Tibet tourism strategy: to Tibet tourism will know the 17 taboo


1, guest, whether to walk or talk, always let a guest or elderly first, and use the honorific, such as after the name add a: "la" word, to show respect and kind, you cant use first names. To send the guest, to bow waist quxi, smiling. Indoor sat, sitting cross-legged, not his legs out straight and at the soles of the feet, not in all directions. Accept gifts, to both hands to pick up. Gifts, to bow waist hands gao ju3 be overdo. Tea, wine, smoke, in both hands, finger can not into wankou.

2, the biggest taboo is Tibetan to kill, "in this respect is the buddhist strictly. Although eat red meat, but they don't have killed. Tibetans absolutely forbidden to eat the donkey, horse meat and meat, and, in some areas, also don't eat fish.

3 and when having a meal to eat not readily, bite is silent and drink a ring.

4, drink ghee tea, the host pour tea, guest host should stay in his hands to the front, can connect to come over to drink

5, avoid is back in others spit, pat palm.

6, met on the temple, marnie heap, stupa and other religious facilities, must go from left to right, the folk belief is from the right to go round. May not cross skulls, the brazier.

7, the cone, shall not be reversed by the wheel.

8, don't like others to touch a head.

9, into the temple, taboo smoking, touch the figure of Buddha, turn scriptures, knocking ZhongGu. For with the amulet, lama wearing beads and other religious artifacts, shall not be hands-on touch more; In the temple to order, when seated body should be good, avoid by all means of living buddhas sit seat; Avoid in noisy, near the hunt and kill casually.

10, avoid using single fielder pass items. Master pour tea, the guest should be in the hands ChaWan lean forward out to pay respects.

11, avoid tied his horse in cattle, sheep and circle the urine place.

12, avoid is a paper when toilet paper Tibetan or wipe things.

13, into the CangBao then accountants' office, man sat on the left, women on the right, shall not be mixed and sit down.

14, avoid bones will throw in fire.

15, Tibetan home patients or women's reproductive, door do mark, some at the door was born a fire, some in the doorway with branches or post a article red cloth. Outsiders see the mark, do not enter.

16, Tibetan generally don't eat fish, chicken and egg scare, do not force advised to eat. But now this type of diet has greatly changed.

17, each person has the XiongRi and a good thing. XiongRi, everything can not do, can only be in the home to chant buddhist scripture or go out toward the Buddha. People believe that every one of the 25 th sale, sale the end that began as a XiongNian, such as everyone's 13 years old, 25 years old, 37 years old, 49 years old (so on), it is a XiongNian or "year", be especially careful, only more to chant buddhist scripture, put alms to avoid disaster.



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