Tibetan New Year


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The Tibetan people's according to his calendar CangLiNian over time in general around the Spring Festival.

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CangLiNian the determination, is the use of Tibetan and has close relationship, the CangLiNian official use, is more than nine hundred and fifty years ago, that is, the lunar DingMao AD (a 0.) began. From then on, the usage of the Tibetan and laid down.

S celebration

Preparations for the New Year from the Tibetan December beginning, such as made of barley wine, with white flour and oil Fried fruit and do all kinds of snacks, Tibetan call "card" ". Families in hall hall to place on the wheat and barley dyeing seedling and SuYouHua plastic with the sheep head. This marks the past one year of good harvest, and wish the New Year and production gains.

The day before the New Year's eve, the family home in the sun going down fast, all the dirt out on both sides to sewage. They think, this is prosperous, things grow guarantee. New Year's eve, the family sat together for the reunion dinner. The Tibetan people like to eat of the bread, and cakes, milk, milk son hand grasp meat food, etc. All available rooms.

According to the Tibetan traditional habits, on New Year's day morning by housewife first to get up, after the wash gargle, first to the river or the well and "burned the new water", whose home to be the first one will be the new water back to back, not only family lucky, and indicates the good New Year. Then will cattle feed, and wake up to the family. Men and women, old and young family on festival clothes, press degress in turn sit quietly. On New Year's day in before eating, each person must first on the mouth with a little ZanBa surface, to eat the ZanBa is in him. At this time, the elderly to one is called "the bamboo element and" of corn measures, inside is a ZanBa, ginseng fruits, Fried beans, Fried food such as wheat, barley also above in a spike, each in turn into the air and go to catch a little, says offering to god, and then catch a little himself to eat. Elders wish "zha-xi-de-le" turn (good luck). The younger generation is blessing old man "zha-xi-de-le PengSong wrong" (good luck, merit immeasurable). In the New Year ceremony, the whole family sat together again, drink of barley wine, and eat food such as ginseng fruits, celebrating the New Year. The first this day, the whole family together behind each visit. Start from the second, happy New Year each other for 35 days. The girls and the eldest sister-in-law often marched in to all the way "rob food" men thing, and men shall not have any opposition said. Through this "rob food" activities, some young men and women to exchange the feelings, and enhance the friendship. Later, the young the herdsmen or around the old ballad singing yellow fire, or indulge in GuoZhuang dance and XianZi gamboled dance.

CangLiNian period, all around to play the Tibetan opera, but also held a wrestler, throwing, tug-of-war, horse racing and archery, etc. Various kinds of competition activities. In Lhasa, the Tibetan people early in the morning on the roof built new JingFan, and pray in the New Year the grain and multiply it, and good luck. JingFan by blue, white, red, green, yellow five plain connection and become, inhabited by a blue sky, white clouds, flourishing, the green water, the meaning of the loess, the scripture-stored emblazoned with the scriptures. JingFan tree, first commonly bright will go on the branch scriptures cloth, and then will be hung five branches in the roof in the shade. The tree good JingFan, also on the roof on the shelves of barley wine, Fried meal offerings, etc, with vanilla, then on the edge dance song, wish a good year, good luck constantly.

In the city center before the jokhang temple, JingFan in ten metres high flying JingFan column. Turn the came in an endless stream, believers around the JingFan column, pious. Silently walk.



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