BeiJing-lhasa-Ali journey


[reading] Lhasa to ali road books.

D1 Lhasa- -the xigaze 312 km

9:05 125 km Lhasa Taurus sculpture
10:06 196 km yangbajain
Since then there will be 170 km from DaZhu card to ShaShiLu yangbajain via of kirgiz, and the slave township
11:56 252 km snow mountain pass, the altitude of 5444 m have snow
13:4 unknown mountain pass an altitude of 4900 m
Along the route of gravel road V type bending steep mountain
15:43 363 km DaZhu card JiangJiang on the bridge
15:50 364 km on asphalt road
16:50 437 km from xigaze 1.3 km
Kirgiz, and the slave of township period of scenery good, scales along the branches down, the larger because of the rain, water is yellow, turbulent. Many YouCaiHua field.
Snow mountain pass more ancient and cloud, out for slope grassland yangbajain soon, flowers in bloom, gradually with the elevations of the different kinds of high flower, sometimes a large purple flowers like lavender, cattle and sheep, snow mountains, far out a small temple yangbajain.
A YinYu continuous appearance, we set out to the potala palace as well in the rain after taking photos on the road. A pile of dragon, the rain is gradually didn't, flat avenue just singing mercedes-benz. The summer of the plateau, flowers everywhere, monsoon clouds fill the skies, covering the EEr and exposed to the corner of the blue white alternate with of the snow-capped mountains to the summit, as it lived the fairy.
Intriguing scenery!
There is a very hot yangbajain big pool, steaming, down the dirt road into grassland depths, fast grassland streams with us always.
Vast savannah, majestic mountains, rich white clouds, herds, flowers in bloom.

D2 xigaze, kirgiz, where-over 226 km

12:37 463.8 km start
17:17 633 km JiaCuo pull the mountain pass, at an altitude of 5250 m, cold, the cloud, didn't see Everest
18:53 689 km DingRiXian an altitude of 4330 m
Road hemilateral pan, local oil duct, similar to the qinghai-tibet railway scenery.
Pull to the drawee kirgiz road, for shale mountain, weathering serious. When ray hail, small strands of debris flow, gentle hill, narrow road, JiaCuo pull mountain pass for flat after highland pasture.
DingRiXian city hotel Everest hotel of 280 yuan in the standard rooms are not a bath.


D3, tashi Pope-where QuSong-over 120 km trek Pope

10:11 708 km of visible oil gas station in at 11 silver oil tank
A repair shop, sichuan cuisine, need for Tibetan meal, Everest relay station
10:35 718 km to the chain checkpoints, check the border certificate, passport, driver registration
The asphalt, geese and ducks within checkpoints chicken
Tickets in the drawee shall purchase tickets, Everest service center, each car is 405 yuan, $25 per day, the driver free
11:03 732 km tickets back to the chain
737 km place has the fork and marked 101 km to flannelette temple
November 18, 741 km to the bill-to mouth, group of children's cable things up
11:58 761 km mountain pass an altitude of 5200 meters
Gravel road to a relatively flat side, a hillside in the huge run up, countless turn off, the step to the cloud.
12:50 786 km trek Pope elevation 4170 meters
About 1 o 'clock 806.7 km song SongCun elevation 4500 meters.
Many cases where trek-

