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In naqu Tibet autonomous region in northern, north of xinjiang uygur autonomous region and bow qinghai connect, and CangDong tourist area adjacent to the east, south and Lhasa, mouth Khartoum is connected, west and CangXi bordering on tourist area. The administration in naqu there were 10 subordinate county, the total area of about 45 square kilometers; The Tibet autonomous region accounts for 47% of the total area, is the largest area of Tibet a a region, to 2 [) (11 years at the end of the year 366200. Here the population natural pasture the vast expanse of the biggest, Tibet is pure pastoral areas.
(a) plateau landscape
Naqu northern, except for the nujiang river basin of upstream of the high canyon, basically belongs to the plateau landscape. Plateau landscape kept. Qiangtang plateau formation history, can be traced back to the earliest Triassic kunlun mountains at the end of the ridges. Since then, only gradually from the ancient in qiangtang tethys sea, until late cretaceous to all land, especially after the pliocene, and the cold of the winter was strongly weathered, make the qiangtang plateau relief sharp, open surface magnanimous, ups and downs do slow, mountain continue to distribution, relative difference is in commonly 200 m to 500 m between, the top surface is very gentle. If, in the Tibetan: IE travel, see the most common terrain features are: the mountain ridge at the far, occasional snowy peaks of the mountains; Hills, low mountains in the same plane affair although departure ups and downs, and with the basin and wide valley crisscross distribution, the cold aspic weathering and melting ice in the ice edge effect is very strong, the sandstorm and periglocial geomorphology very developed.
Northern Tibet grassland is the largest, the grassland area is about 580 million mu, of which can use pasture area of 420 million square meters. In this vast stretch of the grassland, j "liberated", and open, the air is fresh no pollution, the fat cattle and sheep in all removed, grassland countless blooming flower, WanZi dry wine, are, in the depths of grassland distribution rare birds and animals, and grassland and sky and the periphery of the fragmented stood around... Constitute this beautiful and wonderful northern Tibet grassland landscape. Here at the creator of the mountains and rivers and lakes point, grassland, just like the green blanket asperses full pearl, relaxed and happy making a person, day the xia connect, to linger over.
(2) plateau climate
Zang north is located in the centre of the Tibetan plateau area, plateau monsoon frigid climate, is surrounded by mountains, from the southeast warm-moist air flow by mountains block. Together with elevation are in the 4500 meters and above, make this is cold and dry climate, sandstorm big characteristics, but because the region is vast, climate vary slightly. Nu river E in swimming, the plateau YaHanDai semi-humid climate, with an average annual temperature 13 3 ℃. To the county as an example the hottest temperatures average monthly n 2 ℃, the temperature of 8.9 ℃ are the most LengYue, annual rainfall, about 400-500 mm; The lake district in southern qiangtang fire, in plateau YaHanDai semi-humid to semi-arid transitional zone, with an average annual temperature a 4 to 0 ℃ 4, in order to BanGeXian as an example the hottest standard 4 ℃ temperature 7, the most LengYue are 9.9 ℃ temperature, temperature decrease from south to north, the precipitation in 250 ~ : 350 mm; Northern plateau between qiangtang area, the plateau frigid arid, especially the northwest edge is the cold and dry the Tibet area, general the annual temperature than 3 O ℃ or so. Hottest temperatures average monthly less than 6. O ℃, the most LengYue temperature 20 ℃ are a around, the minimum temperature extremes about a 40. C, the precipitation in about 50 to 200 mm, and more snow, sleet, hail to the form such as telepathy. Numerous lakes exist in the area, but the phenomenon from significant, rivers in seasonal intermittent rivers give priority to, fresh water resources lack. Here there are vast untapped-no virgin territory.
(3) of the world's highest inland lake basin
Northern plateau also called northern Tibet grassland, is the world's highest elevation of the inland HuPenOu, something about 1200 kilometers) long, the south and the north about 760 km wide, 57 area of about square kilometers, accounting for half the area of the Tibet autonomous region. According to the Chinese academy of sciences of the qinghai-tibet plateau comprehensive expedition investigation, there were more than 900 lakes), salt lake more than 220, accounting for 92.27% of the total number of Tibetan salt lake, an area of about 6000 square kilometers, is the world famous salt lake densely area, more than 1000 square kilometers of the lakes have namucuo, color Lin, karzai was wrong, wrong south, the lakes are at an altitude of 4500 meters above the, some more than 5000 meters.
(4) of the nomadic culture unique landscape
Northern Tibet grassland is a rich culture of sedimentary fertile soil. The herdsmen in this vast grassland, has created the dream blurred, glow of the nomadic culture. Not only have the ancient rock paintings, and many of the ancient XiangXiong countries of the site remains, the hero of the footprint and the story in historical northern, marnie heap, and the Po, pagodas everywhere, for the boundless prairie added some mysterious colour, the famous ancient TangFan throughout the north and south, since the ancient times is TangFan naqu town J-one of the ancient town.
Due to the unique geological structure, the geographical environment is very complex, formed the ancestors of all kinds of grassland can't understand's mystery culture, and mixed with many moving myths and legends, such as namucuo natural stone stairs and pillars of anduo when god, springs, BaQing of maidang enchilado cheeses.topped honk, don't pull a rock formation on the natural white Tibetan the letter "o", the county WenQuanYu general, etc. Among them, the lake called a wood cave complex, the cloth, the hole in the rock and the nearby everywhere can see animals and birds and flowers grass water, cloud, letter, etc all sorts of design. It is said that these design sometimes clearly visible, sometimes can't see. In some rock walls appeared today and tomorrow is not figure is birds and animals, today is such form, and tomorrow is another, changes. In a lake, WenBu, rock and PianShi many rock paintings, like human characterization, but to collect is very difficult, as long as the take home, less than 2 days time pattern is naturally disappeared without a trace. In addition, in JiaLi XianJing wheat field R the upper portion of the wrong pile of ditch, sunny day as the sun at night or in the mountain, people from the mouth of the top to see, you can see all the mountains of rock in dance, and some even became a man beast like, really wonderful and
Terrorism. Although this is a phantom of the natural world, but, as anyone can see, there are the shepherd, says that "the play" scene.
Northern, due to its unique geological structure, forming rich geothermal resources. Yangbajain geothermal landscape, and well-known world, is the earliest development of Tibet to hotspots. Geothermal TianFangYuan yangbajain 40 square kilometers, eventually From underground up at 70 ℃ of surge about spring water, hot spring is spread out around a transpiration of fog. In the northern plateau have been found, as many as three of the larger reaserch () [] in more than, in addition to the hot springs, common r hot springs, FeiQuan besides, still have the jet holes, steaming, boiling mud hole spring, steaming hot water and salt spring, spring, hot water river, hot water lake.
Northern tourism resources, with the vast plateau landscape, grassland landscape and wildlife and the nomadic culture unique to give priority to. Especially every midsummer, qiangtang grassland for a 'picture everywhere south blue sky, white clouds, the rainbow, cows and sheep and green brocade woven into the picture, become visitors enjoy nature broad mind and wonderful scenery of the best place to go. Northern BianFu plateau colorful wild animals, is the most lively and northern attractive tourist resources...




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