Kumbum lamp festival


Buddhism traditional festivals. In XiaLi when the fifteenth day, general feast for seven days. "Head" Tibetan called "the arch", meaning "of figure of Buddha", located in qinghai HuangZhong territory, ".tea buddhist holy land ". During the Lantern Festival, the temple's adornment all sorts of lamps, which light sweet, water purification, food such as the flower, and showed one of adistinctive landmark in "mostly" plastic oil. All over the near and far, Mongolian and Tibetan soil, han, back to all ethnic groups such as the masses, gathered in the temple's view lamp, and hold the lion dance, WuLongDeng, dance yaks, stilted, bohanchuan and other entertainment activities. The Lantern Festival is in western China, head of the folk custom an exhibition. Lu ShaEr thronged the streets, and many of the camera, camera on the work, who also not to let this precious opportunity to......

Tsing lung Mercedes, and yellow dragon hovering, but because the mountain man aggressive temperament, just make dragon appears majestic-looking. GaoQiaoDui, pick up a team of WenYiDui team.

With the lads aggressive plateau temperament, and gives the girls graceful figure. They stepped rich beat, exceed big step, twist the spring breeze of willow waists, wakening the sleeping in the spring.

Every year the Lantern Festival will racing people have waiting in the northern tip of the ShaEr lu ZhuangLong village, this area is open, the race is a good place. In a shouts, several horse running and lively abnormalities.

The best place to Lantern Festival several see light, the night just come down, every family hang a lantern. Between the tree and the tree is lantern, street and street is between lantern, all the floats are wearing colored lantern, and save cloth fall way jinta row lamp, it is the light of the world. The bustling with people view lamp, by this time the family all set out, slowly appreciate. Remember the year of the rat some unit do a big mouse lantern, and next to that four word "food abundant rat fertilizer," many people laugh. The next night to look at the time, was turned into "the zodiac," visible view lamp how many fun.

Row lamp is very refined, rectangular lamp very neat, the bright light glowed with a beautiful design. Row lamp, is in fact the traditional Chinese painting exhibition, flowers and plants, castle peak green water, streams, ZhuQiao, however, the woodcutter, and buddhist legend, eight immortals characters in the above picture performance.

The climax of the Lantern Festival is in the place of SuYouHua looked down the shine of the lemon flower show. It was getting late, SuYouHua article before the table, a lock SuYouDeng son lit with, the audience like tide and chung and begin to enjoy SuYouHua. In SuYouDeng light bright below the reflect, SuYouHua appears bright and beautiful, colorful flowers and swaying cuttlefish, thousands of flowers drifts lifelike statue ghee characters.

Qinghai HuangZhongXian kumbum is in honor of the yellow ZongKaBa founder built. He said to the membrane is buried in this place, and then in the above long up a tree. ZongKaBa died, in which people mosque-building memory of his. After 400 years of business, this day have a house, has formed the kumbum oratory, pagodas, and more than 30 buildings such as seng she in the ancient building group. Auric tile temple, is the main building head, resplendent and magnificent, roof, the gold deer destroy with jinlun decorations such as, stands a temple as high as 12.5 meters, full of white wrapped hadad silver tower, which was about more than ZongKaBa cubits high of a god.

Taersi, Tibetan called "the arch", is figure of Buddha of idea. In the day of the first lunar month every year the kumbum Lantern Festival held 15 days, and the central plains and the Lantern Festival. At the appointed time, not favoured a temple. Later, SuYouDeng a.m., the fire all night. Taersi skillful craftsman, rely on the dexterous hands of novel idea, with the glittering and translucent white, exquisite soft ghee and various pigment, into all kinds of ZhengJiDouYan flowers, thousands of strange renditions of small and exquisite rare birds and animals, the pavilions, shape lifelike buddhist scriptures legends and such as the character image, is very vivid. Wonderful artical excelling nature of exquisite art, attracted all over from the collection of the tens of thousands of Tibetan people and tourists. These colorful plastic product, lemon, in the lights shining, and resplendent and magnificent palace hand in photograph reflect, can be comparable with city yuanxiao lanterns. During the Lantern Festival, the kumbum speak scholasticism also hold "TiaoShen" and cultural and artistic activities, and also in the best tower held before "stilts will".



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