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Namucuo, Tibetan meaning "heavenly lake", Mongolian called "uphold the sea", is one of three big Tibet sacred (the other two are the wrong and manasseh yongzheng sheep ZhuoYong wrong), the lake elevation 4718 meters, it is 70 kilometers long, wide 30 kilometers north and south, covers an area of 1920 square kilometers, is the largest lake in the Tibet autonomous region, the country's second largest salt water lake, and it is also the highest elevation of the great lakes.
You see, the blue sky connected to this piece of blue lake, so quiet, far, holy. Perhaps because of this, tibetans called it "heavenly lake", it and the harmony of ali and wrong, the sheep of the wave bands county ZhuoYong wrong and called Tibet three sacred.
Another says. Say it is an inland sea, with the moon and the tides have profit and loss of the phenomenon. Her blue color and sometimes, and sometimes lush, green and blue, just and dark blue, the annual 5 ~ between June also can see the scene of all mirage dry, according to the local nomads legend, have been at the lake f, seen sheep belongs and lake cattle, sheep belongs the snow-white, appearance, size of sheep with domestic similar, difference only is its hoof like duck web; The black and white colours in lake cattle asked, short and bright, the size is 3 times of domestic yak.
Namucuo shape like gold stiffness and mother god, to the south of lake is the tortoise beam, the peacock beam, black peng beams etc 18 way beam. The most famous of these is the fairy beam. It is said that whenever the liberated out from a bird's eye view of the lake beam fairy, born of lotus will show ZhangYin. , the lake is yellow duck island's north, roc marcus, baby island "' eight island. These islands of the most spectacular is just the color of manasseh's island. This island is embedded in the jadeite diamond in the basin, very beautiful. The summer, except from the lake to the island to the eagle fly over. But in winter the lake is frozen over, people can traverse the ice this island. In the island has many caves, stone pagoda, etc, there were holes shapes of strange things, natural.
The lake had a bath all around the spring. East springs that tashi pool; Rumsfeld called south spring pool; XiQuan call more pool; North spring call and check pool. The clear mountain stream into these pools, it is said, at the spring bathing, can prevent and cure diseases, and can wash away iniquity. And all around the lake, four temple, the wave tashi cut temple; South along BaiMa temple for jean; West for more temple; North for just the temple. The four seats buddhist temple symbol referred to temperature, anger, rights and potential. The temple of rock has many natural form of figure of Buddha.
Legend namucuo is situated-nyenchen tanglha herder milks beautiful and showily wife, in history have been occupied Mongolian people, namucuo is one of the famous buddhist in the Tibet sacred, legend is endowed with life, of the sheep, Tibet people has a turn the custom of the lake. On the open grand festival is a sacred, thousands of local pilgrims to namucuo to worship, and hold turn lake activities (namely clockwise around namucuo a week), Tibet is one of three dachaoshan worship lake activities, namely the horse, turn the tm, Oregon's ali the turn namucuo, noise, the monkey worship holy mountain. Tibetan Buddhism thinks, turn the lake, the horse, revolving around mountains, the year of the monkey is Buddha will turn the forest. Namucuo is body, speech and mind the sanctuary, if can walk around the lake, can get the knowledge and the immeasurable qualities, and eliminated bad habits and pain, finally get the fruit. Therefore, the good will turn the Vatican holy land a dharma wheel, as the horse, turn the language as the holy land namucuo, turn to the holy land, mountain as the noise of the monkey. , each to the u, of the feast of watts asked (Tibetan-may), then namucuo near the temple, tashi just wave cut temple, along BaiMa temple, more Joan temple will become cigarette curl up, boisterous, turn the crowd like a flow of rivers. Because of the lake is too big, the lake terrain, turn around, ordinary people to 20 ~ 30 days, the most great young man have to run 10 days, so everyone in turn tashi peninsula instead. It is said that turn seven laps around the peninsula tashi is turn lake for a week.
Below to tell you about namucuo geographical position. The wood YuQing dislocation reduced plateau, the qinghai-tibet plateau is up from about 7 f) (] 00000 years ago of orogenic movement of the Eurasia plate and the Indian plate extrusion product of each other of. Namucuo east and west bank open terrain, and has a broad lakeside plain, how much the way on the gravel bank. In namucuo west, more north temple a swath of preserved ancient lake sedimentary sites located. Remains creatures is... a bay, turn into the sand and gently, add a lake beach in the temple the lake peninsula stretch like hug namucuo arms near the lake; stood namucuo the largest island-rondo island in lake beach. Behind the hills slope Bi, not only preserved with large areas of ancient lake sediments, and lava and ancient art. The hole here because the lake blue bay in calm, known as "blue bay".
Namucuo the unique geographical position and the climate characteristics of its very distinctive form of astronomical landscape.
The lake district astrology landscape: namucuo at an altitude of more than 4700 meters, thin air, the lake is huge, and GaoShanHuan around listed, constitute a relatively closed basin, evaporation of water during the day more commonly in the afternoon form precipitation, down to the ground. Therefore, the night BiKongRuXi often, with bright, bright stars. Especially in tashi peninsula, more temple watch as day when is only zhichizhiyao.
The setting sun lake landscape: every morning see the cloud in the sky by successive red, a shot in the mountain nyenchen tanglha herder milks, glowing rays gradually moves down, and NianQing tang ancient mountains peaks in the sunlight Ran in open up; The glittering lake water photograph reflect the prison, a deep, dark green, shallow blue sky blue, green, shallow green pine and protean colour, until a bunch of sunshine on the peninsula on the stone placing trek, the sun just to break free from the mountains to the arms of the sky hung up. When dusk, the sun and namucuo dyed into a golden yellow, orange to burn into the peaks of the torch. The landscape of the best place to watch the sunset is tashi peninsula. Nyenchen tanglha herder milks mountains lightning landscape: nyenchen tanglha herder milks mountains of the Indian Ocean to block a warm-moist air flow, down south slope of the mountains rise warm-moist air flow in the night, often condenses into precipitation, so at night often can see NianQing tang of mountains, the lightning flashed L blink, hear the thunder like concealed. Sit namucuo edge, or view the lightning, listen to dull the thunder, fear of the weird mood often also emerging. The best place to watch the lightning landscape is more temple. Namucuo is deep water lake, the lake is clear, transparency, salinity Low salinity, the lake is deep blue. The lake ice in winter, and in May begin to thaw out. The lake is rich in pink fish and fish no scale. The lake plain lush grasses, have an antelope, wild ass, bear, fox, the hare and wild animals.



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