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If life is a must, on the whole world, Tibet is also come out in front, not to Tibet mountains outside the mountain, how knowledge is infinite.? If heaven is a painter, he must own the most proudly picture spilled in the Qinghai Tibet plateau. If heaven is a fairy, she must have spread their most beautiful Xiujin to Qinghai Tibet Plateau; heaven if a singer, must have the most beautiful notes echoed in the Qinghai Tibet plateau.
When you have enough time to prepare to take a trip to the Sichuan Tibet line, suddenly found a lot of problems, let oneself be very entanglements. One of the most common problems: will the high anti, weather conditions, road conditions, with what clothes, what should be prepared to pay attention to what the equipment, Tibetan etc.. These problems in a lot of Tibet tourism, the Sichuan Tibet line tourism strategy, guide which can easily find the answer, however, only there is no standard answer is "itinerary planning"
On the Sichuan Tibet line of travel, from Chengdu to Lhasa the most short 8 days beginning 9, 10, 11...... Has been to more than 20 days are, how to choose a trip into the first take the Sichuan Tibet line is the most knotty problems. I think this is a mistake in understanding, or say to the Sichuan Tibet line does not understand the understanding, misleading and too many lines of our generation.
The Sichuan Tibet line is the scenery with countless changes, the seasons so that Tibet has many distinct theme; weather transformation to make the same place scenery infinite number of changes; animal migration, vegetation of the alternating let each have different effects on many scenery, photography, creative people will stick to in a way, waiting for an exciting moment, shows an extraordinary visual effects, this is the general tourists not to do.
The Sichuan Tibet line scenery is varied, have desolate plateau, stretch as far as eye can see wilderness, lush green forest, Touch the Sky snow capped mountains, peculiar temples, exquisite murals, wise Lama, devout believers...... Swim in the Sichuan Tibet line, only this time limit, but no space constraints.
The Sichuan Tibet line is like a rope, the way through scenic areas and spots, temples, snow capped mountains, grassland, countless, these like pearls, no one can enter the Tibetan can catch all in one draft of all beauty, could you put these pearls together put up. Many of my friends will choose to have the opportunity to come back after, visiting the omission, 2 times, 3 times...... Some fans of Tibet, almost every year in a month's time in wandering, each time I have different feelings and harvest.
So, we must ask, how to choose?
How much of your day plan, according to how many days, as long as a reasonable time schedule, not in a hurry, can have time to calm down and carefully appreciate, optional tour, is a good trip, a professional to do the Sichuan Tibet line travel, car, car, drive oneself swim club can provide reasonable and scientific route planning. Don't worry about personal gains and losses on the road missed attractions and scenic area. Have the opportunity to come back, even if in this life only once, it also does not matter, because this experience will be your unforgettable memory.
I believe we all know these words: the first sentence: the real Tibet not in Tibet, don't hide behind, the real Tibet in the road! The second sentence: the Sichuan Tibet line known as the "cultural landscape avenue". The third sentence: the scenery is beautiful, the road is very dangerous! The fourth sentence: take the Sichuan Tibet line to have a certain psychological endurance.
These few words change a kind of understanding is: as long as you have the courage to cross the line, do not have to go to find what scenic areas or spots, as long as you pass through here, really visited Tibet, that is to say, the famous scenic spot of list scheduling or famous scenic spot, right, not a go never mind, as long as you pass through the Sichuan Tibet line.
Take the Sichuan Tibet line meaning lies in the experience, I through the snowy mountains, across the mountains, across the famous landscape Avenue in the world, I am what regrets?



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