BeiJing-Tibet lhasa journey


Beijing to xizang middle road books (turn)

Beijing-shijiazhuang-xian- -tianshui city of lanzhou-xining-qinghai lake-golmud originates anduo- - -DangXiong naqu namucuo-yangbajain-and xigaze, followed the drawee Everest- -and-xigaze-Lhasa uzbek

D1. Northern on high speed-(80 kilometers) to the river
-north tollbooth (charges $15)-(153 kilometers) to baoding service area-(299 kilometers) turned to stone too high speed-(302 kilometers) to shijiazhuang tollbooth (charge 60 yuan)-(309 km) shijiazhuang service area-(349 kilometers) west toll jingxing (charge $25)-(351 km) service area-jingxing (393 kilometers) to the old shut toll get-(481 km) service area-jinzhong (601 kilometers) to pingyao tollbooth (the charge of 85 yuan)-(752 km) reach linfen service area-(882 km) reach yuncheng tollbooth (charges $100)
Throughout the trip: 882 kilometers
Expenses: 285 yuan
Road conditions: high-speed way, very easy!

D2 yuncheng start-(21 kilometers) to the wind the entrance-(79 kilometers) to the wind ling crossing toll booth (charge $25)-(84 km) over the Yellow River bridge (charge 10 yuan)-(86 kilometers) to QinDong high-speed entrance-(221 kilometers) to xi 'an (charges $55) toll-(228 kilometers) to Sue the king tollbooth entrance (charge 3 yuan) turn right go xian road north-(251 kilometers) to the chicken treasure high-speed entrance-step to (333 km) north Syria arrived home "famen temple" toll booth (charge $40)-(353 km) reach famen temple-(372 km) back to home-Syria toll (431 kilometers) baoji tollbooth (35 yuan charge) to the highway into go 310 national highway-(468 km) classical valley tollbooth (charge $10)-(521 kilometers) to JinLongShan tollbooth (charge $10)-(601 kilometers) to pan set village tollbooth (charge $5)-(607 kilometers) to TianShuiShi world-(622 kilometers) to the pier tollbooth get seven-(901 kilometers) to lanzhou tollbooth (the charge of 74 yuan)
Throughout the trip: 901 kilometers
Expenses: 267 yuan
Road conditions: this journey only to the way of tianshui baoji go bad, and there are many in the rough mountain road, other are expressway.

D3 lanzhou city river road walk-(22 km) to get the toll on the-step to (77 kilometers) to gansu stone bay tollbooth (is 20 yuan)-(137 kilometers) to the music service area-(194 kilometers) to xining chaoyang tollbooth (charges $53)-(234 kilometers) to the kumbum, go out from the kumbum dopamine-(264 km) turns to toll dopamine (charges $8) on the-(306 kilometers) to the toll booth (charges $15)-(333 kilometers) to the service area-(369 kilometers) to qinghai lake-(517 kilometers) to place.
Throughout the trip: 517 kilometers
Expenses: 96 yuan
Road conditions: lanzhou to xining to qinghai lake high-speed way, very the easy way, just to the taersi if you don't want to go, turn head to go to more than 10 kilometers road on the dopamine.

To place the D4 start-(264 kilometers) to touraine-(352 kilometers) to pass were ulam elevation 3080 meters-(612 kilometers) east to golmud toll mouth (charge $5)
Throughout the trip: 612 kilometers
Expenses: 5 yuan
Road conditions: from qinghai lake to all LAN is mountain roads, after all is LanQuan gobi highway, straight road is very easy

D5 geermu went out of the city a toll characteristics (charge $5)-(56 kilometers) to the snow river bridge-(99 kilometers) to SanChaKou bridge-(15 kilometers) to the kunlun mountain pass (4767 m)-(404 km) reach originates-(497 kilometers) to the wild goose ShiPing-(592 kilometers) to arrive tanggula mountain (5240 m)-(677 kilometers) to the anduo county-step to (813 km) naqu county arrived
Throughout the trip: 813 kilometers

Expenses: 5 yuan
Road conditions: the whole asphalt road, all the way is snow area plateau scenery is very beautiful, still can see both sides of the wild animals, arrive tanggula mountain path is heavy card surrounding rolling bloom, after sure to slow.

Out of naqu county D6-step to (165 kilometers) to DangXiong, from DangXiong turn right to lake namco-step to (194 km) arrived at an altitude of 5190 meters "that roots pull" mountain pass (5120 m) down the mountain step to (232 kilometers) to tashi peninsula "namucuo" the lake, the lake after the play came back to DangXiong, go back to Lhasa direction-step to (366 km) yangbajain arrived.
Throughout the trip: 366 kilometers
Expenses: no
Road conditions: DangXiong to namucuo is asphalt road, need over hill, road is steep.