Where the D4-camphorwood over 238 km

11:40 0168 km start
13:01 232 km where old
13:13 and wood of hot springs
13:50 250-260 km castle
14:58 307 km
Has the wind MaQi for bend the mountain pass along the way, how the castle valley remains a soil as high as four or five floor tower, to post? Depots for? Or what?
15:04 312 km altitude of 5020 meters
15:26 324 km NieXiong pull mountain pass an altitude of 5130 meters
Soon after the stone mountain into decline right hand XiXiaBangMaFeng visible, but did not appear
16:43 374.3 km nie pull wood elevation 3820 meters
19:03 406 km camphorwood elevation 1937 meters
This section in the cloud, and like the jiangnan scenery, many waterfalls, is amazing
To NieXiong pull before mountain pass, bid farewell to the drawee grassland, in the grand valley of the Himalayan rose, through. Mountain is open, the mountain as the gobi desert, see to 8012 meters of XiXiaBangMaFeng forks in the road, but can be hidden in the cloud peaks, continuous snow mountain-if fully come to light, will be how beautiful! XiXiaBangMa, beautiful and legendary name.
Didn't expect NieXiong mountain pass, there are more than 5000 meters high, from here to see snow mountain is close to gently mountain pass, but the wind is still great, have a western bikes very fierce guest is admirable. More UK KuaDou ride motor alone old man, to the prime ZiKuiFuRu waiting.
Camphorwood rain, the ceaseless, from the nie pull wood to the way camphorwood, such as through in wonderland. Wet luxuriant plant, bright-coloured flower, must not continuous cloud, countless waterfalls, streams, constitute a wonderland of earth. There is a place, have fallen from a waterfall way under through to the waterfall of water washing the car is a good solution. And hanging in across the river, and the practice of the white waterfalls countless, each is a "most expensive three thousand feet", and the vegetation, more wins austral, the grass bright red wild berry faint scent, nie pull wood and wood 97:129 such mountain city, always in after turning the suddenly appeared in sight, let a person unprepared to joy.
The rainy season town drizzle feifei, rainy night lights in the cage with halo, in the fog with hillside, wet and appropriate temperature, and it fits the for a walk after the meal, the actual port also on the 8.5 km outside, the customs in the past is a so-called d.c., where we do have the kingdom, poisson to product, staff should be in tourism do notarization registration, and sent the guide, vehicle required to pay the safekeeping fee of $55.

D5 camphorwood-nie pull wood-183 kilometers away pelosi wrong

11:09 438 km to the nie pull wood
12:18 469 km such as plus village, elevation 4300 meters under the fork in the river, small mouth is very unattractive.
13:13 489 km a small village, almost no way, only light rut
13:19 elevation 4700 meters 2868 car increased water temperatures, stop for inspection, the pump is broken,
There is no way a few, in the beach to find the way it did, but to suggest that there is a GPS on pelosi is the wrong way.
Parking garage, be full of pebble big river valley, the river rushing, stick to the very bright, the sky so blue ah, sunshine is so warm, and all of you begin, a great sword was, on WenQi cut quarter, down under water pump mat, not far from the village, have several children, a little from the foot down move, after a while, a position, closer to our car.
From the national highway to the forks in the road, and map does not conform to the road, but with GPS and old single description is consistent, without other with driving, heart not certain, narrow and road is not obvious, but the left has the beauty of the high peaks of the pyramid, the clouds in one, exposing spires gently beautiful mountain. Road is increasingly wild, near the village of the carriage even only rut, people in the village, the original life, sun, wool, weave the waterproof, not like other place of the villagers, they just curious to see, not out his hand to things up, children is also follow the car ran see just.
14:58 units, take on the road to do valley, return to the way national highway.
16:35 528.7 k parking, old ring car high water temperature, advice. ? elevation 4600 meters
17 again, and stop altitude of 4900 meters
17:30 to 5000 meters, V8 fault emit light
17:35 parking, destroy the car
18:35 562 km to the XiXiaBangMaFeng forked roads
18:50 road, to constantly of open space, N multiple track, in the gobi desert now, waiting for the old ring car cooling water tank
19: and again, camera, out on the photograph, very lively
20:28.7 km to 49 XiXiaBangMaFeng reserve buffer, elevation 4800 meters need to buy the tickets
22:30 59 km to camps, facing the snow mountains, pelosi is wrong back pillow, streams through them.
Day like the vault, and set full the stars, the galaxy as yarn silk, stars from below the beginning, to stop the horizon, dusk have lovely as the fairy's snow mountain forever, even sleeping wilderness also poem, the night the lake, start up a horse, jun beauty free animals, at an altitude of 4660 meters.
Gobi desert, sand to grassland, the grassland desertification, continuously across the stream and a big bed, big river, numerous strands of the stream, wade one local is quite deep, almost no to meet people, but far saw two a village, the gobi was marnie pile of a.

