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Tibet has always been known as travel the holy land, is ZiJiaYou, rider and backpackers's paradise. Recently, with the movie "revolving around mountains" reflect the heat, a lot of people the Tibet dream is enabled, on the net also appeared ChongZou turn the fake movie mountain travel stories. Global the first Tibet tourism supermarket-the more play cross-country Tibet tourism nets (tibet4wd. Com) released recently Tibet strategy, for travelers into Tibet Tibet tourism provide quotation into Tibet and matters needing attention.

Although Tibet tourism the best season has in the past, but in the end of October at the 2011 China international tourism trade fair, Tibet tourism but key launched winter swim the concept of Tibet having a unique style. According to Tibet tourism bureau introduced, winter to Tibet, features more apparent, Tibet amorous feelings more strong. In October every year to next year's in May, is the best season to see mount Everest.

According to information for expanding "winter tour Tibet" know reputation degree, and to attract more tourists winter hide tourism, this winter to Tibet in the winter of the detailed outbound routes the classification of the perfect, which is not only intoxicating ecological tour, ancient long history culture to swim, and exciting pilgrimage to swim and realize their ZiJiaYou, more hidden to CangLiNian and rich with hidden to feast in the style of the holy land wedding honeymoon line.

In the film "revolving around mountains", the snow mountain because the cloud and mist curl up and rare, so for visitors who want to see snow mountains, clouds covering the fog often summer the NaJiaBaWaFeng, in winter but because less rain cloud less and are more likely to unveil the. Tibet scenery winter and summer is not too obvious difference, the winter Lin zhi still lush. It may see more of the winter snow mountain and area of the glacier. Lin zhi region has to the grand canyon, the NaJiaBaWaFeng, BoMi glacier group, BaSong wrong LuLang linhai, a large number of world-class natural landscape, with most of the folk festival also focused on in winter, very suitable for winter travel.

Where to nets ticket products QiuHui director said, winter swim either from Tibet to ticket prices, attractions tickets or travel other spent, will be a lot cheaper than the peak season. It is reported, from November 1, 2011 to March 2012, Tibet will be winter traveling scenic area (point) ticket prices. Hotels, restaurants, charter services will implement off-season discount prices, will further reduce the cost of travel.

In addition to the direct to Lhasa, more travelers tend to choose ChuanCangXian or yunnan Tibet line, from chengdu, kunming, lijiang or into Tibet, experience the scenery along the way. From where the nets data show that the future a month, chengdu, kunming, lijiang and ticket prices steady basic route, there is a discount value, QiuHui Suggestions have travel plans travelers on early reservation.

The end of November to December, Beijing to chengdu ticket price stability in 350 yuan to 450 yuan between. By New Year's day, Spring Festival influence, 1 month will be significantly higher. Beijing to kunming ticket price range 610 yuan to 900 yuan between, including 12 March, on December 10 price is 666 yuan, on December 21, the price is 610 yuan, January 3 prices more than 1000 yuan. Future a month, Beijing to lijiang ticket price in 1600 yuan stable, 5 fold the left and right sides, December 2, the price is higher, more than 2000 yuan, on January 1, continue to rise, more than 2000 yuan.

Shanghai, November 30 day, Shanghai to chengdu ticket price down to 400 $, this price last until December 29,, including 12 December, 14, 18, 19, 20, the price is 299 yuan, 1 month began gradually to rise to 700 yuan of above. Future a month to kunming Shanghai ticket price fluctuates in 600 yuan mild floating. Shanghai to lijiang ticket prices higher, the future a month of the price is in 1550 yuan to 2000 yuan between, including on November 30, the price copy, about 860 yuan.

Guangzhou for chengdu ticket prices in the end of November basic 300 yuan of less than, gradually rise since December, nearly 400 yuan RMB, the end of December rise to 600 yuan or so, 1 month began to break through 800 yuan. The end of November to December a, guangzhou to kunming course price 600 yuan or so, late December fell to 450 yuan, before and after Christmas a small back up to 600 yuan from top to bottom. Guangzhou to lijiang ticket prices in 1000 yuan and basic maintain, December 23 to rise to about 1350 yuan, after New Year's day rose to 1500 yuan of above.

Winter into Tibet and safety tips traffic

The film "revolving around mountains of yunnan Tibet line from lijiang ride lines of shangri-la, army, in turn after the yan jing, mangkang, ZuoGong, BaSu, Lin zhi, then to Lhasa. And ChuanCangXian is from sichuan province, based on the into Tibet mangkang later, two lines just coincidence.

According to information, June to August the rainy season, the ChuanCangXian and yunnan Tibet line because prone to mudslides and landslides and very dangerous. Winter travel just avoid Tibet rainy season, the weather in sunny primarily, better security.

The play cross-country Tibet tourism nets remind travelers, whether ZiJiaYou or riding, winter into Tibet are needed to advance planning good line, know ahead of winter, FengLu mountain and other information. At the same time, to do well the plateau response preventive measures, to prepare or drugs and early... and related equipment ride.



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