How to rent a car to travel in Tibet


A lot of tourists have don't want to join the tourist group, but Tibet long way, don't want to drive the tangle of travel to Tibet. So travel to Lhasa car rental is a better choice, the following is Tibet suvs clubs after years of car rental services, to think of some car rental car rental travel between the city proposal and strategy. 
1, Tibet tourism should prepare before renting a car? 
First of all, it is recommended that visitors before to Lhasa, do a to Tibet tourism route planning. Such as how many days total plan and play, go to where, arrange what attractions, lodging place every day. Then take your own route plan, find leasing companies or the travel company, according to their own route planning, ask the price. Due to the tourists to Tibet, of course, thorough understanding of the tourist routes and attractions, make their travel planning may not be perfect, or very reasonable, this time can listen to the travel company some professional advice, combined with their own ideas, Internet information, comprehensive and the travel company's opinions, this will make your trip more reasonable and perfect. 
What is the rate of 2, Tibet, car rental, or charter travel, looking for what is a good company to rent a car? 
Have 2 rental or chartered institution of Tibet, one is a leasing company, is a travel company. 
Leasing company car rental quotation and car rental program 
Leasing companies are generally denominated by date, cars, suvs and vans in the off-season is in commonly 400-800 yuan a day, the peak season in 800-1500 yuan a day, every day limit line of 300 km, does not contain the driver and fuel, according to the different models, different prices. Leasing company general with cars, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, almost no coach for rent. Cars with homebred brand within 120000 more, suvs have mitsubishi cheetah, 4500, Toyota RAV4 brands, such as commercial vehicles have ruifeng, RMB 100, etc. If the driver's car rental, the cost of the driver in 300-600 a day, the driver for living expenses, need the lessee's account. Car rental need to rent a car when copy of id card, and the deposit, the deposit is 5000-50000, must be in cash, after the car, the car has no damage and abnormal cases, still need to leave a 1000 yuan deposit, after 30 days no violation record return again. Rental company car hire formalities is more complex, the car damaged unpredictable, lead to additional maintenance costs. Because Tibet is located in the plateau, if produce high against their drive travel, more dangerous; Tibet region is broad, to any tourist attractions, has hundreds of kilometers, less than the thousands of kilometers, their driving fatigue, missed a lot of the view of time; Tibet speed all the way, every road has a speed limit checks, one part is digital, mostly local is to set up checkpoints to check, such as the speed limit on single station, arrived at the next station must be 2 hours, if you arrived 30 minutes early, will be like for 30 minutes, another for 30 minutes waiting for punishment, so the traffic is not familiar with the situation in Tibet, suggest take driver's car rental. Tibet rental company car rental contract, ensuring for tourists, the leasing company business scope are not allowed to rent a car used to tourists tourism, if produce traffic accident or emergency, the insurance company will to this franchise. Leasing company car for private vehicles callings, insurance amount is limited, some car just bought insurance, if produce traffic accident dispute, all the liability for compensation in the lessee, the leasing company does not undertake any responsibility. The following is the leasing contract leasing company. Lease terms and conditions of the lease contract is multifarious, due to the visitors the leasing contract is signed with the leasing company, out of the protection of the tourism law, if they conflict with leasing company, will be shrugged off. The following is a leasing company lease contract for your reference 
1, you should master correct operation of the vehicle driving skills and common sense, correct operating vehicle, take good care of vehicles, to ensure that the vehicles in good condition, the lessor does not introduce vehicle operation guidance or generally. 
2, car rental, please you must be careful, carefully check whether the vehicle is normal, found that the problem should be resolved before the appearance of vehicles once leave, is in perfect condition when to leave the rental vehicle inspection report shall prevail. 
3, in addition to you, or your car rental registration form "indicate the driver, without the lessor's written permission, don't allow anyone to drive you to rent the company vehicles, otherwise, the lessee should undertake the responsibility of the resulting. 
4, you use must conform to the requirements of vehicle fuel, or for the damage caused due to the improper fuel entirely borne by you. 
5, if the leased vehicle failure or abnormal, you should immediately stop contact the lessor, if not contact with the lessor, continue to use the losses will be borne by you. 
