnan highway network take place together, form the photograph reflect landscape network. The qinghai-tibet railway, the great railway, big beautiful railway and xining, jade tree, BangDa, shangri-la, lijiang, Dali, baoshan, clouds, lincang, pu-erh tea, such as in xishuangbanna 11 airport airport, is called western China have airport the most national highway.
Tourism resources to explore and discover for 214 national road best laid solid foundation. national road 214 is not only the concentration of the natural landscape, is also the ecological tourism, culture and travel, adventure travel the best choice.


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