songzong Racing Festival


SongZong is located in east BoMiXian sichuan-tibet red on a town, 40 kilometers away from the county. The whole town has 10 administrative villages, many 270, more than 1300 people. In the town ChuanCangXian territory beside a called "SongZong tashi QuLin" temple. Temple is located in the eye can see on the edge of the wilderness, south flow clamour of palmer long Tibetan cloth river, the rolling QuZong CangBuHe; Which was surrounded by majestic mountain and beautiful snowy peaks, scenery is very attractive. Each year the Tibetan adistinctive landmark in March 15 to 19 held a grand prayer live horse racing festival. This festival has a long history of hu, grand depending on the model, is melts the religious activities and cultural and sports activities for the integration of traditional folk festival, the main content in the following aspects.

SongZong is BoMiXian eastern Tibetan online SongZong town. In the town of a SongZong tashi tax Lin temple, which is located in the eye can see on the edge of the wilderness, the scenery is very charming adistinctive landmark in all round. Adistinctive landmark in held once a year big horse racing festival, this festival t = j has a long history, it is be in harmony culture and sports activities for... Body traditional folk festivals. In the day of horse racing festival, SongZong everywhere the awaken of spring is abundant, the snow-capped mountains, the peach blossoms. When the sun with a golden light, as people of high voice, the villages made racing hand handsome mighty, riding a horse horses, difficult JiuJiu and spirited walked into the racecourse. When the gun, riders waved the whip, run on the runway, all want to win the title. People shout warmly, look out, within a few minutes, riders to the finish, and people were to get a champion of the horse and rider offered hadad, say congratulations to admire. The next riders for equestrian performance. Section L = I of the second day, and a big and dancing performance, singers, dancers in high spirits, singing the folk songs of beautiful, jump happy music. SongZong this beautiful CangDong area, is a song and dance in the place. The people here enthusiasm, kind and easy, particularly kind and friendly, warm hospitality.

A, meet to bashan, please figure of Buddha

That day in the horse racing, the town of people busy early in the morning, and exult, when it was all ready, people in festival clothes, with tents, wining, dining, happy ride to the racetrack. In snow mountains of sfumato SongZong temples around on the grassland, like in the jade ornament the water of the lake, pitched a tent. With the rhythm of cymbals GuHao sound, the lama with glittering sedan chair of the "to the Palestinian figure of Buddha" (maitreya Buddha) slowly turn into the temple meet on the way, and the atmosphere seemed all the grave majesty, and the figure of Buddha to meet please ceremony begins. People ever for peace, for trouble-free year by year, the good crop weather, the grain and make it plentiful and also for the success of the horse racing festival saying prayers and blessings words, and in groups with a sincere heart, add to the Palestinian meet please figure of Buddha ceremony, as to meet the lama, please figure of Buddha lined up around the temple from left to right turn around, and with devout eyes, looked up to bashan, the very presence of figure of Buddha. At this moment the laughter and prayers sound to break out, take people thinking into a pious and strange realm.

Second, horse racing and equestrian performance

The Tibetan SongZong march the earth, everywhere the awaken of spring is abundant, the snow-capped mountains, the peach blossom smile. When the sun with a gold mining clothes, snowy peaks of millions of rays reflected, as people of high voice, each administrative villages racing the players all light free and easy, handsome mighty, confidently in riding a horse horses, cock-a-hoop to, go to horse racing start direction, and the company its place, waiting for a starting gun. "Pa"-the gunfire rang, waving a whip rider, horse arrow let fly, in 2 km long run runway (road), all want to win the title, to show their majestic presence. They warmly, cheering overlook, within a few minutes, take the lead in running horses will step into the finish line, they have to win the horse and rider white hadad offer my sincere congratulations and respect.

And then the equestrian performance. Riders wear special equestrian performance clothing, up the horse, all body is as light as yan, suddenly like the eagle spread your wings and fly, suddenly like ribbon stretching freely, suddenly bent down to pick up on one side hang start are lined with white scarves, and above his head, in a smile, and the joy of victory in our smile ripples. These vigorous figure to the audience leave unforgettable impression, the happy atmosphere infect the crowd, these wonderful performance for the whole horse racing to add to the fantastic light. Full of warm and luck, unity and progress of thick atmosphere.

Three, the folk dance an exhibition

Horse racing festival, the second day of the morning, want to hold some religious activities, then held the grand dance an exhibition. 10 administrative villages of the singers, dancers in high spirits, each circle, talk about some how to give full play to their advantages of capture the audience praise, then in advance in accordance with established the starting order, singing the folk songs, jump's ruggedly dance. To participate in the exhibition game boys like SongZong better cloth, which look alike to mountain strong natural and unrestrained; Girls like long song which three sisters as beautiful as peaks of the delicate, old and young, men and women all seem extremely kind large put, particularly kind and friendly, warm hospitality.

"Dance of the sea" refers to the qinghai-tibet plateau. This is for the people skills in Tibetan survival the Promised Land fixed metaphors. SongZong this beautiful CangDong mountainous area, is a song and dance in the place. The people here in the way their beauty and entertainment, the entertainment is as beautiful as the hills and streams of people. Don't know, a look really make the person astounding. What can the girls all face as a peach blossom, the body such as the light yan, singing like cuckoo in the woods melodious singing; Dance, warm soft, looks like a dream, asing if is in heaven, is in to, is in fog. What are the following strong boys to every corner of the flares of songs, and bold and unrestrained ruggedly dance moves, as if is a picture of a man in sight picture shows; In the lake with characteristic dress and has CangDong taste of song and dance contained a blue sky and white clouds, contains high mountain running water, contains the characteristics of strong determination. The more people will sing the more spirit, the more wonderful quintessence, at this moment your eyes show is a sea of song, dance holy temple, happiness of the world.

Xishan sunset, the melodious singing trail far, until people in the laughter farewell, until people also recalling the scene at all, until people still hope to



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