The jockey club in naqu auspicious


The northern Tibet grassland nomads, every year the most important holiday has two, one is Tibetan New Year, a is the horse racing conference. After a rise, horse racing congress the power, the more more grand, more heat, more can make nomads warmly and exult, passion to go. Listen to the local the old man said, horse racing congress have merit: one is the days of high air is clear, sunny climate; 2 it is mountain grass green, flowers everywhere scenery; Three is fat cattle and sheep, cheese big eat well. Horse racing congress and four display: a superb display of skill is horse, the second is the show showily clothing, three is to show the beautiful singing voice, and the fourth is a heroic display the steps. Proverb: "people your brave, MaGui miracle." Northern people since the beginning, the world since its formation, and worship the horse, love the horse, love your brown-trained relatives and friends, the honor at the horse race, see more to life than life is precious. Jockey club in the shepherd heart component, and can be imagined.
Northern areas, history is very popular jockey club, the tribe or tribal alliance for the unit hold, now by the county, district and township held for the unit. Of course, in all the jockey club, the largest, most of the fame, or the auspicious horse racing in naqu of congress. The auspicious, is comfortable the meaning of the summer.

The northern town of naqu is political, economic and cultural center, also is the administrative office of naqu located. The local government of Tibet's northern manager, northeast of the government, are here. The study four tribes around, and the west is baal of tribes, south is LuoMa tribe, the strong tribe of manasseh, southwest is SangXiong tribe, called the qiang day four tribe. In the past, qiang, year after year four tribes have held the horse racing, one is the results of inspection military training, the second is subordinate to the poor people and the MuHu inventory, three for the officers and taxes is ho, 4 it is to deal with civil cases, pasture dispute mediation. Jockey club beginning, want to hold heat mulberry offering gods activities, the sacrifices snow mountain god, god, grassland tribe of god, in the mountain MaNeDui, change the flag, and offer knife spear bows and arrows, request gods bless. Jockey club over, people everywhere to recreational sports and business activities held.

Now in the town of naqu horse racing convention, is in the qiang, and four of the auspicious horse racing, formed on the basis of and size is more and more big, the increasingly rich content. Most of the jockey club in Tibetan July, the Gregorian calendar held in August. When in naqu county belongs, must organize horse racing team, art theater, traditional clothing display team athletic sports, attended.

Before the race, each team to focus in naqu town, businessmen, and tourists and visitors from Lhasa and xigaze, prosperous the south, from all over the country, and even from the countries all over the world to surge, the number is up to the tens of thousands. Overnight, thousands of tents in the northeast of the town of naqu negotiations on a rise, formed a tent city and unprecedented a commercial street. Colorful, magical unreal beauty, as night landing, flower between rainbow everywhere.

Each team brings of, is all the local best riders, the best horses, was in the county and district level 1 at the horse race of carefully selected, they serious attitude, as each country's selection for the Olympic Games.

Horse racing points long-distance running, trotting horse, QiShe, technical aspects. The long distance is about five kilometers, in the long run the rider, mostly ten years old or young. They grew up in grew up on horseback, on horseback MaHuang stung like on man the same waters. The horse is light back, one is lose weight, 2 it is the rider down horse will not be towed away.

The main is a game go trotted poses and pace, the horse a horse horse dolled herself up, saddle and horse mat, horse chewing son is very exquisite, riders is dressed in a holiday array and rich experience of the young and middle-aged, each one is short and, of spirit, and kept out of all kinds of mount burstling posture, the step steady, natural and unrestrained, beautiful is their pursuit of the goal, is also the audience most appreciate skills.

Big run after trotting, is QiShe and horse skill performance, immediately's shooting going on, immediately archery, immediately picked it hadad, horse abdomen shuttle, the jump, and so on. The track hadad gnawed breathalyzeredges, the circuit edge erect target, the man on the horse, sideways hang body, remove hadad, and then taking off guns, in his head lun turn a week, aim at the target FangQiang, to aim at the target archery. In addition, and light up, his horse pegasus handstand, through the horse abdomen and so on skill, let a person with admiration.

The winner of the race, and soon the tribe, the town by the masses, hold your horses, exalted in the head, in the victory cheering, cruise the whole game, very glory. In previous years, the prize for horses, sheep, hunting guns, yak and hidden silver and so on. Now the main prize RMB, tea, and bicycle and motorcycle, with the development of economy, bonus amount has also been increasing year by year, the first prize of as many as ten thousand yuan.

Naqu jockey club and a dazzling have window, is the traditional clothing exhibition and comparison. In the past, the robbers robbers northern Tibet grassland is numberless as the sand, some people even if not a robber and robbers, still to loot and plunder has strong interest, regard it as a heroic act. The rich man and the rich of the shepherd, spend on his wife and daughter body, buy the coral, agate, pearl, amber, jade, such as of the precious jewelry, once encountered strong bandits robbed, they have to immediately, go quickly, equal to take away a immediately warehouse, immediately bank. Now the northern nomads of rich, rich, they inherited the old traditions, making high-grade dress, buy rare jewelry, both to carry forward national culture, but also shows the rich family, to take part in the race of the photographers, cinematographers, costume designer and folklore are eye-opening home, surprise.

During the jockey club, the artistic performances is very active, Lhasa and areas of the literary group, the team to bring all the counties a wonderful program. Gesar epic rap artists the king gesar, ", folk dance company performance and hot skilled hot and singing and dancing. As night falls, from all over northern nomads, spontaneously together, the bonfire jump pastoral areas "GuoZhuang", steps rondo, singing ups and downs, and sometimes young men and women in pairs leave dance circle, to a quiet place to love, it is a rare opportunity to social entertainment, many young men and women so be for life partner.

Naqu jockey club, actual it is the herdsmen of cultural entertainment, sports competition, economic exchange comprehensive festival, northern Tibet grassland is luxurious feast.



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