D7 yangbajain-(45 kilometers) start to an altitude of 5400 meters "snow mountain pass the pull" downward to (160 kilometers) to DaZhu card, turn right into the bridge asphalt-(241 kilometers) to the second largest city Tibet xigaze
Throughout the trip: 241 kilometers
Expenses: no
Road conditions: the way to rikeze yangbajain, this road is most ShaShiLu and hemilateral pan road, but the road is better seek, a direct road, over "snow mountain pass the pull to pay attention to high altitude and narrow, as far as possible quick, lest happen traffic, and, after a DaZhu card it all is the asphalt.

The city of xigaze D8 (6 miles) to the east ga-(76 kilometers) to XieTong door area in turn left to go in a fork in the direction of the kirgiz and--(167 kilometers) to adr [; Go to the drawee driving direction-(249 kilometers) to an altitude of 5220 meters JiaCuo pull mountain pass-step to (293 kilometers) to the drawee new county.
Throughout the trip: 293 kilometers
Expenses: no
Traffic: as to pull in xigaze kirgiz roads, must go round the east honk, XieTong door this section of the road is level 1 fast, and, after a XieTong door to all the drawee is ShaShiLu hemilateral pan, road, narrow mountain should pay attention to.

D9 is where on the new county-(7 km) to border check-posts-(16 km) to go to the mountain to fork, and then turn left, and went up into the mountain by 59 big the turning PanShanLu, to add hooray mountain pass elevation 5210 meters, in this can overlook "mount Everest 8848 meters, yves LuFeng 8463 m, 8516 m, son los peak cho oyu 8201 meters" to the 65 great turn down the mountain to tashi Pope township-(119 kilometers) to flannelette temple along the mountain road up again--(127 kilometers) reach Everest base camp-the feet again came to return, (247 km) back to the drawee county town. Note: now the driving in BaSong stop checkpoints and change to the local sport utility vehicle on Everest.
Throughout the trip: 247 kilometers
Expenses: no
Road conditions: all is mountain roads, big and small hemilateral pan hemilateral pan road, with poor road conditions, easy to damage the car suspension.
Note: buy into mount Everest in the new tickets for reserve service center in the apartment building where mount Everest, on the same day return to 25 yuan/person, living in camp RMB 65 / person, car 405 yuan/a, and, after a few kilometers of village trek have a clip next BaSong checkpoints, eat live there; Need to transfer to a local car into the mount Everest protect area RMB 80 / person, reach flannelette temple to transfer to the carriage again after 30 yuan/person may enter the base camp.

The drawee D10 new start-step to (92 kilometers) to a Dallas county kirgiz, kirgiz, county first turn left after a fork in the road to XieTong door county direction-(175 kilometers) to the asphalt road at xigaze drive (262 kilometers) up in xigaze arrived
Throughout the trip: 262 kilometers
Expenses: no
Road conditions: not to XieTong door county is all ShaShiLu before, and hemilateral pan road, have a long road is driving along the yarlung zangbo river, the narrow road, sharp curve more.

D11 xigaze start step to (92 kilometers) to the county jomzi-(198 kilometers) to the wave bands county, sheep ZhuoYong wrong by the lake, and the YangHu along and do-(278 kilometers) to GanBaLa mountain pass, down the mountain (323 kilometers) to music water county-(383 kilometers) to Lhasa
Throughout the trip: 383 kilometers
Expenses: no
Road conditions: are all asphalt, very easy, but this period is the most mountain roads, and sharp curve more, should be slow,
Note: this route worth visiting the scenery have:
Shanxi pingyao ancient city: ticket RMB 85 / person
The xian famen temple: tickets: 28 yuan/person
The xining kumbum: tickets: 35 yuan/person
Qinghai lake marcus: tickets: RMB/person
Marcus into the fare: 10 yuan/person
The kunlun mountain pass "cable south Dakota jie" hero the graveyard, grassland, tangula mountain hohxil snow mountain
The source of the Yangtze river originates, Yangtze river bridge, the first arrive tanggula mountain. Naqu eight tower
Tibet is the head of the three sacred "lake namco" : tickets: RMB 120 / person
Geothermal hot spring, HouCang yangbajain capital "xigaze"
The grand living buddhas in zion the panchen "study" : tickets: $55 per person
The yarlung zangbo river
Add wrong pull mountain pass (elevation 5210 meters), add hooray mountain pass (elevation 5200 meters), flannelette temple
The world's highest peak mount Everest: tickets: 25 yuan/person ticket: 405 yuan/a change local car 500 RMB/person into the camp in the carriage environmental protection car: 30 yuan/person
Everest base camp RMB 180 / person
Everest environmental protection fee is 400 yuan
JiangZiZongShan castle: tickets: 25 yuan/person
Jomzi pola manor: tickets: 30 yuan/person
Gold ShaXueFeng resistance
KaRe pull glacier
The second big Tibet sacred: "yangzhuoyong lake"
The potala palace Lhasa: RMB 100 / person
Jokhang: RMB 85 / person



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