6, if the leased vehicle traffic accidents and other accidents, please immediately notify the traffic administrative department, and at the same time inform the lessor, arranged by the lessor maintenance site, you can't repair or choose manufacturer for repair and maintenance to ban continue to use the damaged vehicles, please actively cooperate with traffic administration to deal with the traffic accident, rents may be help. 
7, the lessor does not assume the vehicle leasing period all consequences caused by traffic accidents or other accidents, including the relevant departments of the penalty. Vehicle damage repair, should according to 30% of the maintenance costs as a vehicle of accelerated depreciation. 
8, you can't move or dismantled the leased vehicle parts or equipment, otherwise, you should return the original parts or equipment not only, also should hand in the lessor is highest do not exceed the original parts or equipment three times the penalty due to breach of contract. 
9, if you are renting vehicles equipped with alarm control panel in case of damage or loss during the period of your lease, you should pay 1500 yuan; If during the term of your rental vehicle odometer is open, you must deliver the lessor damages of $1000. 
10, you can't transfer vehicle as coaches, to participate in the competition, prohibit to use the leased vehicle for testing experiment and other driving with characteristics of damage, or you will deliver the lessor not less than 5000 yuan of liquidated damages. 
11, tenant is not allowed to touch the vehicle engaged in passenger and cargo transportation of for-profit ban overweight cargo, prohibit carrying flammable and explosive, easy to corrosion items and will leave in the car excitant odour, banning smoking in cars when closed doors and Windows. Such as violation of the above terms and conditions, the lessor will depend on the circumstances, to charge you no less than 1000 yuan of liquidated damages. 
12, should be stipulated in the contract, the car also time, place, return the rent on time, and the vehicle condition and the vehicle receipt, registration no discrepancy you rent a car in front of cars, if the emergence of a new phenomenon such as scraping, touch, damaged or equipment, documents is not complete you should be paid according to the actual loss CheSun fee and other relevant expenses. If the insurance accident during your rental vehicle need to replace the damaged vehicle, you need to shall pay 120% of the price of loss assessment CheSun deposit rear can provide replacement car. 
13, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, please a day of engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, tyre pressure and lighting for routine inspection, if found the problem, please do not hesitate to contact the lessor. If is really necessary to add oil, must use the manufacturer allows products. 
14, when you are booking need to pay 20% of the total rental reservation gold; If you canceled the rental program, you will pay the deposit 50% of the liquidated damages. 
Second, the lease, vehicle maintenance, registration 
Rent: 1, when to hour, 4 hours on hire, less than a hour regard as a hour meter, more than 30 minutes more than lease term is timeout. 
2, daily rent: 24 hours/day shall prevail. From the lessee renting vehicles counted from the time when you leave the parking place. At the end of the lease, the lessee should be to the company's rules also car sites to the vehicle, and write a single time. More than 6 hours rent by the day. 
3, rent: in addition to the relevant provisions of the following day rent, the lessee should be timed to specify our company on monthly 26 to 28 pits, for monthly rental vehicle maintenance regularly, write ChanDengJi of vehicle running status. 
4, long-term rental: for years as the calculating unit, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the rent for the regular maintenance, rental of vehicle running status write ChanDengJi. 
5, party b during the period of rental, should keep clear of the telephone, in order to ensure the road safety of the leased vehicle for maintenance and maintenance in a timely manner. 
Third, the rent payment 
1, the rent, day is one-time pay the rent; Rent by the month after month pay the rent, long-term lease according to pay the rent at the beginning of every month. Should also pay the deposit. 
2, fee standards: the specific standard of every car rental in the Lhasa yan yan car rental prices, a limited liability company. 
3, rent does not include maintenance, fuel, parking, bridge, tolls, illegal fees and other fees. 
4, delayed rent fees on time. 
Four, validation, 
1, unit rental shall submit the copy of business license, legal representative accredit a power of attorney, legal representative id, enterprise code, unit's cachet, unit certificate and id card, hu kou book, car driving license, one inch red bottom bareheaded photo two (must be handled by our company will send the driver to your company). 
2, personal car rental must show their id card, hu kou book, driving license, certificate of property, one inch red bottom bareheaded photo two (must be issued by our company will send the driver to FangChanChu handle). 
