Nagqu Horse Racing Festival


Naqu horse racing festival, Tibetan call "to investigate", and it is a grand scale northern traditional festival, the annual summer Tibetan held for five to 15 days before.

With the world many nomads, the tibetans and the horse is feeling between the profound long. Legend, the horse is the heaven and the earth god birds of the monkey (for the lake said big fish) is born with. Taking his horse, the wind of the flight is wonderful. Tibetan wisdom of issachar great scholar class once said: "the man is also beautify the master. Dress up" In the northern, livestock people know that has a good horse of the specific meaning. And people, horse needs glory, so, horse racing festival also can say to the festival as a horse. Of course, the origin of horse racing is for this, the horse racing is writing and continue prairie legendary important and ancient cultural traditions.

No matter which side, horse racing festival in August when the most festive naqu and lively, also the most beautiful. Horse racing festival is also a the season of love, the han Chinese habit of euphemism will be regarded as "romantic". Therefore, said pastoral areas people value the extent of the horse racing festival beyond a Tibetan New Year a little too much. Before the horse racing festival, a few hundred kilometers of the herdsmen and with tents, dressed in a gorgeous national costumes, wear their most worth showing off jewellery, bears in the grasslands TaGe all the way. A tent as if overnight, they filled the horse racing around naqu, repeatedly until a spectacular "city". Exchange of goods, art performance, all kinds of folk sports such as tug-of-war, long jump, hold, stone etc, and religious activities are held to the "city" immediately blast.

Official games, devout riders first around the great burning incense a circle round as a mark of respect and accept sainted lama blessing, this is seen as a heroic depending on the court, the rider and PiGong dress up a new level of the horses appear ceremony. Horse racing on both sides of the audience with word shout cheers, urged the horses in the boom days along the earthquake into one, you on. This is straightforward bold and unconstrained the herdsmen and heaven and earth, and the most warm between grassland emotional communication.

Horse racing festival schedule varies in length, in 10 kilometers). According to the players into children, adults age categories, according to game content is divided into immediately archery, target shooting, competitive, sprint's short, hadad, immediately picked it offered of barley wine, etc, and sometimes also similar to the dressage go on marseille, many kinds, new and interesting to the horse racing activities often makes the scene audience at the distraction.

And even the entire Tibetan areas of naqu horse racing wouldn't have a strict system of the referee, relatively free form, with a strong performance means. But the title horses name, but will spread rapidly through the prairie, fame even went far beyond the master. These "world star", "black lightning", "prairie eagle" named after such in the horse, won the good places for and into the herdsmen story and legend, the manner is told. Have the horse racing up early in winter comes before they enter aftercare state, the racer the most refined feeding them the best feed, every day to MaMu body, and care to, often a horse good mark in the country and even whole family affects the villagers to busy.

Ancient and prestigious naqu horse racing festival, northern is irreplaceable tourism project, select the summer tour of Tibet visitors can't miss it.



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