Dangxiong Racing Festival


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Every year the Tibetan began on 10 July, after 3 days, continue for January.

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Jockey club legend is introduced into the Mongolian people and, so far, has a can sing the song in the Mongolian singers, sing song to jockey club Mongolia.

DangXiong jockey club, Tibetan says "benevolence in from reading", meaning for please lama to chant buddhist scripture, in fact the original is to celebrate their harvest, and carry out the agricultural products market, cultural entertainment activities, then penetrated into the lamaism colour and political content.

Once presided over the jockey club is eight tribe had always-s.'s coincidence. Eight of the tribe is a is through in this rally on horse race archery, elected by the people choose. DangXiong nomads have been to this holiday as their most solemn assembly, the 1912 Tibetan local government put the DangXiong sealing given sera later, from now on I have shifted the sera and Pope the government appointed.

S celebration

DangXiong racing content rich and colorful, which mainly include:

当雄藏族牧区群众参加一年一度的“当吉仁”赛马节开幕式。新华社记者 格桑达瓦 摄

Material pictures: dressed in a holiday array of Tibet DangXiong Tibetan nomads riders to attend the annual "when JiRen" horse racing festival opening ceremony. The xinhua news agency GeSangDaWa perturbation

1. The jockey club culture entertainment is in early July 10 to 12,, held a horse racing. Participate in the competition of horses, have each tribe had horses at all levels, have each tribe's selection of 10 good horse, it also can participate in. To feed the horses before the good fodder, competitors, general is 12 years old or above, more than 20 years old of the following youth, the game was held in the liver of the government and the pastures of card son, 12 km race. The referee by tribes of this and a hidden army composition, by two matches a this leash as a starting point boundary line, a white end line, no fire for, MaJi put. Game were recorded 20, men are rewarded. First to 10 name each award article 1 hadad, 5 color silk a, in addition to the first name hidden silver 100 two, second 80 two, third, fourth to hide 70 silver two, 5 to 10 in the name of silver award 65 to 60 two. From the 11 to 12 name, no color boards, only a general hadad, silver prize by 65 two, in turn, reduce 5 two. Another event is the bow and arrows to the members, mainly is the tribe had size at all levels, each shot 3 arrows, JianBa distance 100 meters, the target in silver award 5 two, a good hadad.

身着节日盛装的西藏当雄藏族牧民骑手参加一年一度的“当吉仁”赛马节开幕式。新华社记者 格桑达瓦 摄

Material pictures: DangXiong Tibetan pastoral areas the masses to attend the annual "when JiRen" horse racing festival opening ceremony. The xinhua news agency GeSangDaWa perturbation

2. The three days of racing archery, nomads are especially young men and women in a hard year after the festival of all wear costumes, here to sing and dance, chasing like lovers, filled with holiday celebrations. Three days later, according to provisions sera, namely banned dancing and all entertainment activities. Then one month time is political activities and business exchange.

In DangXiong set after Pope sera, jockey club hosted by the Pope, 8 tribe a year by two people take turns the charge of stewards held. Please sera sera and subordinate to the temple lama 100 people, to chant buddhist scripture in stewards. The cost of the chant said "JiRen", from all of the family in the nomads apportion. Plan a fruit / 5 money of silver, two fruit hand in a Ga brezhnev, lemon, 4 bare naked barley. 25 the brezhnev Ga tea into eight, a hand in the four two salt, two jins of soil base. The money is not good, the main burden is to chant buddhist scripture and the Pope during the government's cost lama, quite a few days giant, by all the nomads of the burden.

Jockey club, and between the Pope had each other, banquets, extravagance and waste, just two cases the fete tribes size had a day, and then eight of the tribe had, in turn each other banquets, and invite Pope government officials to attend all, then each tribe were sent to the 3 g oil, 1 g milk slag, article 1 hadad, 20 two hidden silver; Each send "nie a ba," ZhongYi "15 two silver, 1 g oil, 1 g milk slag, article 1 hada; Send the government of these 11 each Tibetan silver 15, hadad article 1, animation, every 50 fruit, also need to give Pope government send 3 carry wood, QianYin 5, 10 Ga brezhnev trades. The Pope a year of all kinds of bad tax burden, but also in a good deal of the jockey club announced, within the tribe or the major events of the Pope, also at this time announced.

3. The Tibetan 7-8 months, it is the animal husbandry products the season of harvest, the labor market to go up to the nomads of the exchange of agricultural products and supplies. This rally is just a commercial exchange rally. Many of the party and businessmen, they have come from Lhasa and xigaze. JiangLong, from naqu, more of the Pope, commodity is mostly naked barley, ZanBa, tea, daily necessities, etc, the herdsmen of animal products and carry to exchange the local products. Monasteries, Pope government, it, rich, and also at this time to meeting the debt, on the market very busy, thousands of people every day.



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