DaMa jomzi festival


S festival time

The Tibetan April 10 to 28

S popular areas

HouCang jomzi

S festival source

DaMaJie, Tibetan means horse race archery. Traditionally, it began to obtained in kirgiz, it is said that his Dan gong jomzi around the mulberry palmer grandfather palmer and white mulberry cloth, is the interior minister of issachar dynasty, and his jomzi, quite a reputation among the masses. Palmer and white died, his disciples do sacrifice every year to honor his memory. In war after, sacrifice to interrupt. To fire the Tibetan rat (Gregorian calendar 1408) around the Dan gong mulberry palmer as jomzi seer, and his father gong from mulberry will, restore sacrifice. This year 25 th on April 10, to April 27, Dan gong around for his grandfather mulberry palmer chant sacrifice, until 28,, began entertainment activities. These activities, and all his men, by soldiers, the servant to undertake. From this year, fixed this time for the annual festival sacrifice ceremony. The veil to tashi Dan (AD 1447) governance of jomzi, entertainment activities more abundant, in addition to the above content outside, but also increase the race horse race archery. So the formal formation of jomzi DaMaJie.

The middle of the seventeenth century, and the local government will appoint officials around ZongXi venrable management, DaMaJie jomzi also appointed by the local government officials as two venrable jomzi Pope this, white occupies temple manager, who led the festival activities.

S celebration

The content is mainly show Buddha shaft picture, TiaoShen and other activities, and in addition, there are wrestler, horse race, held the stone and other entertainment activities. This time, the horse race in archery competitions personnel and horses, jomzi area by three biggest noble apportion. At this time of religious activity just symbolically it, mainly for large-scale horse race archery competition, activities by day into time and three days. The first day, simple ritual, then check the validation horses, branded, no longer allowed to change, the second day horse race game, and on the third day, archery. Three days after game, which will be three to four days rural feast activities

Namely jomzi horse racing festival, is HouCang jomzi area of the Tibetan folk traditional festival. In general, of watts after being held before, and has no fixed date, usually depending on when the spring up. During the festival held in addition to show TiaoShen and other religious Buddha, the content, but also for horse racing, archery, wrestling, for stone, entertainment activities.

DaMaJie jomzi has 500 years of history. It is said that in the empire period of issachar, pat and his ba.songbu jomzi in people enjoy a high prestige. And after the death of pat ba.songbu, his disciples do sacrifice each year to watch memorial, in war after the break. In 1408, palmer ba.songbu son around the palmer as mulberry zi gong jomzi recover after his sacrifice. This year 25 th April 10 to April 17, gong around for his father to chant buddhist scripture from pat sacrifice, and recreational activities, the main exhibition Buddha, TiaoShen and other religious activities and wrestler, load and other entertainment activities. The method of the trek Dan jomzi boss, also is in 1447, has the added QiShe, opera, dance and other entertainment activities. DaMaJie jomzi from continue for today.



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