Badefest legend


Badefest to legend is in ancient s, medical doctor in in the world is god JieQing sent down the flourishing wave. They carry YaoNang, along the seven color built of rainbow fromcomponents, step by step, to earth across, for poverty and disease extremely poor plagues Tibetan medical treat a disease, send evil spirits. When they aging, even can't ride and bear YaoNang, he will be returning to god to go around, they can rejuvenation. Of course, they return to heaven, still want to follow the rainbow bridge, in all of the line of sight of Tibetan he was lucky to, until vanishing in blue couldn't have the deep blue of the sky.

Have a happy special of Tibetan people should get acclaimed people as "door pull" (meaning, "medicine god" mean, the Tibetan language doctors call "menba", "pull" is man's JingChen.) When he went back to heaven reporting on activities soon, a very brutal plague, swept across the yarlung zangbo river on both sides of the vast area. On the grassland everywhere Chen mud-covered limbs of the body, always hear YanYan tent to shoot moan. The tibetans raised his hands high, hard towards the sky cries out: "medicine!!!!! Please open your eyes god, we look at the tragic situation! Please return to earth, salvation by a plague and disease and destroying creatures!" The sound is high, of how how horrifying, had been spread to the kingdom in the sanatorium is paradise "door pull" ears. He hurried to the god WangWang wave JieQing statement of human suffering there, request to return to the snow area. God WangWang wave JieQing said: "the man of god, god was legal rules, you have been to a world, and should can't read your hearts." Kennedy, and medical skill, limit you framed 7 days 7 night time, save Tibetan, overcoming the plague, if beyond deadline, that day god on penalty is relentless."

Want to use 7 days 7 night time, the thorough earth and through all the yarlung zangbo river north and south, to heal patients with millions is absolutely impossible. Medicine, also can't god door, but cannot go against the will of god, the king, so he gave himself into a stars, let oneself of the medical skill, drug and a people of heart, all into light into the snow area plateau. In the evening, Lhasa a sick dead girl, had a strange dream, the dream of medicine god door is standing in the southeast, the city of the vase is the top of the mountain, and earth to drugs. Drugs and in the mountains, the mountains of herbs; Drugs and the rivers, the river into potions. So she struggles to reach to the river, will the whole body in the river soaked in Lhasa. Soon, the miracle appear, and that makes her the misery of disease, rushed without trace; The LiHei the dry skin, suddenly becomes white and bright and clean; The dim light eyes, suddenly becomes the sparkle. It is in the girl's that, all of the patients were ran to the nearby river lake canal, struggling to wash my body. Indeed as expected plague receding, eliminate pain. Free people, eager to medicine god door shout for joy, worship and seek his light dies year after year, to heal all the body disease and mental wounds. Since then, this medicine apotheosis "kavalan pile of ba" star, year after year to appear in the early autumn sky of the vase, seven days to be reluctant to vanishing.

The young Tibetan girls happy in the play

The tea tea, take a shower of bath, to each other is so confident.

Tibet is a ritual before people will wear no clothes, old and young, men and women is taboo, and naked jumped into the river bath play, even the most women compatriots only wear a tight pants. With the gradual change of concept, more and more mainland tourists join to bath team, many Tibetan woman then change to wear swimsuit a ritual. Of course, occasionally still have some "open" prejudiced, good o bare to the waist, willfully soaked in the water. According to a once witnessed had such a situation friends say, in that situation, you won't have any evil thoughts, you will only feel that it is the world's most holy, the most pure beauty, is not also can't the virgin of blasphemy brilliance.

The night of the ritual is beautiful and spectacular. When dusk falls, male and female, young and old, especially energy excess girls who, coincidentally out night bath. They or in the south of the city of Lhasa, or in the east of kavalan gong SangHu, or to the northwest of quicksand river city. In those places, they took off the robe filling overstaffed heavy, dipped into the pure clean and microstrip chill of the flow of water, with a religious and sacred mood and careful washing on his body and soul.

That kind of happy, open-minded, pleasant, pure and fresh and wonderful feeling, from the depths of the body and mind of each bath you are grown old, even feel the body already and blue night snow-capped mountains of water as a whole. They believe that, after 7 nights bath, can avoid gets a cold, don't dye plague and disease, still can prolong life, strong bones and muscles.

The women side bath, side washing

Colourful clothes air is basked in in the river, become the sunshine beautiful scenery
In the past, the bath will lit the pile of fire and make Lhasa river blue night become more magical magnificent, fairy tale of elusive. In the fire boil the thick thick of Tibet, boiled large pieces of beef and mutton. After bath climbed the people bore into the LiuLin ma, drink a hot ghee tea, drink a bowl of sweet green naked wine, eating a few pieces of fat beef and mutton, and the LiuXianQin up old, singing the song of praise home around the fire jumped up "GuoZhuang", "pile of harmonic" and "lang and" dance until the top of the YuDongShan phosphor rises.

Tibet, ritual has had a lot of change. More and more people will bath site from Lhasa moved to modern swimming pool, in their view, with the new way of the traditional holiday is a kind of fashionable life tide. Gradually, has been out of the original ritual simple meaning, become a collection of religion, entertainment, fitness, social in a body comprehensive social festival.

In this autumn season, people come to beautiful Lhasa river, the river, the NianChuHe bank, and many unknown lakes, a ritual, with clear, cold, have it sweet, relaxed, soft, the throat, tasteless, moisture intestines and stomach eight of the river's bath, mind and pure and fresh, relaxes the muscles after living bone, and strengthen the body. Washing the body not only, the strong body, at the same time also purified the soul, edify disposition.



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