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Friends, now we come to beautiful sheep ZhuoYong wrong. The sheep ZhuoYong wrong, the Tibetan language means the coral lake, also known as the "upper pasture the jade", is one of three big Tibet sacred. It such as grassland sapphire, bright and moving.

The sheep ZhuoYong dislocation in the yarlung zangbo river south, shannan lake yamzho yumco: elevation 4441 meters, more than 700 square kilometers of the surface of the water, an average of more than 30 m depth, most deep place of 60 meters. It is plateau lake, about 400 million years ago because of debris flow channel and the formation of ice jams, water area of more than 630 square kilometers, approximately is 70 times of the west lake in hangzhou. Its shape is irregular, bifurcate, carpeted with twists and turns, spanning wan, and a free wrong, wrong and he sank error correction 3 small lake, ever in history for outflow lake, the lake is an organic whole repeatedly, the lake into song by ink the yarlung zangbo river, but then because of the lake shrink back in the flow become lake, and divided into several small lake, the lake is but the height 6.5 meters, the lake mountain redundancy at 21 island, independent the surface of the water, the most large area about 18 square kilometers, the island fat pasture, wild birds in a group. The CiHu special skill is its water from around snow-capped mountains, but no outlet, the snow melt and the evaporation of water to achieve a dynamic balance.

According to records, the sheep ZhuoYong wrong like scorpions, said to have worked for the 9 a small lake, the dakini: west concerning the jie worry about the lake many creatures stem dead, the 7 two gold into the air and wishes for, recite the mantra, and put all the small lake is an organic whole repeatedly, the lotus born of a handheld iron scorpion. Some places in the basin and the scorpions, such as heat and white lake upstream than I, hot domain QuLong (hot, hot domain for scorpions and around the corner, refers to is in the scorpions or so of Angle position); The scorpion in the heart of the circle cloth on the islands have a more in the 16 th century benevolence and is in the construction of the increased the blessings NingMa sent small temple site, near the temple and lotus of master life impression of the hand, southwest and SangDing temple lake, it is called Tibet one of three sacred.

Car along the entire lake to go a few hours, but it is hard to see the whole picture. Because it is not a neat lakes, fall like a comfortable river, in the valley of wide will drift al qaeda swimming, and then even the piece. From the map can be roughly understanding it to. It is this "broken" makes it and grasslands, mountains form, we are able to unique pattern, become the people want to go.

The sheep ZhuoYong wrong beautiful scenery, stood at 4790 meters above the mountain to the south of barak look, like a piece of inlays in the mountain peaks of sapphire, in the blue waters of the lake smooth as a mirror, the white clouds, clearly reflected on the snowy peaks, lakes and mountains, set each other off becomes an interest. The lake rich aquatic plants, herds, here is the largest bird habitat of the south Tibetan, swans, yellow duck, water pigeons, water eagle, crane and ShaOu and so on many kinds of water birds. Whenever spawning season, the more than ten island became natural egg, the scene is spectacular. A breeze through, the lake QingYang ripples, float light jump fish, intoxicating. The lake is rich in plateau naked carp, the meat tender delicious.

The famous YangHu power station also built in this. Here I also introduce the interesting sheep ZhuoYong wrong the borzoi sadhana. The sheep ZhuoYong wrong area is Tibet famous sheep origin, aquatic plants here rich, and climate is dry, produce of wool soft white, is woven stability, card pad of supporting the best materials. Mutton is the hide of delicious food etc. But, here's the Wolf is very serious harm, a head of strong Wolf each year to scoff sheep ten only, the resulting loss of the public is great. Therefore, the herdsmen as long as they found the Wolf trail, always not to hunt them mercy. Most interesting is, when people hunt a head of evil Wolf, then immediately skinning real grass, make the specimen, and the specimens were elaborate decoration. Give it head top wear up round noble hat, ears hang long of clips, fore take silver bracelets, the tail is red ribbons, neck also many white when hadad, carried by four strong man, was a little like going out tour down the noble Lord. But, also with a wooden right, the fork live the Wolf's mouth. It means: we lively, send you to the buddhist paradise elysium, and I'm sorry, but to put your mouth a constraint that there is hit nonsense. And so, people carried elaborately decorated beautiful Wolf corpse, travel around the lake district performance hit song and dance around the Wolf. They use a kind of special cadence, to round the crowd of view rap "JiangXiong", also is the history of the Wolf. "JiangXiong" is a very old folk songs, singing JiangXiong mean this: the Tibetan buddhist, playing the Wolf and buddhist discipline, there was a sharp conflict. Clever sheep shepherd ZhuoYong wrong, skillfully through the singing to the history of the Wolf "JiangXiong" song, rally the Wolf action on religious understanding, show that we play the Wolf, not commit iniquity, but JiShan, is to help the Wolf an early end to the crime of the life, make its soul get turn undead, become a ShanLei reincarnation.

After hearing the funny story folk, ends the sheep to ZhuoYong wrong tour, I hope you have a good journey.



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