Five, the margin 
1, at the time of rental vehicles, the lessee should make up together the leased vehicle rental, still need to pay 5000 yuan to 50000 yuan (margin), the risk of mortgage and mortgage in cash. Checks must be after the bank confirm 'before delivers to the lessee the vehicles, the security deposit without interest, do not replace the rent. 
2, returned after the vehicle, the lessee shall be detained 1000 yuan as a violation of the deposit, within a month the query electronic police returned again after clean record. 
Six, range and area 
1, the charterer did not pay insurance premium of the province and outside the province insurance formalities before, not to rob the vehicles out of the province, otherwise all the consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the lessee. 
2, rental car mileage restrictions: even rent more than three days (including three days) unlimited mileage. Rent two days (2 days), limit line 300 kilometers a day, each more than a kilometer extra charge, specific standard according to the Lhasa yan yan car rental prices, a limited liability company. 
Seventh, pay the car ahead of time 
Lease period, due to the reason of party b need to back the car ahead of schedule, party b shall bear the breach of contract damages, pay 30% of the standard for vehicle did not expire rent. 
Eight, relet 
1, after the tenant signed the special license, the lessee may expire rent car 2 hours ago, daily rent cars expire before 1 day, the average rental vehicles due 3 days ago by the special authorized agent to sign the lease contract, and pay the rent, pay the overdue need to receive the fine for delaying payment of 30%. 
2, rent apply at the same time, daily rent. Rent the vehicle. 
3, special authorized agent only apply to the guarantor of this contract or the lessee's spouse and lineal relative. 
Ten, the insurance 
You rent the vehicle in Tibet insurance, if you want to drive the car inter-district, is must inform our company agent and entrust the company I bought for you outside insurance, outside insurance expenses shall be borne by the lessee; Otherwise, the lessee to alone bear the resulting all legal and other relevant responsibilities. 
The notice for driving the car rental as part of the car rental contract, and shall be equally authentic. 
The above guidelines, the lessee has fully understand. 
The lease contract 
The rental contract 
With the driver car rental contract 
The lessor (party a) : the lessee (party b) : 
Touch: touch people: 
Mobile: id number: 
Address: address: 
Office telephone: office phone: 
Mail editor: post editor: 
Preach true: true: 
According to the law of the People's Republic of China contract law and related regulations, through friendly agreement between both parties, party b rent party a rental vehicle issues to reach an agreement, conclude the following contract. 
Article 1: party a will lease vehicle license plate number for Tibetan, car model, vehicle tag for seat, color for color, technical level is used for primary vehicle lease to party b. 
Article 2: lease term lease term for, from year month Day to year month Date. 
Article 3: the rental payment standard and match the driver service charge the party b to handle the RMB capital than thousand hundred ten yuan (RMB) per month to party a, the driver is included in the service charge. 
Article 4: driver work time 
The driver working time hours a day, according to yuan per hour overtime charge overtime. 
Article 5: use area and rental car mileage 
The rental vehicle is limited to Tibet travel, such as the area, party b should be outside insurance, otherwise the vehicles such as accident, party b shall bear all loss caused to party a, the monthly limit of 5000 km, km per kilometer Yuan. 
Article 6: the rights and obligations of party a 
1, during the term of this contract, the lease car ownership belongs to party a, such as due to the responsibilities of both their own reasons, we shall be undertaken by the parties. 
2, party a shall appoint full-time driver to party b the leased vehicle, the driver needs to party b. 
3, party a shall provide vehicles must complete formalities, road maintenance, car insurance, vehicle insurance, the guest seat, etc.), clean and neat, beautiful shape, the vehicle should arrive at the appointed place within the allotted time. Normal driving 
Cases, auto maintenance and normal wear and maintenance fee shall be borne by party a. 
4, such as the leased car can't work normally because of failure, party a shall timely deployment of other vehicles temporary substitute. 
5, the driver should be at work on time, polite, service enthusiasm, listen to the principals of reasonable allocate, party b should provide rest place for the driver, to ensure the safety in normal drive. 
6, the party b for vehicle service in Lhasa, responsible for driver board and lodging. 
Article 7: the rights and obligations of party b 
1, during the term of this contract, the right to use the rental car belongs to party b, party b shall not have any violation of the behavior of the vehicle ownership. 
2, with rental vehicles for YingYunXing transportation is prohibited. 
