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A, driving in the qinghai-tibet railway
D1: ningxia · · xining-making in qinghai
Run all the way almost not stay. In the upcoming and gansu provinces at the junction of the "XingRen" town lunch, broke into a local restaurant, does not have a guest, the owner is his aunt for dinner, and, following the ceng a beating, leeks Fried bacon with large bowl of rice to eat dry to be extremely sweet, but Bryant $2.00 charge a little let me feel sorry.
The wrong way round in lanzhou, and more than 40 kilometers, about 20:00 to get to xining. Find the hotel to rest, in various charger, after night out xining, where the delicious let my sheep neck now like to all chan...
Today's mileage: 869 kilometers
Qinghai lake of birds
Qinghai lake and the grand gentle is more than I expected, qinghai lake is usually the YouLanDian is "place", from the 109 national highway about 70 KM, because the relationship I did not travel to there, but in the lake a quiet beach kill half a day time. Qinghai lake in Tibetan Buddhism is regarded as the "harmony cuo red snow jia mu" is to hide to red snow where the queen protector. The lake elevation 3197 meters, is the largest salt water lake and NaLiuHu, area of 4456 square kilometers.
Qinghai lake is the main ornamental bird project, in my camping on the beach, he saw the swarms of black cormorants, BanTouYan etc, these birds to qinghai lake is rich in the pool from the fish for food. It is said that 10 years to fish pool long to 1 catty, along with the tourism development, the restaurant on the menu shore it for the most special, crazy caught out the abuse of fish in the lake under characters number has has sharply, so don't go to the reader is advised to living space is very small birds rob food. Lodging, is there a hotel lake, marcus tourist facilities relatively more perfect over there.
At present qinghai lake is under a ship luxury cruise, will carry out more tourism projects, don't know qinghai lake tomorrow, whether also let optimism.

D2: qinghai · xining, qinghai lake
First visit to HuangZhong county head, in 1379 to commemorate the kumbum Tibetan Buddhism sect ZongKaBa master in the construction of the founder, large scale temple, a total of more than 1000 yard, more than 4500 house between. And a show Pope, tantra, astronomy and medical four colleges. But prohibited in temple, pictures can only put the white tower of temple square into the camera lens. The white eight seats, survivors, praise the whole life of the Buddha respectively eight merit.
At midday the return to xining highway to the qinghai lake and go to......
Turned up at an altitude of more than 4000 meters of riyue mountain, snow mountains, grassland and yaks group of white clouds in dazzling jumped out under, are already a plateau scenery. In legend tears by princess wencheng arrived at a gathering of after daotang, stop to rest, transferred it to reduce the carburetor old "plateau response". By the way, took off the air filter, the place of put aside left black ash circle let me reassure clean it plan but direct throw in the trash changed into the new-that grey, nine chengdu is coal dust!
The way of the qinghai-tibet railway run up feeling with "relaxed" to describe the most appropriate nevertheless, head is the blue sky and the clouds droop, vision and full of snow mountain grass and can be down to eat grass of cattle and sheep, and a lot of good road sections almost to the highway. However plateau climate is changing, in leaving daotang soon, a gloomy appear ahead of the cloud, in fine threads continuously straight fell to the ground, a head of drive in the car window after it produced crackling ring opened-unexpectedly from under the hail, and in the regiment clouds outside of the place, the weather was clear still. After this piece of the baptism of the hail, once again, driving in the sun, the grasslands of first appear ahead of a dark line, and then as the distance shortened launched a slowly vertiginous--launched her qinghai lake blue to the arms of......
Along the lake, dirt road, and the find a remote peninsula, in this piece of no one beach whiled away the whole afternoon I the time, change the heavy telephoto lenses followed commute birds, enrich the cheerful. Twilight of the sunset qinghai lake another attractive, calm and full of intelligence. Almost in sun drop below the horizon, at the same time, wind, some of the biting cold. That night, the ShaYa edge, through the window sat on the lake far view wine from the darkness of the lightning ripped, listening to the radio in the distant song and what rush about fatigue quietly fades.
Today's mileage: 222 kilometers

D3: qinghai lake-golmud
In noisy singing woke up, the first thing is to carry the camera to search out last night at a nearby group of geese, and, behold, it have vanished, xing xing however in the early morning took some sporadic bird shadow return to the car, sparking on the road.
Over rubber mountain, the scenery outside the window and pass world another time, purples plateau vegetation a group group in the wasteland of distribution, strung along far into the foot of the hill. This landscape has been extended to the I saw a functional far the white light of the lakes, intuition told me this must be the map of the salt lake, find a relatively smooth place will drive road, straight to the lake, off road about 2, 3 km and grass deep difficult line. See the lake is here, so stop walking, poor I forgot "see mountain run a dead horse" value, it looked at the lake is in sight, and even to walk and run cost me nearly three hours, don't say still almost too tired to collapse in return was not looking for lost in the grass of the car. It is a piece of the hare infested area. In the hiking, and sometimes the hare from feet comes out, away and disappear ran out of sight. After the road, has been to the "all LAN" along the way, even the road is often see noblemen passing on the wheel hare, flesh blur...... Amitabha!

Route: making-lanzhou to xining-qinghai lake-golmud originates anduo- - -DangXiong naqu namucuo-yangbajain-and xigaze, followed the drawee Everest- -and-xigaze-Lhasa uzbek.

1, lanzhou city river road walk-(22 km) to get the toll on the-step to (77 kilometers) to arrive



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