D6 pelosi is wrong-being gaza over 88 km

10:00 59 km start an altitude of 4660 meters
Sunrise time is 7:30.
10: stop waiting for 30, 2868 the car that KaiGuo slope, the water, cooling.
10:51 77.5 km fork, take right, lousy road, into the valley, the left mainly to the county.
11, 12 86.6 m lose material into deep groove sections, many rut, plough out deep groove, sand grassland, CaoCheng secure distribution
90 km a gravel good road, with achish called line, the right to see lake, wetland, cattle and sheep.
95 km road any jerk
105.7 km a dragon stamp wrong
115 km up to the hill, mountain path is not long, but the steep, narrow, only let one car, mountain in the broken mountain under 10 km/crawled on ma hours
124 km into the valley saw a small village
128 km dirt road beacon station, narrow, steep, the pit, stone
129.2 km mountain pass, mountain under fair, again into the valley, a short grass prairie
14:30 147 km to ferry labradors, 4470 meters above sea level
Waiting for the ferry.
Ferry is to rely on a piece of rope and the three pulleys and three can be adjusted vice rope, the use of the water power barges push to the other side, adjust the length of steel cable vice can.
Live leaves the hotel, standard room 120 yuan, electric water heater shower, very good! Highly recommended.
Master the driver oneself repaired motors, Toyota carbon brush their grinding small mount, super! 2868 car broken pump is always cannot be solved, had to put the cart here, and with the express a jeep contact water pump to come over. When the car by local children with wire the iron rings the steering wheel and small bonobos wheeled do simple cars to play, let everybody smiled once.

D7, great heat from the sheep being gaza-245 km

12:30 154 km start
13:10 165 km mountain pass an altitude of 4260 m
15:49 293 km old still and an altitude of 4590 m
Still have a large number of marnie temple and stone, cow skull marnie, have the dog such as lion, which enshrines not famous, with 10 yuan lighting, 1 yuan giving
18:50 373 km palmer sheep an altitude of 4590 m
Live to the standing committees of the hostel, with oxygen, fuel supply but oil quality suspicious
Palmer sheep town are all adobe. Quiet town, the house disorder arrangement, optional stretch, plateau town style all show, under the blue sky white cloud, has overseas tour group set up camp outside the town.
MaQuan the lake of desert blue sky, grand moving.
Palmer sheep town to people want to write poems of excite, is really a full of wild poetic flavour of place, but I could not write a poem to, can write a little straight white feeling.
The sun light singular, pierced
Soil, transparent soil, everywhere
The wind
Days and a cloud, flying dancing cloud, drive the soul of freedom
The figure on the horizon, not the heart of daoke
In the lake flow,
Not water
Is the shadow of the desert
Wall of silence
Hidden old songs
-don't go to imagine
Born in the life here
The scenery is so pat sheep jc cool, a crazy enough to penetrate walls and the light of the soul, the cloud sky rolled, the silent life but wild heart letting a person.

D8 palmer sheep-and-that is the best thing happens when over 263 km

Sounds is legendary, it is a proverb, add oil, still need to put out. --the reason is the old didn't put clean. This is this morning's strange diy work results.
9:44 360 km start
386 km place found on the higyway goes black brought the crane 4 only, sandy road car to do
12:00 439 km roadside tents teahouse rest, yogurt 5 yuan, a little girl is incredibly small civets in.
480 km MaYouQiao public security checkpoints, registration inspection. Gravel road quite road, very boring.
14:09 503 km MaYouMu pull mountain pass an altitude of 5208 meters
16:38 589 km hall
17:09 609 km ba ga
17:50 623 km and the wrong side that is the yongzheng temple, in the mountains of JianShi up, upper hand over the lake.

