LiTang Racing Festival


Horse racing festival at the top of the mountain

Will say kangba horse racing festival, also the number of ganzi litang horse racing festival largest scale.

Litang can say "suspended in high altitude city", the elevation 4200 meters, the mountain top than over thousands of meters, is called "the high city". Interesting kangba "four minyan", have "litang the steamed bread to eat not" one said, is about said city alpine, steamed bread not easy steamed. Serve the for a while, frozen became TuoZi iron. Dashan be higher, going by. And here is litang people to live life daily life place! Litang man is at the top of the mountain residents. Litang r, big not easy! However, a mountain more than a mountain high, looking across the southwest, elevation 6224 meters, "the first one KangNa" case nie mountain, such as with a cloud giantism tickle, as if not so high, can't fathom the fate. Many explorers a few "climb NieShan case, all failed. "The risk is if the people of darfur, jie way for hu on to zai"! That year, historical had in so far, was caught alive here JiangGuo manager of JiangZhu, and soothe him for his account of the club. Last, litang people in the town built gesar square.

A so thin air, where could become horse racing's most famous place? Hundreds of years ago, one of the most famous lake long youth cole temple, held every year and a 10 day grand jockey club to honor a mountain, celebrating good harvest. By 1960, jockey club to and "bayi" the army day held simultaneously. Later, and development for international racing festival.
The spectacular "tent city"

Meanwhile, YuanYuanJinJin people, carry things tent, with home with mouth, came to litang hair stelae grassland into account and dam in. Blink, a tent city will miraculously born!!! Hundreds of a white tent thick is, end phase transition, the potential if camp, formed a flow of civic life. White tent watts LengXian and set wiring, all is the black side, quite a room eaves, column form, is like a LianTu stationed the complex, as if that "fly city" from then on it begins to take root, and don't want to pull out and village. White tent in the green grass looks very comfortable! In the past, people use yak rope woven tents, and black account are also common, if from "the dirty" Angle consideration, black tent there should be a desirable place, but they too extensive, seem had all been rejected him. White more air more brilliant, it is the color of snow mountains, hadad the homology, pure moral, and tibetans to colorific the aesthetic, is the essence of Aaron.

In the morning, tent city show a blue leaching dip is tonal, wood smoke rises, the more heavy poetic flavour, make the earthly fireworks gas at every step to upgrade, aggravating the humanistic quality. One of the earliest wipe the sun, as the lawn to pale green, halo of large fields outside, still in the dark QiaoWang sunshine pull a, so the ground is green cake, yellow one.

Standing in the high hills look grassland camp, a bay water, like BaiShan general flowing river valley region, is watery wetlands. Plateau is to pursue the shepherd natural plants.

For photography enthusiasts and tourists, this "by entry picture, and horse racing, is also attraction. At night, the stars general camps, lights wanes, the east a lamp that west a lamp to extinguish the SuYouDeng, this top the tents disappear like leave without saying goodbye. The moon rises, tent city and hidden by the show, ShuiTai serene. Suddenly, a born dream feeling, the convenient.

During the day, grassland people mountain people sea, unprecedented. People in the outside account, put up with stone cooking range, put in the tree Ge hills per ha chopped into the lead matches, with skin tiger drum wind. The tiger is almost all of the skin of the lamb skin, outside of the BaiRongRong turned up FanMao, drum wind mouth do very like sheep head. The skin will be called half a handicraft tiger. The photographers to take, the family's fire not ascend burning, an old abba XiDeErZuo, the grass those long white stem wild flowers pressure was a bottom. Old man dressed in a white cloth woven ChanYi, is full of ruffled, pass an ancient and cloth. See the photographers to take pictures, old abba to mirror a smile, a full face of "plateau knit".

Like the rider will follow

The Tibetan language, litang says "le tong"--PingJing of grassland of idea. Therefore, sets up the city in the mountains, is the truth of it. Because the vast terrain, fat aquatic plants, here became the cradle of the rider. Litang also is known as the "equestrian town. Horse racing has not started, water chestnut also itching, the rider also stimulated. The crowd, the most costumes, mostly riders the mules. They all white hidden cap, and some are still in a hat a red ribbon. CangPao color, also is multifarious, extremely bright. CangPao right exposed place, show snow-white clothing. Most of the red ribbon on a side, waist is a number of ribbons, and even high tasseled hidden boots, also is red and black color. The horses are DaiGongYing, is TongLing, pelosi color saddle Pei, ma3 tou2 to compose on was competing number. When they both man and the horse to the starting line, MiZaZa, people know, horse racing is about to begin.

1 order, will follow. Riders to marathon of close formation, pouring out, spurred forward. The pounding on the grassland dam stelae MAO broken, thronged. Rider up of forest arm, repeatedly to bridle flip horse hip, muscle engorgement, a full face of inspiration. A lot of people are on a pole yellow streamers, a bearer, the red flag run in the middle. The people because of distance and at that time have no a crowded, and the horse to the horse, the scene breathtaking. If someone riding change, will surely fall under the horse, trample such as mud. But, this kind of worry soon become superfluous, not the kui horse nation, all warriors, people from the saddle and horse upsat bonding is a group of movement along combination. See FengJuanCanYun sort, the horse as a color hurricane passing. Photographers were waiting in the way of the running of the riders, so that right against the face film is the most wonderful, but also the most dangerous. So with long lenses, according to a shutter, escape. Beside, put up a large color account, as GuanKanXi, casual clothes the elderly, women and children to see. In front of the XiDeErZuo, behind the head of one layer to stack the heaven, and finally a row of things in the compettition.they made pyramids as stand against the tents.

Events have endurance, or the small go, or the equestrian ", etc. Among them the equestrian is the most fantastic, MaDu hiding, horse riding, flying inverted shooting, pick up hadad, etc, all adventure. In addition, there are



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