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 If I meet you in Lhasa, it's a sunny afternoon, under the blue sky white clouds, dancing prayer is I waved to you. 

If I meet you in Lhasa, we go to the Lhasa river, looking at the clear river suffused with silver, watched a flock of fish in the water, looking at the birds fly freely in the sky, and then the snow water scoured the pebbles pile after one thousand years, put the stone together looking for collection, flung up stones and together, to see it in riding the waves on the river. 
If I meet you in Lhasa, I must take you to Lin card. We are looking for a piece of shade, bring fun delicious good drink, sit on the floor, enjoy delicious food. We again with the happiness of the people, with melodious rhythm, dance together the joyful heishui, all earthly troubles behind them. 
If I meet you in Lhasa, we go to a very modern pedestrian street and DE ji road, in a wide variety of a sniff of fashion brand store, enough to see them all, having come from far, hot and sour, sweet, salty flavor restaurant to taste delicacies, taste mixed. Then, in the famous coffee shop looking for a lean on the position of the window, leisurely taste impression of coffee, looking at nearby sacred potala palace and the lazy people in the square, slowly to enjoy endless comfortable and satisfied. 
If I meet you in Lhasa, we go to the north the mountain climbing, sera monastery is back on top of that there is a small house, panted heavily as he climbed to the top of the mountains roar loud, taking this life unpleasant out enough. 
If I meet you in Lhasa, we can go LiuWu new district, the beauty of the first glimpse of Lhasa viaduct, a taste of the world's highest railway station and looked at the speeding train, listening to the song became the great river north and south "days", and the small modern tall buildings, the ancient city of Lhasa coruscate gives the modern breath. 
If I meet you in Lhasa, we must go to visit lake namco. In this wonderland, we together with water wash over, is the soul and lifted up his eyes on the lake with the vast boundless, blue clear; In the sunset, feel ShuiTianYiSe SAN together and the passage of time flies; Under the stars, smelling the fragrance of the soil, taking a sniff at the fragrance of flower, the green grass with the stillness of the night goes to sleep; Liao awake until early morning the first sunshine we night peace, hurriedly climb up to enjoy mountain sacred lake shimron magic and beauty of the different. 
If I meet you in Lhasa, I also want to take you to a lot of can go to a place. I may run out of time of life, to accompany you through every corner of the city. I may run out of his lifetime, accompany you to the city's every inch of land measurement. Once upon a day, in the future in somewhere far away, when we have is a very, looking back this has left us a lot of good memories, wish there will be a stream of warm current chung on his chest, to the ancient city of plateau he spend gorgeous blossom everywhere. 
Lhasa, I love you, because you are my second home. I love in Lhasa, but because of I met you here, here are we gone never youth, here we together had left footprints, here we never wipe not go to memory. 
I hope, not wish, I wish, I want this lifetime. Can I meet you in Lhasa, is enough! 



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