What time to Tibet?


Time does not demand too much, but before going to work is very important:
First of all, in Tibet travel luggage as less as possible, of course, is the premise in enough. In the highlands of carrying a heavy backpack is a great burden. If you can, should try to use local provides facilities and services, and avoid the useless back on the plateau. In addition, considering frequent backpack mobile, the luggage is not more than two pieces.
Bag: hard luggage is generally not suitable for plateau trip. It is best to use backpack backpack to burden you carrying equipment. Pack size is usually determined by the place you are going to the difficulty to decide. The selection of a good travel backpack is very beneficial for your trip to Tibet.
If not for long distance travel, did not require a more than 45 liters of backpack. If you want to go to a local or remote, including some outdoor activities, such as hiking, next in lake. Then two and a small backpack should be more convenient choice.
Suggestion: is a small lock to Tibet, in turn by other people to look after their own baggage time can be more at ease. In addition, in some small town the Petite Auberge Hotel, the room is not locked, then it can be used on. Your important documents suggest that you carry a passport bag at any time with you.
Clothing: tourists in Tibet are generally of a wide variety of costume. In the summer, the streets of Lhasa, you can see someone wearing a down jacket, can also see people wearing shorts, of course, also have the human upper body wear down jacket, lower body wearing shorts. What clothes to bring and you plan to place as well as the season has very big concern. If not fully prepared, once encountered bad weather, must get their act with confusion, in Mount Everest, Ali and other high altitude travel area to catch the snow in July is a very common thing.
The following is the specific suggestions on clothing:
1, down jacket, unless you plan to go to Lhasa, in seven or eight days, take a swim team, otherwise cannot imagine travelling in Tibet can not take down jacket. Even the hot summer, in the Himalayas and Ali these places, general in the evening at zero; in tourists more Mount Everest base camp, there is often a July snow scene. At the same time, plateau region of large temperature difference between day and night, morning and evening or when cold. Of course, if not to the high altitude, in the summer, wearing a warm down vest or sweater, then when it's cold with a waterproof windproof coat should be enough.
2, we should emphasize the importance of waterproof clothing. Both the waterproof jacket, pants, also include the shoes. In Tibet, in August seven, almost everyday to something, the waterproof clothing is not good, it is inconceivable. During the rainy season, the Lhasa region is the night of rain, and Linzhi and other regions of the rainfall often many.
3, thermal insulation and waterproof clothing after talking is close-fitting clothes. If you go to Tibet on foot or mountaineering, or should prepare a wicking undergarments. In the wild, Khan clung to his body. The trouble is, and it will quickly take away the heat of your body, this is very dangerous. Generally speaking, in Tibet for outdoor activities, wicking underwear and thermal underwear are needed. In addition, warm sweater is also needed.
In addition to the above mentioned, we also suggest you travel before considering whether to have carried the following products: tickets, photographs ( for documents with ), down jacket, coat, sweater, wool underwear, underwear, socks, pants, sportswear, outdoor sports shoes, wool socks, hats, gloves, raincoats, products: backpack, table, saber, maps, data bag, money, passport bag, documents, flashlight, emergency food and water, washing utensils, toilet paper, wet paper towels, plastic bags, shaver, pen and paper, batteries, sunglasses, skin cream, lip balm, sewing kit, address book, lighter, drugs, photographic equipment
Gift : Tibet due to the relative closeness and language difficulties in communication, bring some small gifts for local people is to make them easier to accept your good way. Generally speaking, candy and the pencil is the best gift for children. In Himalaya mountainous area as well as Ali such places, as well as some exchanges with the outside world less area, some practical gifts such as dried meat, canned food, some small crafts and so on so you can more easily close to the local people.
Of course, China and most other place is same, the cigarette is a nice gift, whether on the road encountered difficulties or do you expect to make local friend. Special mention is, in Tibet, foreign cigarettes popularity far from domestic cigarettes high.
In particular, some easy to use drugs is also a good gift, however, taking into account of drug is it right? You know enough, as well as with any certainty whether you accept your drug locals not wrong to use them.



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