Another world of Tibet's beautiful


 Tibet, this two word write alone has a sense of sacredness. And really set foot on the land, feel the infinite close to the sky, to get special magical glamour of belong here.

Starting from the aircraft near Lhasa, each color are starting to become complete and clear, open and bright, clean and pure. Snow area plateau and sunlight together made a strange feeling, this kind of words can't express "fairyland", I really feel it is more simple and easy - this is a new and strange beautiful world.
Before I heard that Tibet is the place nearest to the sky, here only to find that, this feeling is real, like a stretched out his hand and can touch the sky. With a heart of pilgrimage to the potala palace, the set off of blue sky white clouds, the potala palace is spectacular. Someone said, standing the cloth, the mountain snow area palace in Lhasa, is the snowy plateau of the lighthouse, in Lhasa and every corner of the Tibetan, the pious worship folded hand pointing to her forever. Visit a temple and walking up the steps. Shrouded in early morning sunshine the potala palace, emitting light, holy light, quietly a heart also follow to quiet down. Ear, guide pour said princess wencheng and sontzen gampo's love story, actually do not need too many words at this time, will feel a sincere devotion.
Namco, haven't thaw, "like a big ice". But, even so, we still see the sort of namtso breathtaking beauty. This is a piece of the vast heaven and earth, as if has to accommodate all of mind, is not never seen the sea, and never felt such a vast, only feel that life should be opened. Yet the waters of the lake is covered with falling snow, a piece of white, beautiful eyesight whiting.
Tibet tour, in addition to the beautiful, the biggest feeling is good, pure. A piece of heaven and earth scenery different from inland, no fancy, also does not have too many mountains, is so quiet, pure, snow is pure white, the lake is deep blue, like the world of another wonderland, walk into, then forget all earthly CARES.
Take a taxi to remember
Seven people meet to Lhasa by skysea night market. Available in a fork road waiting for half an hour didn't hit a car. Some clearly in the light of empty car, see we don't stop, and turn away when they saw us car.
The police for help, the police uncle advice: "you try points separately." We separated stood, trying to rob again, finally sat on the car. The taxi finally understand, Lhasa is mostly carpooling, basic car is 10, drivers like to take one or two guests, so you can bring more people, also can close a few times more money. We a line of seven people to stop by the road, the driver is also really be "scared".
Shopping to remember
This specialty in Tibet is rich, flavor unique, natural to succumb to buy local specialties. Small secondary special counterparts will bargain, comparable to online calls a "bargain". But, instead, he must the most favor with his boss. Specialty shops on the second day the boss gave him water to drink, to send the cheese to eat. Peer xiao Chen is a shopping crazy, shawls, manual pillowcase, beeswax... Also find a lot of things we don't understand, several hundred yuan to buy a piece of old cloth, a few so-called crystal stone, etc. Last week he said that in the group of the "rag" was identified as the qing dynasty, worth tens of thousands of pieces, triggered, we are a group of people is made!



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