This year the Lhasa sholton August 17 to 23 th


From Lhasa city government ? learned, in 2012 China Lhasa in August sholton 17 to 23 th. For to do in 2012 China's preparations for the sholton Lhasa, vice mayor of Lhasa MaXinMing recently called general office of municipal party committee of Lhasa, Lhasa city government house, Lhasa city culture, tourism bureau, the national development and reform commission, the public security bureau, business bureau, drepung monastery, the ac, Lhasa potala tourism culture Co., LTD held the relevant person in charge of the 2012 China Lhasa sholton the preparatory committee.

The meeting listened to Lhasa city government office about the 2012 China Lhasa sholton overall scheme (draft) "of the report, the department on how to combine their functions for good in 2012 China Lhasa and enrich sholton perfect the 2012 China Lhasa sholton overall scheme (draft)" puts forward opinions and Suggestions. The meeting points out, China since 1994 by Lhasa sholton Lhasa city government since held in successive area, city party committee government attach great importance and loving care, do section concept innovation, run the festival continues to expand the scale of do section improve quality, do quarter increasingly open mode, do section growing influence, gradually evolved into a collection of art performance, travel, leisure, sports competition, trade and investment for an organic whole, traditional and modern fusion in the domestic and international famous festival event.

For 2012 years of Chinese in Lhasa to continue making the sholton the development of Lhasa, propaganda card, engine of culture festival grand ceremony, brand, happiness, the symbol of China in 2012 to host the Lhasa sholton all festival activities, MaXinMing put forward this sholton is held the CPC implementation of plenary meeting of the specific measures, is to meet the party's 18 at the big win important activities, the relevant departments must heighten ideological understanding, 2012 years of Chinese in Lhasa sholton this unit important agenda, cooperation, the close cooperation, will 2012 China Lhasa do out level, do sholton out quality, characterizing; The meeting proposed by autonomous regions of the party committee, the municipal party committee secretary of Lhasa's zarate China in 2012 as the honorary director of the organizing committee of the Lhasa sholton capital, Lhasa, deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor a messenger of the organizing committee of the pearl comrades, the relevant unit main person in charge of the organizing committee of members, form effective leadership system.

Meeting demand, in 2012 China Lhasa sholton festival to innovation do concept, outstanding features, outstanding window, form new activities, new content, new form, new effect. To the yanta section, to broaden the domain, extend range, multi-channel attract the social from all walks of life force participation, facing the entire district, the nation and even the world, hold high quality sholton activities; And fully absorb each unit proposed good advice, using television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet channel widely ask advice, further changes to improve the 2012 China Lhasa sholton overall scheme "; Lhasa city culture, tourism bureau, the national development and reform commission, business bureau, and the public security bureau, DangXiongXian, drepung monastery, the ac, Lhasa potala tourism culture Co., LTD will according to the conference spirit, combined with their respective functions in the division May 30 will this unit of work plan sholton (including the fund budget) report at snow do. The meeting also puts forward to want to pay attention to the festival social benefit and economic benefit, to many, many for cooperation, a variety of channels, will 2012 China Lhasa sholton show culture, and promote prosperity into economic development, reflect the happy event.

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