3, party b should provide party a vehicle repair and maintenance time, the vehicle driver is responsible for the warehousing, by party a, party b has no right to drive the rental vehicle, otherwise the party b shall be responsible for all the losses resulting from the. 
4, and party b instructions sent by party a's driver the loss caused by illegal operation, shall be borne by party b. 
Article 8: insurance 
Party a will be responsible for the rental vehicle is covered by insurance against liability for third party, the passenger seat risks (if the vehicle traffic accident during the lease, in addition to the amount of insurance compensation, all other expenses shall be borne by the driver all). 
Article 9: liability for breach of contract 
1, if party b does not pay the rent, or in violation of other provisions of this contract, party a shall be entitled to request party b immediately to pay the rent and other fees or recover the rental vehicle. 
2, party b to terminate the contract, party a will deduct 40% of the outstanding rent as rent-seeking compensation, party a recovery of the vehicle. Collecting rent for delay, according to the actual number of days. 
Article 10: the changes of this contract 
Any modification to contract, supplement or change, must be in written form, after examined and signed by the parties entrusted agent, as a part of this contract. 
Article 11: dispute settlement all disputes relating to this contract, shall be amicably settled through negotiation, should no settlement be reached throught negotiation, have signed this contract theory to solve the people's court trial. 
Article 12: the agreement comes into effect of this agreement take effect from the date of signature and seal of both parties, this contract in duplicate, a copy of the two pages, party a and party b each hold one copy. 
Supplementary agreement: 
The lessor (party a) : (stamped) the lessee: (party b) (seal) 
Agent: commissioned by party a party b entrusted agent: 
Signing time: (date) (month) (year) to sign the time: (date) (month) (year) 
When this contract renewals, the following content changes, the other terms remain unchanged. 
The lease term from (date) (month) (year) Points up to date, party b to deal with the monthly rental fee RMB thousand hundred 
Pick up yuan (RMB yuan) to party a, once a month to pay rent, by party b shall each month pay the rent next month, including every time to pay the rent amount RMB thousand hundred 
Yuan (RMB yuan). 
When the lease shall be signed 
The lessor (party a) : (stamped) the lessee: (party b) (seal) 
Agent: commissioned by party a party b entrusted agent: 
Signing time: (date) (month) (year) to sign the time: (date) (month) (year) 
Drive the contract 
The lessor (party a) : 
Address: zip code: 
Office telephone, fax: 
The lessee (party b) : 
Address: mail editor: 
Party b handlers: id: driving license no preach true: 
Office phone: mobile: 
Guarantor: id number: 
Address, telephone: 
According to the law of the People's Republic of China contract law and related regulations, through friendly consultation between both parties, party b rent party a rental vehicle issues to reach an agreement, conclude the following contract. 
The first: rental vehicles 
Party a will license plates for hidden... models for... vehicles marked as...,... color color and level of technical level for lease to party b use the vehicle. 
Article 2: for lease and the vehicle use range 
Lease term for..., from when on _____ ______ _____ _____ _____ years points to when on _____ _____ _____ ______ ______ years points. 
Article 3: the rent payment standard 
Rent the yuan capital found thousands of thousand hundred _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ yuan (RMB lowercase _____), for delivery to party a party b to mention car rent. 
Article 4: the security deposit 
In accepting the service, party b should delivery vehicles at the same time deposit RMB ____ than ____ $____ ____ ten times or ____ yuan (RMB lowercase _____) to party a, party b shall return the vehicle, party a will deduct payable to party a 
Money, refund to party b, the rest of the deposit without interest. 
Article 5: the rights and obligations of party a 
1, provide to party b rental vehicle technology is in good condition; Handover of completion of all kinds of full certificates and fees pay, cars will be subject to the vehicle handover technology inspection table. 
2, be responsible for rental car insurance against all risks. 
3, the accident during the lease, rental shall assist party b to deal with the accident. 
4, and party b use the vehicle accidents, accident treatment and vehicle repair during party b still need to pay for rent. Party b shall also pay 30% of the damaged vehicle repair costs as the damaged vehicle accelerated depreciation. 
5, the supervision of the leasing period of vehicle usage, rental vehicle during the period of this contract ownership belongs to party a, party b only have tenure. 
6, party a rental vehicle year careful, three days in advance notice to party b, party a to undertake the vehicle annual inspection responsibility caused by delay inform party b, shall be borne by party a. 
