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In the class and south and east lake wrong nearly two or square kilometers in area, cloth has a guru on the long card, ditch, the BuLong, o tower in kangba, cloth show, kangba long, hot days, he's building QuGa qiang, up to GongYa gong's under ridges, LuBu song, the northeastern coast and wrong ZuoYong lake shore northwest 13 points in the rock paintings.
Lu reachon card rock paintings, is located in the west of the seat of government also, 2 km, at an altitude of 4270 meters. This area of the south Ⅱ class and wrong before I zone, mountain to bedrock siliceous rocks and the magnesium iron rocks, etc. The distribution of the rock at the foot of the rock face joints, is apart from the ground, about 1 ~ high 20 meters. There are 20 group rock paintings, its content is richer, with hunting, put animal husbandry, battle, animals, utensils, natural objects and symbols for content, etc. Animal species including tiger, deer, sheep, yaks, wild boar, dogs, water birds, eagle, etc.; Characters have a hunter, a warrior, a shepherd and people a spirit beast image; The main weapons have bows, crossbows, spear, sword and arrows, etc.; The natural objects including the sun, the moon and plants, and so on. These images are rock paintings with knock cut method is used to complete the tubo belongs to the early metal era.
Ditch o rock paintings, is located in the south, the government also, elevation 4370 meters, were found more than 20 group of pictures, rock paintings in a single animal give priority to, basically have yaks, sheep, water birds, deer, dog, etc. Characters including ride or on foot the hunter, the shepherd and warrior, the composition is simple and more optional. The BuLong rock paintings, is located in the northern shore of the class and wrong a valley, wujiang river village south from about 60 kilometers, 4800 meters above sea level. There were seven group of pictures, a single image have nearly 40 people, most for animals, its sort has yaks, sheep, deer, and the ass, and a few people and the gods of the image. In this group of pictures, and listed antlers depiction of more attempts, will ZhuZhi performance for a semicircle of deer antlers, branching, left and right sides is symmetrical, has certain adornment means. Tower in kangba rock paintings, is located in the territory of wujiang river, from the point BuLong rock paintings southeast about 1 5 kilometers, at an altitude of 4720 meters. 10 group was found on screen, most big picture, the most interceded for 8 meters, with pictures of characters is given priority to, including hunters, the shepherd, and the wu and walk, dancers and people, may be the wizard's character image, and some people a spirit beast image. Animal image have blue sheep, antelope, deer, yaks, donkeys, dogs, leopard etc, with yaks, sheep, deer portrait more. Cloth show rock paintings, is located in the west of the township seat cloth Zagreb about 40 kilometers, at an altitude of 4420 meters. Here only l group picture, there are five images, all for the animals, the left side is 2 sheep, and the right side is 3 yak, the image is brief and himself. Kangba hot long rock paintings, located in Zagreb about 15 kilometers to the township government seat cloth of a valley, 4620 meters above sea level. There are only one group of pictures, performance for hunting content, its depict the left two people, below 1 people on horseback, and armed with crossbows or bow and arrow weapons, above 1 person also riding in one hand, holding the REINS; The right has 2 yak and one male deer, yaks form rotund, the male deer for running shape, the figure is extremely rich adornment means. Tim, a rock paintings, is located in the southeast, the township government's about 1.5 km located, 4380 meters above sea level. Nearly 40 group of pictures, content are quite rich, a single image to animals give priority to, its categories include yaks, sheep, deer, leopard, camels, eagle, horses, dogs, etc.; Rock art depictions of characters have hunters, dancers, shepherd and the rider, etc.; The natural objects image with the sun, plants, and so on. In addition, there are "YongZhong" and some meaning of the unknown pattern symbols. Pictures of the animals have leopard competing in the life scenes, painting of the four male deer were three leopard pursued, the male deer were back to Qiu shape, 4 deer depicts the very carefully, antlers abound change, the body of the different. Behind the three leopard are curled drives, straight flapping deer, leopard body also have decoration pattern, the creator of the extremely high performance r model ability and skills.
A ba rock paintings, located in the township of loose R about 15 kilometers, at an altitude of 4420 meters. There are five paintings of face, size is differ, are in the l square meters, image for animals and people more. The number of animals including spinach, its type are the yak, deer, horses, sheep, etc. Modelling style a brief guileless, also for some morphological characteristics of the expansion to depict, such as public deer and the description of the yak Angle almost the same size and body, individual animals, also appears vortices grain decoration, show that the creator of animals and the depict objects to the observation and subjective · set performance ability.
QuGa er qiang rock paintings, is located in the southeast of the township government and located approximately 4 km, elevation 4560 meters, there are three groups of picture, a single picture more than 30, mostly for animals, otherwise characters and symbols design, performance more content and hunting relevant. Rock paintings painted with the red mineral pigment, but individual images with lines color painting outline, robustness straightforward and casual, has strong disconnection.
Song under ridges rock paintings, located in th soil the country song village southwest planting about o. 5 male cover place, elevation 4350 meters, have two group of pictures, mainly for hunting scenes and some symbols.
LuBu northeastern coast and ZuoYong wrong wrong northwest coast rock paintings, which located in the heat to the township government bond about five km west seat and 20 kilometers, its content more abundant, the largest number of images for animals, type are the yak, horses, dogs, deer, birds, characters have hunters, shepherd, warrior, etc. In addition to describe the stupa late, Tibetan "mantra truth" and the diamond clubbing, etc.
The above several rock paintings for most of the age of the metal tubo early paintings works, the works reflect the class and wrong ancient nomads areas of production and life of vivid scene. They live in nature, in change nature at the same time, struggling search using nature, create beautiful new way of life. And although line very coarse, modelling is dull, but--real of primitive simplicity, can cause a hair of the YouQing offers visitors, it's tourism and ornamental value, and at the same time to research the prehistoric history is of some reference value.



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