Tibetan Buddhism's most sacred moment sholton


Tibet is the most annual sholton festival grand, thousands of buddhist from around the world flock to Lhasa, in the most devout heart, one step a worship, word of the supreme Lord Buddha, pilgrimage. The grand Buddha ceremony, the sun and the Tibetan opera performance, and the yak, singing and dancing performance, mysterious Tibetan amorous feelings all in the future.

Every year at the end of June 25 th in early July, is a traditional festival of the annual sholton Tibet. According to Tibetan sholton explanation is that eat yogurt festival. Buddhist believers to the mountain to practice, practice at the family home with yogurt to the mountain to meet them, on the way home people eat yogurt, dancing and singing. Therefore, the sholton means "yogurt festival". From 17 th century, sholton festival as Tibetan opera, at this time of year, the Tibetan opera main schools all over Tibet Lhasa comes together in a few days the norbulingka and perform game, the scene very busy.

The most devout of the moment-drepung monastery, a Buddha

The prelude of the festival--drepung monastery Buddha is the most remarkable exhibition of the ceremony.

8 o 'clock in the morning, drepung monastery of the hillside behind, in the first hint of dawn below the reflect, with dignified, solemn method trumpeter, a 500 square meters, with colorful silk knitted huge Buddha like slowly reveal the appearance of peace. ...... Tens of thousands of followers and deeply infection all visitors, his hands folded, worship.

Drepung monastery, is the 1416 by Tibetan Buddhism sect "yellow" founder "ZongKaBa" four disciple "drop song" camp "built, covers an area of 250000 square meters, is the largest Tibetan buddhist temple, 4500 square meters of buildings points concerning the qin hall, pile of loose lacan iii Buddha hall, four big firm warehouse (theology), such as a chapter GanDan hall, because of its white wall as the building built from a distance, that looks like a lot of meters heap, and meters pile in the Tibetan language called zhe clam, this is the origin of the name drepung monastery.

Tibetan opera, from distant snow area civilization of voice

Tibetan opera performance for another climax, is a must see. From the second day of the sholton began, in the norbulingka and opposite the potala palace LongWangTan park, Tibetan opera every nonstop from 11 a.m. to sing straight dusk falls. It is said that, because the time is limited, this is the extraction of plays essential parts, or a play will sing a few days, the performer's lot, the viewer is enthusiastic.

Card shop on the grass MATS, relatives and friends to leisurely sat together and put on all the way to the back of barley wine, Tibet, and their various Tibetan snacks do, many tibetans while listening to the Tibetan opera, one side of the wave to ZhuanJingTong, or twisting the beads.

Tibetan opera story of the gaza's French king ", "the princess wencheng" etc., its high moving singing, modulation monologue, magic the types of facial makeup in operas magnificent, of primitive simplicity, beautiful and moving the solemn dress of dancing, after more than 600 years of wash practice, Tibetan opera sending out a hun, rich culture unique charm.

When Tibetan opera GuLeSheng unique and coming into the ring climax, let a person feel is a remote; At the same time, you are grown old a kind, because singing in a moving primitive life rhythm, and your heart will be casual jump fit.

The performance of view dwells, spread the story of the old, and the crowd of Tibet, of barley wine to send out the fragrance...... Let a person YouYouRan know as to return.

1 shows:

Line: chengdu fly Lhasa 1500 yuan, sholton ticket very nervous before and after, generally discount is very few. Gonggar airport and downtown bus back and forth between civil aviation, the entire about 2 hours. The airport to the city taxi about 120 yuan, can four people carpool, directly to the hotel.

Live: some famous self-help tourists concentration of hotels, such as the eight lang learn good day, and hotel, hotel, snow area the hotel, etc, are the self-help beloved. This a few hotel lobby has message board, are travelers find the main source in the car.

Eat: Lhasa is the best place to Tibet catering conditions, local have to western food, sichuan and Tibetan food is given priority to, green vegetables price is on the high side.

Buy: BaKuoJie is the most famous commodity street in Lhasa, can buy the skulls, etc, please go to the dedication of the jokhang temple lama, need to pay a small fee. But street vendors sell so-called silver 99.9% are false. Don't buy dish trumpets of RAMS 'horns and trumpets of RAMS' horns, pantholops hodgsoni wild yak top protected wildlife products.

Remind: general aircraft from chengdu to Lhasa is at about 10, to Lhasa has nearly noon, settle, and eat that after dinner must force yourself to absolute bed rest, in order to adapt to the plateau environment, don't run around excitedly.



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