7, during the period of the lease, party b shut down, shut down, merger, division, bankruptcy, or loss of ability to pay the rent and the relevant expenses, party a may immediately take emergency measures to recover the vehicle, and is not so free 
In addition to party b's other responsibilities stipulated in the contract. 
Article 6: party b's rights and obligations 
1, this lease is limited to a moving vehicle, such as party b needs to transfer outside the scope of the vehicles out of the contract was signed, party b should notify party a in advance, and with the agreement of party a, otherwise shall bear in the specified range 
When there was an accident at the outside all the losses caused by. 
2, is hereby leased for a term, the limit of km, over kilometers by _____ yuan per kilometer. 
3, party b should be the designated driver full specified amount of personal accident insurance and industrial injury insurance.  
4, the lease term, party b shall abide by the following agreement: 
4-1, party b can only be used in the form of legal renting vehicles, and will rent the vehicle used for legal purposes; Party b can't rent the vehicle as coaches. 
4-2, party b can only transfer the vehicle to have valid driving license of the People's Republic of China people driving; 
4-3, party b or its designated drivers shall comply with the relevant state laws, regulations and rules, safeguard the traffic safety; 
4-4, and shall not sublease vehicles, lend, pawn, mortgages, driver shall not vehicles to others; 
4-5, and shall not be damaged or lost the accessory licenses; 
4-6, may engage in YingYunXing with rental vehicle transportation; 
4 to 7, during the period of the lease, such as traffic accidents, such as vehicle stolen accident, party b shall immediately report to the police and notify party a, party a to assist party b to deal with vehicle maintenance, claims and other things, but the party b 
Must be responsible for the insurance company due to party b's reasons for refusal or compensate insufficient part of the manager and assume all costs in the process of work; 
4 to 8, party b shall not add to the lease vehicle changing any parts or modified. 
Party b violates this agreement to any third party's responsibility, thereby causing loss to the party a, should be compensation, party b to party a's liability including but not limited to: loss of vehicle itself (the insurance company for compensation 
Except some), vehicle for repair or illegal processing rental income loss caused by party a. 
5, the returning the vehicles of party b, party a withholding 2000 yuan as the violations margin, at 30 days' stay query no violation record to be refunded to party b. 
6, party b is responsible for the leased vehicle lease term vehicles maintenance, bridge tolls, parking fees and cleaning.  
7, if you need relet, must in the contract to party a three days prior to the expiration of the lease formalities, termination of contract did not deal with formalities, within the time limit for three days, three days (including) above does not return the vehicle, exceed the time limit during the rent according to this contract 
Twice the rent is calculated. 
8, during the lease term, the rental vehicle is damaged or lost control under party b (including force majeure caused the vehicle damage, lost), party b shall bear the vehicle insurance inadequate compensation for economic losses (in the vehicle is damaged 
Cases, "insufficient insurance compensation of the economic loss" refers to the insurance claim and the vehicle market balance and loss of rental income. 
9 during the period of the lease, party b, such as vehicle abnormality or failure, should immediately stop driving, and inform the party a, by party a designated repair shop repair, fees shall be borne by the responsible party, in special circumstances, the consent of party a 
Consent, party b shall not repair itself, because the exception or rental of party b's fault fault, party b should according to the actual damages. 
10 and the rental terms in a month or more. Party b shall, after receiving party a's notification, the vehicles will be bound for party a's designated pits, the rental vehicle inspection and maintenance technology, if can't deliver on time to check, this may cause 
Vehicle damage responsibility by party b is responsible for the economic loss. 
11, party b upon receiving the notice from party a rental vehicle inspection should actively cooperate with, back to their vehicles and documents to party a within the time specified, otherwise, party b shall bear the vehicle annual inspection overdue fine of 300 yuan, this may cause 
Damage to the vehicle all economic losses, the party b shall be responsible for. 
Article 7: the rental vehicle during the transfer 
1, if party b, because of work requirements, intends to transfer the ownership of the lease vehicles to a third party to use, must by a third party with the new appraisal lease contract of party a, otherwise party b must take full responsibility for the consequences of this. 
Article 8: liability for breach of contract 
1, party a is not on time delivery vehicle for party b, according to the late every day to party b pay penalty due to breach of contract, breach of contract for the period of 5% of the total amount of rent payable. 
