Shigatse bonfire festival


Purple scarves of fireworks in the sky race to in full bloom, very red fire in the enclosed in a circle of burning. "Two to swim a festival" bonfire fireworks party, from xigaze 18 counties in the agriculture herdsman masses stretch long sleeve, excited to undertake the hands, heartily jump up bright GuoZhuang, they used the excitement about the new dance out of the joy of life, reflected the people of all ethnic groups HouCang bathed in a new age in the future.

6 August night, xigaze became town of joy, bonfire fireworks set each other off red, fireworks with bright for fireworks. Xigaze hotel, shandong building, karzai temple square, old street cross, became a sea of joy everywhere, with HouCang local characteristics of fruit harmonic, los harmonic, pile of harmonic, a harmonic and dance, the farmers out of the climax of the dance party, a HouCang children dance to the party and to the great love of country. They drank shout for joy, and sing. Yes, in such sleepless nights, called today that happiness crowd how unhappy, how don't sing?????? The past xigaze is called "SangZhu kirgiz", meaning "to the best of the soil estate", but all the rich land belongs to big noble and plantation owners, life in heavily oppression serfs no land and no free life, can barely were the days of the bedding bag heavy chains. The peaceful liberation 51 years, in the party central committee with the concern and support, in autonomous regions party committee, the government's correct leadership, in Shanghai, shandong province, heilongjiang, jilin and Shanghai baosteel group, sinochem corp's selfless assistance, brave and hardworking HouCang children unremitting efforts, the total area of the rapid development of the economy, social situation is stable, the people live and work, BaiYeJuXing, former lead a dog emancipated serfs life masters, day after day, live a good day. At 8 when starts, xigaze cannon-fire over rumble, colorful patterns of all kinds of dazzling in the night sky is like shooting star general, glamorous. In such nice evening, the brilliant bonfire fireworks scrambling to reflect, it is today the HouCang make a new life true portraiture.

Hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, clear with songs to the night sky, graceful dance drunk the guests. In xigaze hotel, the county decided "Chen pond dance, brought farmers and rich labor breath; JiangZiXian fruit harmonic, showed "Tibet granary" the happiness of life; Pull the kirgiz "pile of harmonic", then sing out of the joy of the HouCang today and proud. When the party ring of rising GuoZhuang melody, to the party leadership, the autonomous region live in xigaze hotel many foreign friends and from places outside special come here to attend autonomous regions "heart-to-heart" delegations of the singer's performance measures and so on also can't help to join the team. In shandong building site, the 68-year-old old man told us how buji said, never see xigaze at night so beautiful, also have never seen people have so glad to xigaze, all the good life thanks to the concern of the party central committee, thanks to the provinces and municipalities and the two big enterprise selfless assistance, living in a socialist motherland, we believe that the future will be more brilliant xigaze, xigaze the day will more people's happiness.



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