The potala palace ticket can be fixed on the Internet


 Tourists on May 1, the individual's name and id card can be used after the real-name registration, walk in a week in advance reservation, five tickets per person, groups of tourists can reserve one day in advance. To October 31, 9 to 17 in the every day, can be in "potala palace website" the door of the ticket booking cloth, from May 1 to October 31, the potala palace of the tourist season ticket price 200 yuan/m. 

9 to 17 in the May 1 day visitors a week in advance booking online book tickets cloth to the door of the individual five tickets per person 
Potala palace, the tickets in line in the middle of the night, price bought tickets to the potala palace, supporters can't buy tickets for the potala palace... Tourist season every year, the potala palace ticket issue for many tourists to Tibet for a headache. Now with the advent of the "51" little long holiday, the potala palace will be transferred to the peak season price 200 yuan/m, happily from May 1st this year "potala palace website" will start a one-year trial run, in the meantime the potala palace management office will be a portion of the ticket for online sales, relieve the phenomenon of "one ticket is hard to find. 
"With the arrival of the district tourism season, from May 1 to October 31, tourists visit the potala palace must one day in advance in the potala palace, Simon ticket reservations booking. On May 1, the potala palace tourist season ticket prices, from the tourist season of 100 yuan/m to 200 yuan/m." Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the potala palace administration made a warm prompt, tickets booking time is 9 to 17 in the every day, tickets booking do not charge any fee. Divided by the effective certificate such as id card booking, but certificates copies shall not be valid credentials. Groups of tourists shall submit your booking before during daily 10 related formalities, each unit 12 a day before booking formalities, 17 when receiving daily ticket vouchers, exceed the time limit shall not issue. 
Noteworthy is that in view of the tourist season every year the potala palace "one ticket is hard to find" phenomenon, this year from May 1st "potala palace website" will start a one-year trial run, in the meantime the potala palace management office will be a portion of the ticket sales on the Internet. "From the middle of the night line, May 1 day, visitors clicking on the computer login 'potala palace website can book tickets cloth palace." Potala palace, a ticket office staff said. 
Online booking for the coming of the palace booking process, the staff answer say: "May 1 day, 'potala palace website will officially running, at the appointed time, the individual website enter your name and id number, after real-name registration can reserve on May 8, the cloth of the door of the votes, set limit to buy five tickets per person. That is, walk in the door tickets online booking cloth in the future must be a week in advance, according to booking tickets of visiting time, can be introduced into the potala palace with his valid id card to buy tickets to visit." 
Travel agency groups of tourists can be in Internet booking tickets for the potala palace, a day ahead is on May 1st login "potala palace website" can reserve tickets for the potala palace on May 2. Simon ticket reservation on May 1, the potala palace in the LED display will scroll booking related guidelines, visitors may at any time. In addition, in order to minimize the tourists to the potala palace civil structure construction of the artificial damage, and meet the demand of tourists, as far as possible, in the peak travel season, the potala palace is limited within 4000 visitors a day. Potala palace, the relevant person in charge of the administration, said this year will continue to implement and improve the potala palace for checking, batch of tickets, booking tickets booking procedures "one-stop" services, and arrange the specialist is responsible for the supervision and tickets reservation and check-in. 



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