2, party b to terminate the contract, party a will deduct 40% of the outstanding rent as rent seeking compensation. 
3, party b is late in paying the rent, in addition to the sums shall promptly pay the rent, need according to the overdue payment of 5% of the overdue amount as liquidated damages to party a every day. 
4, and party b's breach of contract, without authorization, will be the vehicle to another person to use, according to the days to others cope with 50% of the rent as liquidated damages, such as creating vehicles damaged, party a shall also be responsible for compensation. 
Article 9: the dispute solution 
All disputes related to this contract shall be amicably settled through negotiation. In case no settlement can be reached, if party a is located by party a local people's court to solve. 
Article 10: the guarantor responsibility 
For party b to provide the guarantor, the guarantor must have the permanent residence, Lhasa has personally carry registered permanent residence and id card to the company signed a guaranty contract, party a to party b shall bear joint liability. 
Article 11: other terms 
1, this contract is effective after both parties signature, in duplicate, party a and party b each hold one copy, party b each hold a, and party b to provide proof of material, is the part of this contract 
2, the contract matters not mentioned herein through mutual consultation, to make supplementary provisions, shall, after examined and signed by both parties, have the same legal effect as this contract. 
Article 12: added 
Lessor (party a) : (stamped) tenant (party b) : (seal) 
Agent: commissioned by party a party b entrusted agent: 
Time to sign the time: (date) (month) (year) to sign: (date) (month) (year) 
Renewal and added: 
Renewal of this contract, the following changes, the other terms remain unchanged. 
Renewal period from a year on _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ points to on _____ _____ _____ _____, _____ points, when party b to handle the rent RMB million $_____ _____ _____ hk 
Found _____ _____ yuan (RMB _____) to party a, pay rent points _____ times, party b shall each month pay next month's rent before _____, in which every time to pay the rent amount RMB _____ _____ micky 
Hk $_____ _____ _____ the whole (RMB _____). 
When the lease shall be signed 
The lessor (party a) : the lessee (party b) : 
The travel company car rental quotation and car rental program 
If you are looking for a travel car rental company, there are three kinds of valuation approach. The first is a kilometer, off-season suvs and commercial vehicles in commonly 4.5 yuan to 5 yuan a kilometer, including drivers, fuel, toll fee, maintenance; Season suvs and commercial vehicles in 6 yuan to 12 yuan a kilometer, including drivers, fuel, toll fee, vehicle maintenance; Coach off-season in 7 yuan to 10 yuan a kilometer; The peak season in 10 yuan - 23 yuan a kilometer. Look at the tourist routes and the peak season travel vehicles nervous situation, season price fluctuation is bigger. Per kilometer denominated, not less than 300 km a day, less than 300 km by 300 km valuation, according to your schedule for actual mileage play list valuation, per kilometer valuation, to finally will the car back to Lhasa for actual kilometer, such as car rental from the visitors from Lhasa, tourists back from Lin Zhifei, mileage counts of the total mileage of nyingchi returned to Lhasa. 
The second is according to the number of valuation, the off-season suvs and commercial vehicles in 1200-1500 yuan a day, including drivers, fuel, toll fee, vehicle maintenance cost; Limit run about 300 km a day, more than 300 km, beyond part in 4 yuan to 5 yuan per kilometer. Season suvs and commercial vehicles is in commonly 1600 yuan - 2200 yuan a day, including drivers, fuel, toll fee, vehicle maintenance, daily limit of 300 km, with 5 to 8 yuan per kilometer beyond part pricing; Measured at the days in your schedule based on the actual number of days, to the actual number of days to return the car back to Lhasa valuation, such as tourists to rent a car from Lhasa, the visitors back from Lin Zhifei, number of days to calculate to nyingchi returns the total number of days in Lhasa. 
The third is measured at the journey in, visitors need to advance their expected schedule to communicate with the travel company, or you want to go to scenic spots and areas, travel days, by the tour company according to tourists intend to design a reasonable schedule. Travel company on good price confirmed by both sides, such as car rental Everest 4, swim, suvs and vans off season in 4500-5000 yuan a car, the peak season a car 5500 yuan - 5500 yuan, including the fare, fuel, driver, vehicle maintenance, etc. Tibet suvs club car rental with driver's policy is: the driver follow the guests dining, drivers accommodation not responsible tourists. 
