Introduced golmud commentaries


Geermu, is located in the southern edge of qaidam basin, south PI kunlun mountains, a new industrial traffic city, built in the gobi desert by which is having a unique style. This is a Mongolian golmud, meaning that many of the place from. Here to an altitude of 2780 meters, wide and flat terrain around. In 1952, across the roof of the world of the roads, from xining to golmud repair. From all sides of the heroes of the Portland and constructors, in the river of ManLiu golmud plunge river

The first tents and shed. From then on, dormant and HuangJi the ten million golmud, in the constructors of guns, ChuiSheng and footsteps came in, start to appear vitality. Soon, there appeared a tent city, then built many simple house and caves. After almost 50 years of construction, in this piece of impoverished land, showed a splendid picture. In numerous design and beautiful and easy, construction of tall buildings in excellent novel, the new golmud station very conspicuous. It's a total building area more than 165000 square meters. The center of the station waiting hall, can accommodate more than 2000 passengers waiting. Lies at the airport's QuKe golmud, can land large passenger aircraft. Now, to golmud to, from lanzhou by plane or by train from xining, or by car from dunhuang all can be reached. Now have more than 10 deep population, urban area of 10 square kilometers, become a new city of qinghai province. Golmud north to the hexi corridor, even Tibet south, west to xinjiang, in the west of China is in the center position. The rich qaidam basin has rich tourism resources of high quality. Therefore, should be fully with its deep in tourism resources and regional position and the advantages of the use of the western qinghai tourism center in western region of China and an important role of the distribution center for tourists.

Geermu: the western tourism hub and important center, western qinghai tourism development center, emphasizing on the development of the kunlun culture, salt lake scenery and salt industry theme tourism. The urban area has been praised as "the desert hero tree" the Euphrates poplar forests of reserves; A full of amorous feelings of the Mongolian grassland national tent resorts; And a potential hot springs reservoir. In the jurisdiction scope has been the world as WanShanZhi fathers, the Taoist ─ ─ kunlun mountains have exalted; Have the world's second, China's first great salt lake ─ ─ "chaerhan salt lake", the salt lake means of "the salt bridge", and "the salt sea YuBo" landscape of Chinese people with heart celebrity. In the area of a famous tangula geermu the Yangtze river headwaters feature--each winter snow mountain, the qinghai-tibet arrive tanggula mountain passes. The northwest region and the world's largest jas Dan scenery of landforms, near the desert ─ ─ dunhuang city, a wild animal park ─ ─ plateau mysterious hohxil area. These notting have is not an attractive JuePin of tourism resources. In the west of China is located in the deep, 315 national highway, 109 national highway intersection, a period of qinghai-tibet railway traffic so far. In addition, the roof of the world automobile adventure LvYouXian, Marco Polo LvYouXian, south the silk road LvYouXian article wait for a few more provinces high-quality goods LvYouXian also through the city.



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