Bome Gang Xiang village on foot


Post township nature reserve: 
Post township nature reserve, 20 kilometers from the county seat, at the long jiang to hide cloth, in the northeastern bome county in the Brahmaputra waters west of the turning, here are linked by mountains and rivers and, ancient thick cover, give priority to with rare spruce trees, China. Spruce trees grow very neat, tall giant tree springing up into the clouds. It was named "China's top ten most beautiful virgin forest", one of the named "Swiss" Tibet is foreigner. 
Reserve about 12 km wide from east to west, north and south is about 24 km long, the forest coverage rate reached more than 61%. 
Dense forest in the area, give priority to with spruce and fir of dark coniferous forest predominates, part of the thick forests grow dense arrow bamboos. The productivity of protection forest in the area with rare, the volume of more than 2400 cubic meters per hectare, is about three times as much as China's northeast forest region. Old is as high as 300 ~ 400, some spruce tree diameter at breast height of 1.5 ~ 2.5 meters, height 75 ~ 80 meters, the trunk of plant trees as many as 60 cubic wood above, is the dark coniferous forest productivity is highest in the world has ever known. 
Reserve also contains extremely rich animal resources, such as rank, leopard, argali, black bears, monkeys, snow chicken, musk deer, parrots, Karl fischer, muntjac, etc. 
Special plant mainly duty township nature reserve 
Spruce. Distribution within 2800 meters of subalpine zone, about 35% of forest area. Tree diameter at breast height of up to 2.5 meters, the average height of 60 ~ 70 meters. 
(2) a fir. Distributed in the reserve forest the ceiling, 3200 meters above sea level, about 40% of forest area. Growth in 200 of a fir tree more than 40 meters high, diameter at breast height 50 ~ 60 cm. Fir belongs to nearly cooked or overmature stages, Lin forest disease corrosion rate is higher, but the biomass in the relatively stable stage. 
(3) Gao Shansong. Distribution within 3000 meters of the Tibetan cloth on both sides of the Taiwan on the ground, is one of the fast-growing tree protection zones. Tree diameter at breast height of 100 cm above, Gao Shansong trees up to more than 50 meters. 
Village in the forest 
I walk in a forest of highway in the morning, and the pilgrims share of the pie and cold water, finally came to a bridge. Is surging furious river water under the bridge, on both sides is dense water vapor. Walk through the bridge, set foot on the other side of the path, roars river is suddenly gone, spicy moist tropical plants will he wrapped tightly, this is post township village of Bach. 
The ancient peach tree here in one thousand with large roots firmly seize the side slope, the green peach Ye Guangkuo ground is covered with gravel path, all pigs visits to the roots of the exposed between ancient god card and hadad bound up with the open mouth of the cave. There are several sweaty back the maize fields in the distance. 
RenQing RenQing family hotel boss is sitting under the peach tree, barefoot and a half feet in diameter and weigh several pounds of stone alms bowl in pickled peppers. Wooden veranda from the hotel and overlooking the river wound, early morning mist of forest, famous hometown of duty Xiong Mao silhouette. 
We casually walking in the village after the rain, seems to be random patchwork wooden fence suddenly appeared, and suddenly disappeared. All pigs from under the peach tree root turn out, but in vain to rushed into the corn fields through the fence. The forest is not in the village, but is in the village. Only when the peach trees completely replaced by spruce, all the human voice has gone, and even all the pigs in the bushes for voice have hear, you suddenly found that he had deep into the forest. 
There is clearly a chisel, and drinking and singing, seems to be a house under construction. We rushed following the sound, sound, but behind the forest. No matter how we go, to meet him is more and more deep tall dense forests and shrubs. 
Walked into the heart of the forest 
From duty township village of Bach, have a road from time to time, in the forest or along a long jiang forward Tibetan cloth, this is the famous township hiking routes and at the end of the 8 to 9 km road is an unknown, bending of the lake. 
Go after ten minutes, bid farewell to the cabin, from the last forest sea rose to capture you. Fall down to the depths of the forest can be seen everywhere and the decaying trees, like a warrior, clings to a thick trunk vines, giant trees gradually decay, into the soil. The forest has no fixed path, like the maze of life, roads and road, road and road. 
The forest like a dynasty, there are many forms of life, from big to small, its type is large enough to let the human shame. Birth and dead rotten unceasingly, the mysterious dynasty fiercely breeding. 
If it was night, the forest breathing also constitute a forest, pinus tabulaeformis and fir the strong smell of wrapped, do you want to go in the past, but dense forest block as arrows. 
You stand under a tree, trying to understand the life of a one thousand, from the age, this is a statue of ancient trees stand here from northern song dynasty. Layers of nested bark, the outermost is cracked and there are no signs of life now. It was a good seed, great straight, bent upward. Perhaps in the depths of the ancient trees, and the seed still exist. 
Might as well sit by the lake, a person enjoy the sounds of the forest, drive back to the village before dark, dark forests of the night a bit daunting. 



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