D9 is that the plank-over 76 km

9:19 627 km start
10:20 see ghost lake LuanShiTan road very bumpy
12:34 703 km to wash the car plank
Enter the village before plank, snow mountains, surrounded by the small oasis soil Lin, here to dial is low, has a mobile phone signals, commodity is rich. Cement road, food fruit all has.
929 text messages said must go to the temple, and, so, 17 miles of road, it is difficult to go, to cross a few big river, the river valley, across the river, then on to shore, the bridge should be fixed next year. The peacock river valley is very wide deep, may be very few, mountain like hill, a local soil landforms Lin, there is a place of a cliff with many small hole, also built a small stone floor havoc, it looked like practice hole.
Finally the live with twin beds single room, can still not wash bath, the weather here than elsewhere hot, from the window lying in bed can see sweet Berlin the site of the temple, the other side is steep a few the snowy mountains, clear the place DE was a calm, but the city planning is a mess.

D10-and-u DE tower qin over 107 km

On the way back, still travel along the devils lake, the lake ghost color so beautiful, is behind the red mountain, are not actually grass grows, only a very few, lake shore all pebble, have a little can't see the grass and little duck birds, but she then fondle mei, so beautiful dark blue, general blue, changeable, and be able to close.
Left the devils lake, and soon the kangdese mountains, cannot close a sacred, such as the sea generally, in the hope of a cliff down, like the grand sea, the ghost is situated at the lake and in together, and can be a sacred mountain in the point of view of the together but not ordinary people can to, in the lake hillside wrench to leave, want very much to the ghost lake in building a White House, a huge glass Windows and extend to the lake gazebo, as alone humble abode.
On the way to the mountain to go to a few of the river ManLiu article, 219 state road become very lax, tower qin is quite a small scale, do not have what meaning, there are many white tent in selling something, believers are not much, revolving around mountains also very little. Listen to the wrong and yongzheng tourist hotel guy said car can drive NaZhuan mountain path of jiang firm temple, and then walked a few minutes to color the dragon temple, we took a mountain, so rice on a "after that, the road is very rugged, sharp, DaPo, crazy dian, a thrilling journey after, jiang firm temple suddenly appeared eyes-in one of the mountains in the middle, and the little hills, stands on the hill of the new layer and the hills goddness together, and YongBuLaKang the same wonderful, breathtaking.
From the temple to the west to climb a mountain, not far from the view, but are no slope, a few people began the journey, the roadside drought lazy stand up blunt I peep, fat beeps is so cute pole. The rising process is painful, once again, the experience of oxygen breathing and difficult, but it seems more than five at that time climb on wood better rumsfeld mistake, in numerous rest and breathing, see the mountain peaks of the moment very jing, he as a wilderness of the gem general flashlight and beautiful.
Victory over his own a small step is exciting, but works there, it may be taking a big step. The evening sky like fire, warm abnormalities, exciting trip by mountain in riddle gradually sleep.

D11 tower qin-firm of total 280 kilometers

9:01 844 km of elevation 4668 meters tower qin
Across the river in several
11:06 903 km door and again across the river in the town some
12:33 953 km barr to dial 4560 meters refueling depots
There is only soldier has shops, the toilet is very good in depots
13:10 on their way to karzai of wered road,
For ShanXian split up the hill road, turn over color see behind mountain, scenery is very beautiful.
14:58 41039 km pearl dragon tea house at an altitude of 5000 meters away from pull out battery line except fault code

