HangZhou-Lhasa journey


[reading] from motorists hangzhou to Tibet GongLve all (hangzhou set out, 17 days).

"Take a trip to Tibet!" There is a voice has been in your heart was beating you. After a car, the sound is stubbornly always in your ears ring, made you in limbo. China has the world's most exciting the most unpredictable cross-country environment, and Tibet as a more drivers "heaven". Tibet, the piece of mysterious place, have attracted the domestic and foreign many hero steps. Some say, haven't been to Tibet was not really a ZiJiaYou, with vehicles with princess wencheng into Tibet steps, to feel mysterious xue yuan, from the modern civilization go back to the original and simple, it is a kind of unforgettable experience!

Well, if you to the beauty in the things are always hard to resist, if you always hope for is some forces shock, then, come on temporary your luggage, about three WuGeHao friend, of course, the most important is to the boss please on the holiday 20 days, and then sit on your horse, let us start!

Trip diary

Day 1: hangzhou, luoyang, covering a total of 1207 kilometers.

Day 2: luoyang, lanzhou, covering a total of 1102 kilometers. But to visit lintong seismostation emperor qin shihuang's mausoleum and Terra Cotta Warriors.

Day 3: lanzhou, qinghai lake, covering a total of 560 kilometers. This day, the way more attractions, road condition also not very good, should start early in the morning, on the way to spend three hours kumbum, afternoon to qinghai lake. Early morning in the lake see the sunrise, the United States, and romantic. May herders to collect the pasture for protection, general to smoke.
Day 4: qinghai lake-golmud, covering a total of 556 kilometers. To enjoy the to the vast expanse of the desert and gobi, oasis.

5 days: golmud-naqu, covering a total of 820 kilometers. The real challenge from this day began. Kunlun mountain pass in snow at an altitude of 4771 meters, you might still excited to take pictures souvenir, see along the way and Tibetan antelope of wild ass would you still excited, into the Yangtze river source when you may also still originates very spirit, good, finally came to an altitude of 5231 meters arrive tanggula mountain, you might feel headache, nausea, stick to it! To remind is, in the period of altitude rising sections, must keep themselves enough awake, the mood relax is also very important. If plateau response could bear, in can rent or buy naqu to oxygen bag, to alleviate symptoms.

Day six: study-Lhasa, only 417 km journey, you have enough time to go to a the most beautiful lake-namucuo. This is the Tibet famous the three one of the sacred, jun lang snow-capped mountains and blue lake, into the mountain of marnie, beautiful legend, the scenery of the dazzle enough here. But to succeed at the destination you need to have three factors: healthy body, strong will, and good driving. This section of the road at an altitude of almost 5000 meters, so many people still have severe plateau response. And the pavement's poor road conditions shutoff, known as the "car killer", it is said that on this road car nine times out of ten will breaketh shock absorbers.

7 to 9 days: Lhasa. One side for plateau climate adaptability to rest, one side can arrange the potala palace and the time to visit jokhang temple. Believe BaKuoJie wide variety of ethnic jewelry and handicrafts can empty your wallet. Night, find hidden restaurant at home to real Tibetan meal, or find bar drink for a while, and it does not enjoy the same. If you have time to have fun, also might as well take a day to go to YangZhuoYongHu, although hovering mountain road back and forth to consumption to you ten hours of time, but in the YangHu, you would definitely believe his regret it.

Day 10: Lhasa-Lin zhi, 578 kilometers. Prepare to meet to clear my another surprise it. All the way along the sichuan-tibet highway down, over MiLaShan, into the nyingchi area, the view was changed, two walls lush green features, the feet and the brook...... The elevation 2900 meters Lin zhi known as the "Tibet south of the Yangtze river," said, but the more clever than a atmosphere. Don't forget to turn BaHeZhen route when in BaSong visit lake scenic area, the island is beautiful, and to the island is the bridge by a bamboo rafting joining together, take on the bamboo rafting, although the water will hit wet shoes, but that a new move exciting. Lin zhi dishes is had to mention, all pigs, caterpillar fungus all the duck, the blackleg, also, speciality let a person between the teeth to stay sweet, just the price does not poor.

The 11 days: Lin zhi-BaSu. This is a most dangerous part way, those who built along the mountain road landslides, beset by debris flows, so a blocked a highway for two or three days shall not things very common.

Day 12: BaSu kang-pa- Of all the turbulence is inevitable, pray don't meet with road blocked it.

By day 13: kang-pa-kangding county.

Day 14: kangding, chengdu, 350 kilometers. Not far out kangding county town, is LuDing, can ChongZou once TieSuoQiao, LuDing turned out to a mountain, is currently roads, can only be one-way traffic, every three hours release a, if luck not good enough, can only wait. To chengdu, avoid to snack street and have a gluttonous dinner.

Day 15 to 17 days: run all the way back to hangzhou.

The schedule after reduction, still need to take 17 days. If you have plenty of time, Tibet trip, you can taste out more taste. You can BaSu diverted from meili snow mountain and to four girl mountain, all the way with limitless scenery. Meili snow mountain is the most spectacular sunrise, and step of central beautiful sunrise brave choking. Four girl mountain is the heaven, she is the most beautiful season is autumn.

Vehicle choice

In this piece of snow area plateau, no doubt, a four-wheel drive is the most suitable sport utility vehicle traffic tools. But as long as drive carefully, actually like ao tuo and supporters, PaLiAo this car can also open to Lhasa.



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