The above three kinds of valuation way, Tibet suvs club is recommended the third way, according to the schedule. According to stroke valuation advantage, visitors to the car rental master clear, almost no dispute, the two sides in accordance with the contract schedule and price charter, complete the whole trip charter price, no additional costs, if they want to go to travel outside of the branch sites, in the case of small mileage (less than 15 km), Tibet suvs club driver will bring visitors to visit free of charge. If the km valuation, and in terms of number of days, there are a lot of uncontrollable factors, such as to the location of the accommodation, the driver took tourists looking for hotel also produces in the process of mileage, there are some road branch sites to go, also can produce mileage, tourists because of the inaccurate understanding of the mileage of Tibet, in mileage and total charter price disparity, are controversial. 
Tourism car rental company has the advantage that the leased vehicle is Tibet tourism brand operating vehicles, "L" brand vehicles, the driver is through pipe inspection, show certificates operating vehicle drivers, driving more secured; The bus driver service tourists for a long time, major scenic spots in Tibet are more familiar with, can give visitors take photos provide some good advice, guaranteed quality of service; Bought the bus vehicle insurance is complete, the Tibet the club's tour bus seat risks 50 one thousand suv, guaranteed to visitors; In the travel company to rent the bus travel to sign formal travel contract, the rights and interests of tourists tourism law protection, such as may complain to the tourism and travel companies have any dispute or a negotiated solution. Tourism company vehicle drivers, road conditions in Tibet, Tibet checkpoint is more, the speed limit and id checks, driver and reasonable arrangements to visit time on the road, not speeding, not a waste of time; In the travel company to rent the bus travel, need to both sides sign the travel contract, no deposit, travel and charter have agreed in the contract price, no rental company multifarious rental procedures; Because the Tibet tourism car rental company, drivers, and vehicle costs, such as gas, repairs, toll fee, shall be borne by the travel company, tourists less the cost of the extra spending or unpredictable, after renting a car, also not refund the deposit to produce "sequela". Tibet suvs advice, for your own safety and security, tourists travel company car is best. This is tourism company car rental contracts, can refer to 
3, Tibet rental tourism how to choose the vehicle and driver 
Tibet tourism if number under 4 people, it is recommended that the rent suvs traveling, suv for seven commonly, but the back position is generally used in luggage, if there are 5 visitors want to rent an suv, it is also possible. Tibet travel far away, want to achieve the most comfortable ride, suggested that three people rent a suv. Tibet is a highway traffic in addition to gonggar airport in Lhasa and other roads are all national highway, some of the region is dirt roads or washboard road. Even in areas where visitors organized more than 4 people, also can rent off-road vehicles travel. Such as mount Everest, lake, ChuanCangXian, yunnan Tibet line, ali northern this depth vernier lines, the traffic is not so good, the dirt is more, must through the performance better off-road vehicles to get to. Such as the number at more than four people to the routine of scenic area, such as nyingchi, cob, namtso such scenic area, can choose to rent a commercial vehicles, commercial vehicles are usually 7 to 13. Whether rent a car to travel in Tibet, the driver of the tourism plays an important role, Tibet suvs club commitments, this club driver is the carrier of operating car driving license, through formal training of tourist service, service attitude and driving technology is worth you to choose. 
Tibet's off-road vehicles 
Toyota 4500 
Toyota 4500 years older, are generally in 98 and 97 vehicles, pipe of Tibet in 2014, has been forced to scrap a batch of Toyota's 4500; In the next two years, Toyota 4500 tour bus will all be scrapped. 
Mitsubishi off-road vehicles 
Mitsubishi off-road vehicles, mitsubishi cheetah, mitsubishi kingbox, mitsubishi jin chang, mitsubishi jin chang is a new model of pipe group of 2014, is a new vehicle, suv with mitsubishi jin chang club team of Tibet, welcome to Tibet to rent a car for rent mitsubishi jin chang early adopters. 
Mitsubishi jin chang 
Mitsubishi cheetah 
Business models 
Mercedes-benz MB100 
Rui feng 
Hagrid business 
The coach is given priority to with Jin Longda ba, 11-55 range 



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