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Dear visitors, this is the class and wrong. Class and wrong and wrong wood the pull of tm, meaning "fairy goose gen lake", it is located in th soil county territory, the lake elevation 4242 meters, is China and the Kashmir region at the junction of the famous international lake, is also CangXi area in a holy sites. The lake covers an area of 604 square kilometers, in which China 412 square kilometers, elongated) in shape, the water ends open, in the middle is the channel of the river water type, things about 150 male long cover, the average width only 2 ~ 5 kilometers, the narrowest place only 5 meters, in our country lake body thing is 110 kilometers long.
Class according to form, male wrong lake water depth and the characteristics of nature can be divided into east, middle and west 3 parts. Among them, the east lake of about 224 square kilometers, the average depth about 22 meters, there are three more than 40 meters in depth, the lake for fresh water, great lakes rivers have MaGa hidden cloth, sodom songs. Lake basin in tilt from north to south, east coast, south east lake body and northwest coast distribution are islands, mainly has more frequently island, and the word oh honk the island, word around the island, etc; The central lakes area 107 square kilometers, the average water depth 18 m; The west lake district says a MBo lake, covers an area of 273 square kilometers, in which China 82 square kilometers. The west lake in the water, salt water, people basically has Michael barr lake river bends, Carl dragon, nara, and separate prudent river, etc. Class and rippling wrong, the lake distribution the greatly small islands, and one of the most famous when marcus number. To place the area is not large, is about 300 meters long and wide 2 () () meters, not on the island
The tree, only a few low shrubs, coast also grows some call a name, the grass plants. The island is full of limestone pieces, all the earth is bird droppings, some place has a backlog of a thick covering of, bird feathers is everywhere. The island is the big bird, birds, egg, between grass, rock, the lake, the lake shore, be everywhere, tens of thousands of white bird will up the whole island tired.. because living here environment is good, the birds perched on the place, mainly is OuDiao, electricity have small amounts of gray duck birds, etc, they with the fish in the lake, aquatic plants, etc for food. Each spring comes, the warm air apiece gallas bay blow people ali plateau, TouNian winter to South Asia continent from plateau from the winter cold flock of birds, and fly back here, in laying eggs, reproduce offspring. May each year to September, is the best season bird. Class and marcus lake is ali plateau and all over the Tibet a famous tourist attractions.
Class is nature's male wrong a pure land, is the kingdom of the birds. Here is full of birds of love and affection, have no native predators, no interference, only the peace and quiet. In this known as the world's highest elevation of the world of birds, a blue sky and white clouds, the snowy mountains, the lake is. Here the natural great barrier to place and the outside world will be separated, the complete to preserve the ali, a special plateau in the natural landscape.



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