How to book the tickets for the potala palace online


 On May 1, the potala palace tickets can be online reservation, to solve the ticket is hard to find. Potala palace website will start a one-year trial run online ticketing, the potala palace during the management office will be a portion of the ticket for online sales, alleviate the phenomenon of "one ticket is hard to find, walk in a week in advance reservation required. 

The website 
Specific operation method: 
1, open the url choose to simplified Chinese 
2, click on the door of the ticket booking system 
3, the new user registration (free) 
Warm reminder: orange north king an id card can only be registered once, please carefully fill in, verification code sent to the mailbox. 
4, after the success of the registration, click on the purchase in advance tickets 
Warm reminder: orange north king sure ticket information and then submit an account can I make a reservation five tickets, and currently only support pay treasure payment!! 
Click on the payment, they will. 
5, tickets rescheduled and unsubscribe 
Financial management - my order - tickets rescheduled/ticket unsubscribe 
Warm reminder: orange north king unsubscribe to deduct money drops, poundage 60 oceans, friend, please choose carefully. 
The potala palace ticket prices 
A, season ticket prices 
From May 1 to October 31 The potala palace tickets are full price is 200 yuan/zhang. 
Second, the season ticket price 
On November 1 to April 30, the following year The potala palace tickets are full price is 100 yuan/zhang. 
Conform to the potala palace, tickets to buy preferential policies of visitors, can buy half-price tickets with valid documents. 
Children under 1.2 meters free height. 
The potala palace discount guidelines 
Children under 1.2 meters height for a, can be free to visit. 
Second, the students with student id card and id card can enjoy the potala palace tickets for half the price preferential policies in the quarter. 
Three, tickets for disabled people with disability can enjoy the potala palace in the price of preferential policies for half price. 
Four, the serviceman by tickets for armyman can enjoy the potala palace in the price of preferential policies for half price. 
Five, is writing with teachers to teach can enjoy preferential policies potala palace ticket prices are half price in the quarter. 
Six, the elderly elderly credit can enjoy preferential policies potala palace ticket prices are half price in the quarter. 
Individuals (personal) booking information 
A purchase through this website, individual tickets for the potala palace, promissory note for the electronic ticket, ticket purchase tickets without having to go to the potala palace reservation booking the ticket window. 
Second, online ticket fares follow season ticket prices, conform to the preferential policy of tourists can enjoy concessionary fares with valid documents when the ticket or free. Formal visit tourists need to produce in accordance with all relevant preferential policies of certificates. 
Third, visitors can through this website ( to buy a ticket within 7 days in advance. 
Four, online ticketing users need to log in this website to complete the registration. When registering, the user need to fill out the real and effective ticket information. When a user information change, please update. If the user provides information untrue, inaccurate, and all the losses resulting from the legal responsibility shall be borne by the user. 
Five, the order is submitted, the system will keep for you 30 minutes of online payment, if payment beyond the time and is no longer notice to purchase tickets, the system automatically cancel the order. 
After the success of the six, booking, system will detail the ticket information sent to your registered email in a timely manner. 
Seven, tickets to visit time will only be effective that day, please be sure to keep the ticket information, according to the rules of time to visit the potala palace, if cause you failed to timely visit, caused by its own responsibility. 
Eight, online purchase tickets need to be in strict accordance with the visiting time, through the id card to enter the potala palace, and in the official ticket Windows with id card for formal tickets, after checking, can visit the potala palace. 
Nine, registered users can act as purchasing agency tickets for others. Each account can buy 5 tickets, one for my tickets. 
Ten, such as natural calamities and emergencies, don't visit on time caused by irresistible factors, tourists can apply refund through our website. The ticket, the system will automatically charge a fee: within three days after the ticket free of charge; On the fourth day after the ticket fares 15% fee; On the fifth day after the ticket charge the poundage of 20%; The ticket on the sixth day after 30% of the fee, and on the seventh day after the ticket shall not be refund. 
Eleven, buy tickets shall not be endorsed to through the network, also may not be transferred. 
12, the potala palace, promised to respect the privacy of users, will be confidential to the user registration information. Unless permitted by law, requirements or user permission, otherwise never used for other purposes or disclosed to any third party. 
13, online ticketing users need to be responsible for protecting their own account and password. Caused by personal reasons, the account and password, and all the losses caused by the legal responsibility shall be borne by the users themselves. 



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