Plateau lakes introduced


Plateau lakes

(a) NaPaHai
Diqing plateau lakes in yunnan province, as day of scattered stars L grassland, also like emperor
Palace pearl hidden between given, diqing lakes in the area in one hundred mu of more than 5000 more than alone.
Today, we will be located in the northwest edge to shangri-la county, 8 km from the city of NaPaHai
NaPaHai, hide name "napa wrong", meaning behind the forest lake, is the most shangri-la
Big season lake. Elevation 3266 meters, except 7, 8, 9 month in a wet monsoon rains, lake area expanded
Outside, other time most of the exposed the pastures of can herding, generation living in here
The Tibetan people's animal husbandry in lake built a and a agile. Strewn at random have the village, the flowers
Like brocade grasslands and full-bodiedly lake composition a beautiful natural picture scroll, make the visit
People linger.
NaPaHai is a state protection of birds black-necked ideal habitat. Summer lake
Face up to thousands of hectares expansion, the duck, BanTouYan recreation in the lake, autumn is playing to further riverbank,
The lake of crane, cattle and sheep wandering, quite spectacular.
Crane and the Tibetan people's get along well, deep friendship, early in the crane is not
A state protection before animals, the Tibetan people's will have a special liking to its, never kill..
Legend, a long time ago, black-necked often to barley in search of barley and seeds, etc
Green long after the naked and big eat barley seedlings, barley, mature big swallowed barley seeds. For black people
Neck crane damage crops behavior was angry and helpless. The last to use the button to catch
Crane. Human and a contract to become sworn brothers for crane. They meet: crane
Water is no longer destroy crops, swear not to feed barley, even in the crops the ground also only
Eat the pest damage crops; Humanity is swear never to kill crane, and will his head
The three hair to it to the black-necked on the head with proof of deck of the human family
Relationship. From then on, and the Tibetan people's eternal and black-necked fixed.
When we live on earth has been more and more let friends of human can't find
A habitat of the security, or when human friends themselves increasingly
Violence to live according to for existing just wait, from the shangri-la is is the like this
The story of the legend, truly represent, have to let a person from the heart of a kind of good cows
Beautiful environment.
(2) all of the lake
Located in the northeast of shangri-la county 35 kilometers, elevation 3705 meters, the product of the water
By 15 square kilometers, is the largest diqing plateau one of freshwater lakes. Lake is rich in "of
All schizothorax ", be golden, abdominal a crack, fish exquisite and delicious. Lake perched still
With a lot of wild duck, yellow, ducks and other birds.
Of all the famous lake is shangri-la pasture, where vast pastures, abundant water
MAO. Every year the chun xia, groups cattle and sheep in the game, livestock tents like fairy tale about the world
World, pastoral sound the drifting. Let people deeply feel comfortable, easy plateau in people life
In around the lake, except we can see the JuanXiu birchwoods pure white besides, still can
See the tall spruce, of primitive simplicity; The deer, bear, clouded leopard, gold cats, Tibetan horses and chicken
All animals is the owner of the ranch is forever. The Tibetan people's generation are grazing in the lake,
But they always stick to the a self-discipline "moderate" principle to not go to too much too fiercely
Damage of all for life good pasture, and it is also beneficial to Tibetan culture that noble wen
The role of the essence, today we can see all of the beauty and elegance of lake of nature
The original eternal charm.
Now, all of the lake is like the shangri-la other attractions as hot minus welcome visit
The arrival of the people, where you can walk in the original jungle, also can be in the lake
Riding the imagination, can also YaoChuan light over, see wanshu green, listen to the fish fine words... Ten million
Don't disturb their dreams of halcyon warmth.
(3) BiDaHai
BiDaHai, is known as the world, is located in the east of shangri-la county 35 kilometers
Place, provincial nature reserve: the whole reserve gen 60 kilometers north and south, wide 14 and things
, a total area of 840 square kilometers. Reserve vegetation to long bract fir and spruce give priority to, its
Time is according to different altitude, Yin and Yang, the cuckoo, slope distribution, the mountainous, GaoShanSong, high
Mountain, redwood oak, white birch. In these well preserved vegetation, the state a life
Animal protection crane, 2 kinds of animal protection macaques, clouded leopard, gold cat, and so on. In addition, there are
Many economic animals and view fee animals such as the black bear, brown bear land, thrush, etc.
BiDaHai belongs to a central part of the reserve, water area of 159 hectares, average water
20 meters deep, deep in the most for 40 m. BiDaHai fish of resources. E rich, have quaternary glaciers
Left from the period of paleontology-BiDa heavy lip fish, its tender meat, taste fresh
Beautiful. Food is fish in the market. The sea around the thick growth of azaleas Lin, each
The Chinese may before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, cuckoo TuYan, lake niaoyuhuaxiang, the scenery is all pleasant. often
A fish in the lake of the ford of games, eating a rhododendron lost its. Because it contains the
Poison, fish, such as drunk floating on the surface of the lake in general, this is BiDaHai landscape must:
"Cuckoo drunk fish". Fish drunk after, the old bear makes it out to the lake fish, the fork BiDa formation
The sea one another: "old bear remove fish".
BiDaHai center has the island, the island of spruce and cuckoo. Said to the island is a hero
Where the devil historical crackdown, by the power of god he lake disaster for the people. legend
There are many treasures hid in the island.
In the qing RiLi, swing the boat in the lake, watch the bottom, can look to more than 10 m to
Next, the hordes of the "heavy lip fish" swim and play in the water. Lake around, Lin deep secret tree,
The evening or early in the morning, a microwave, the lake as a mirror. At this time, GaoShanLin lake, moon lake ShanYing, water
Light and mountains as a whole. Use "half a lake castle peak half the lake" to praise the unique charm
Natural beauty is very appropriate.
(4) thousand mountain lake
Thousands of lake county 50 kilometers away from the shangri-la, hide



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