Hiking ink to take off the line and strategy


 Ink to take off the hiking 

D1. Assigned area (elevation 3170 meters) - pine mouth (elevation 3730 meters) 
D2. Pine mouth (elevation 3730 meters) - more than the male pull mountain (4221 meters above sea level) - raga (elevation 3250 meters) 
D3. Raga (elevation 3250 meters) - big cave (elevation 2920 meters) - rip (elevation 2240 meters) 
D4. Rip (2240 meters above sea level) - the tiger mouth (elevation 2121 meters) - ANI bridge (elevation 1240 meters) 
D5. Arnie bridge no.2 bridge (elevation 1240 meters) - - - liberation bridge - back in no.3 bridge collapse (elevation 900 meters) 
D6. Back collapse (elevation 900 meters) - and keeping - ink (elevation 1225 meters) 
D7. Motuo (elevation 1225 meters) - 113 k to 108 k (1240 meters above sea level) 
D8.108 K (1240 meters above sea level) - 80 K (2300 meters above sea level) - bome 
The ink to take off the hike will take equipment 
1. Backpacks, leggings, hiking shoes, or green army rubber (sent township are sold), rain wear. 
2. The compass, head lamp. 
3. Lighters, cigarettes, toilet paper, helmet, pot. 
4. The light of the camera. 
5. Sticks. 
6. Sleeping bags, dampproof mat, tents. 
7. Rain suit, sunglasses. 
8. The rope 2 root, 1 to 1 the scissors, cutting tools. 
Article 9. Dry underwear 3-4. 
10. Automatic pencil (sent MenBa along the way children and very popular), don't buy the fake. 
Use: 1. The trauma is cool, wind, dressing, safflower oil, oil merbromin, tape, bandages, gauze, alcohol, yunnan baiyao, snake medicine. 
2. Eliminate pneumonia: the benzyl capsule, ofloxacin. 
3. Anti-inflammatory drugs: spiramycin. 
4. Gastrointestinal medicine: ding Lin, norfloxacin, ageratum water. 
5. Cold medicine: VC fructus forsythiae (key in pneumonia, elimination on the plateau cold easily into emphysema, wind chill Cough caused by lung disease, so the key in pneumonia). 
6. Take some plasters stick, leeches area on the leg. 
Suggest take bag, can put your battery, mobile phone, camera, things like that don't be affected with damp be affected with damp. Can also bring some sanitary napkin, plug in the evening to the shoes, will let the shoes dry faster, can also as a insoles. 
On the ink to take off the matters needing attention 
On the shoes and gaiters with pesticides or on the skin with salt, garlic to prevent leeches, and there is no effect, because of the rain, mud and sweat will soon lose these things. Deal with leeches have the following a few small methods: one is in the forward, with a stick or tapping the grass in front of the sticks or bushes. Because ink leeches off leeches is drought, it climbed onto the grass or bushes at ordinary times, when you run into the grass or shrubs, it falls, with a sucker live your clothes, again to suck your blood. Banging on the grass or bushes, they think animals after, will fall to the ground. The second is to try not to sit on the ground directly during breaks or wood, lest incur leeches. We carefully examined before and after each other, don't let it easily into clothes. Third, if it is found that the leeches, don't be nervous, with salt or cigarette butts in the click it, it will fall down. Don't force pulled, one thousand head snap it in meat, easy to cause inflammation. Four is playing leggings, wear a brim hat on her head. 
Because rip station and back collapse station of border card check is very strict, if you don't have to do card of border, is likely to make you return by the way. So do not border card are a must. Can be in your city or in Lhasa. Do not recommend in nyingchi bayi, more difficult. Id card is not much said, will bring documents. 
Don't suggest taking a lot of food into the ink off, with 5 road meal advisable, can also get on the road, after all, supplies, although the price is a little bit expensive, but always carrying food to hike a lot better than you. Bring some more, beef jerky, candy, chocolate bars and other high-energy food. Can also take several package pickle, helps to add salt. 
Debris flow and landslide: 
A debris flow and landslide, a formula of "one stop, two, three fast through". Stop: is to debris flow and landslide area, don't rush through, stop at the edge of observation. See: is to observe whether the landslide or collapse continues, observe the road ahead, stop. Through quickly is not to stay, debris flow, landslide area under the balance of good, with the fastest speed, lest appear dangerous. 
Ink to take off the bank is not connected to the Internet, so you have to take cash into, it is advisable to take more than $2000 in cash into. 



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