16:01 card stood bridge military steel bridge
16:45 errors are difficult to do under the bridge river valley.
17: and the bottom a small village cattle 079.5332031, 3524 grass valley such as buddhist paradise, but the way of the village is a trip ZuiXian episode.
In the great risks road, finally reached the top of the mountain, the emergence of large soil Lin and distant snowy peaks, into the firm of bright before mountain, there HuangCao wasteland, extremely desolate grandeur.
The way boring, drab scenery, limitless turbulence, not at the end of the road, was almost collapse. With a joke to dissipate sorrows, Betty was in radio in do JiaoHun shape, it strange to represent himself joke: we all the car are collapse, to bite on the rabbit to run, 2868 chew tires, he eat their nose, or standing on the roof is enough.
See the very spectacular Lin, incredible. Satan secretary to carry a spade field "poetry".
18, and leave again, Lin road very risks soil, soil more, and it's hard to go, go in the soil around the woods, as if without end, although soil LinFengJing looks very nice. The so-called soil Lin, a little like the loess plateau on the way way deep water ploughed up filled with loving, just huge scale, deep km. To firm up to need to be of more than 4000 meters up and down to earth for wasteland of over 3000 meters, soil for the bottom, in the soil of the forest PanShanLu through very steep slope, combined with successive Z type bending.
19:53 41121 km to firm up to.
From the soil down way is very difficult. They go to a beach at the left, like the deep springs valley has been step to hydropower station across the bridge and then turn into county town. Karzai was surrounded by Lin daxian soil, the county has tree, its surrounding earth, like spring valley deep but not much water, river valley have wild shrubs, it feels like it was in gansu or somewhere in ningxia.

D12 firm of firm not let-- the plunge of 44 kilometers

13:00 41127 km start
About 1 hour after 41149 km to the firm not let guge kingdom capital sites
18:57 guge leave
Firm not let sites and the description of the past have different, seldom see brushed, temple city house don't open, because it falls off, to fix, don't see most likely want to see heaven six arm, i.e. the HenShi. But the momentum to the study of a dump, the magic, growth in the city on Lin, the city, the king on the top of the projectile topped the land, but have special emperor of the great vigour and vigorous scenery, although the primitive material life, but so deep spiritual world and a splendid culture.
Under the once a river, and has become a pebble beach in huge, once the water intake of secret word and no longer use, seems to be for the winter palace of mysterious dwarf preparation, wonderful scenery of for magical king and queen have, firm not let wall in the village of mysterious little black cat, whether is the princess's last guge send spirit of the body? The sky show ring again of the rainbow out-of-phase, is it true that what, god really so favour us? The first time being in Saskatchewan, the second is in what guge, this out-of-phase appear again, have to let a person heart vibration.
Finally came to the guge, ten years to mecca, culminating in the left marnie pile of, seem to worry is will no longer be with me. Huge the wind in all, great soil heaps wordlessly, don't know what can give me shock and fresh. Many not smooth experience life, but does not surprisingly, the heart put left a lot of things, speaking out simply enough, the life and the world was it so much?
Guge mountain and let people feel a lot, even if it is a rough pavement also can give a person to different revelation, life is short, that what was also lets people long? Youth flies, what is forever? Human life and youth itself is long and forever!
The amazing guge singular, soil also is the fate of natural forest, mankind can win over local natural, but can't get away from natural ShenGong, people and the nature of the universe is part of it, a the ego, but is human a member of the small they pass.
Superb techniques of painting and sculpture, prove civilization once glorious and great, breathtaking is, great civilization survival is so such boondocks, so strong contrast is unable to inspire the origin of the speculation and imagine it.

D13 firm reach-the spring river covering a total of 191 kilometers

10:50 of 41170 km in soil through the forest, road should be soil Lin ditch, some of the plunge into a ditch behavior hair
12:35 41200 km unearthed Lin, there is certainly some pits ditch, earth, as it is in the tank surface.
13:40 to fork in the valley to the right up the hill
14:30 find could go wrong 41246 km in boy Osaka, at an altitude of 5007 meters
15:10 41251 km a boy pass an altitude of 5332 meters
The boy for gravel road near mount ShanXian, have much shortcut, black PianShi, down the mountain is not very risks to shortcut continuous down the mountain. 16:36 41274 km a Lao tze mountain pass an altitude of 5300 meters
LaoZiShan on what risks, down the mountain have many shortcuts to the left is the fastest way, way down the river for close to white earth ash landslides road, Britain, there is certainly some pits large, stone, LuanShiTan, down the difficult after beach, can be seen as satin asphalt see flat, there are multiple fork in the road next to the mountains, here is the map of the so-called that wood such as, but no decent residential areas, local drivers don't know that wood such as this place. This is the way of ali typical of the map is not completely consistent and.
17:35 41297 km on the asphalt cruise travel
18:30 41361



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