Sholton the origin of the


"Snow's" section, Tibetan meaning "eat yogurt son" festival, in July, to a designated the year seven th. The first, "snow's" is purely religious activities, at the current regulations, monks in the summer to governor net, during it is strictly prohibited to go out, and so on several dozens day KaiJin rear can down the mountain. At this time, the local people will be ready to sacrifice yogurt. And now, except to see a Buddha and sholton around the outside, generally in Lin card and see Tibetan opera singing and dancing to give priority to. This section of the most famous with Lhasa drepung monastery, other places this section of the time will vary for a few days.

From the middle of the century begins, the famous Tibetan opera group all over Tibet on Lhasa at the sholton drinking, sholton activities in Tibetan opera evolved into performance is given priority to, religious and cultural activities of combining the important festivals, its scope is limited in both inside and outside the temple, and with drepung monastery as the center, is called "zhe clam sholton. 18 th century, sholton activity center from drepung monastery transferred to the norbulingka and allow people to watch the composition in the park.

Tibet after democratic reform, and become the people of their sholton festival, especially after the reform and opening, set to become sholton art performance, sports competition, investment promotion, economic and trade talks, commodity sales, the leisure travel in one of the glamorous event.

In the seventeenth century ago sholton is a kind of pure religious festivals, the folk legend, with the summer weather warming, the worm was pretty, blooms, meantime monks is out to kill life activities on, went against the "not to kill" the precepts. Therefore, the specified in the Tibetan sect discipline four months to June, monks can only in the temples to chant buddhist scripture practice, until the end of June KaiJin before. Until the day of KaiJin system solutions, monks are out of the temple came down from the mountain, secular people to draft the monks, for making yogurt, as they held a outing at a picnic, and celebrating the meeting in Tibetan opera performance. This is the origin of the sholton.

To 17 th century and at the beginning of the eighteenth century, the qing dynasty emperor gave the fifth dalai popular AWang ROM SangJia cuo and five th panchen ROM SangYi west, to give golden books, JinYin, such Tibet theocracy system strengthened, and when he came to power in 1642 after the Tibetan Buddhism sect, the fifth dalai lama GanDan drepung monastery in tin quite chapter house once became a place of Tibetan political and religious culture center. Every year in June 30, Tibetan, tens of thousands of people poured into drepung monastery, give the fifth dalai lama and drepung monastery, the buddhists who offer yogurt, request the top a blessing. The content of the sholton more rich, have begun to show Tibetan opera, according to records, to participate in the activities of the performance is tashi sholton and blessings snow, he's down, sweet and honk, sleep wood long, tower still, Aaron bead hillock, lang is at Penn, Eva, knead honk, and, if RongZhongZi, kampot zhuo and twelve a Tibetan opera group this. So this has three hundred years of history of ethnic traditional festival, in a sense can say is a Tibetan opera festival.

Tibetan opera seep into the early stages of the sholton, religious activities and recreational activities is the combination of start, but still limited scope in the temple, first to drepung monastery activity center for everything "zhe clam sholton" says. The fifth dalai from drepung monastery, moved to the potala palace, 30 June every year the sholton, also always first in drepung monastery in Tibetan opera festival, the second day to the potala palace for the dalai performance. The White House after the work of the potala palace, the potala palace in activities also sholton deyang mansion held. 18 th century after the completion of the norbulingka, become the dalai Summer Palace, and the activities of the sholton and moved to the potala palace from within the norbulingka, and began to give citizens the masses into the park see Tibetan opera. After this, the sholton activities more complete, formed the fixed festivals ceremony.

Two hundred years, Lhasa appeared zhe clam meal snow, potala at snow and the norbulingka snow's situation of coexist, of which the norbulingka as the center.



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