YinChuan-Lhasa journey


Reading] yinchuan-Tibet ZiJiaYou road books. Road line: yinchuan- - - the lanzhou xining qinghai lake- - - golmud naqu DangXiong-- -- all over Tibet Lhasa- - - Lhasa golmud xining- - - the kumbum xining yinchuan.

1. The road line:
Yinchuan-lanzhou- - - qinghai lake xining-golmud-naqu-DangXiong- - - all over Tibet Lhasa-Lhasa-golmud-xining-taersi-xining-yinchuan.

2. Line process:
Day 1:9:00 in the morning from yinchuan, based in the temple, silver has been to lanzhou.
Day 2: from lanzhou to continue on the to xining highway through the city go west pool, pool pour highway, 109 national highway, noon in qinghai lake repast, swim qinghai lake, evening to touraine county accommodation, the entire journey is about 700 kilometers.
Day 3: from touraine continue to walk 109 national highway noon to golmud, check the vehicle, personnel, rest shopping, early evening rest, to get up early tomorrow.
On the fourth day: as early as 6 o 'clock continue to go on national road 109, the west kunlun mountain pass to big beach, alpine reaction causes of headache dizzy mostly from here, after an altitude of 4767 meters kunlun mountain pass into the hoh xil reserves to wudaoliang to eat originates to rest, then by the wild goose ShiPing to arrive tanggula mountain, arrive tanggula mountain at an altitude of 5231 metres, where the air only 60% of normal oxygen levels, so people arrive tanggula mountain pass will have obvious mountain reaction. Take some photos here and short pause, don't ever do strenuous exercise, and then all the way to the downhill anduo county, from the anduo after DangXiong to study. This a day of travel is the most difficult and most is a test of, the entire about 950 kilometers, and some areas pavement is not very good, such as well the whole ShiLiuQiGe estimates that for hours.
The fifth day: a good sleep, morning to namco, at noon in the namco picnic, by the afternoon to Lhasa yangbajain. To Lhasa on each person's id card after go to the potala to buy tickets for the second day of the visit, the potala palace of people visit every limit, tickets more nervous.
Day 6: morning visit to the potala, afternoon visit jokhang, around eight gallery street, shopping, night watch Tibetan national song and dance performances.
The seventh day: Lhasa-BaYiZhen Lin zhi. Starting from Lhasa morning walk 318 national highway pass through merari, textile river reach Lin zhi. Along the way, yanghe watch scenery, night BaYiZhen live.
Day 8: along the 318 national highway went on to watch the Berlin, color gerahs scenic area, LuLang linhai, at noon in the LuLang taste local forest of the famous ShiGuo chicken, scheduled to return to BaYiZhen, evening in Hong Kong shopping street.
On the ninth day: from the nyingchi return to Lhasa, on the way to BaSong cuo.
The first ten days: morning starting from Lhasa by the song to watch all the way water yamzho yumco yangzhuoyong lake, and then returns to the gonggar to NaiDong song water (ze when), then go to visit the YongBuLaKang, ChangZhuSi (such as the time can be to Joan "loose see hidden tomb king), returned to ze when to visit again, green Portsmouth to practice samy, night back to Lhasa.
The first ten days of alternative: morning starting from Lhasa to xigaze, visit study, go sections of the flea market, night back to Lhasa. Xigaze also can be in later to go with the mount Everest.
On the eleventh day: start by 109 national road to Lhasa golmud, covering a total of 1165 kilometers, is also hard day, the only benefit is now no plateau response.
On the twelfth day: golmud to xining, on the road but incidentally riyue mountain tour, covering a total of 780 kilometers.
13, : starting from xining to HuangZhong swim taersi, return, and on the evening to yinchuan, covering a total of 750 kilometers, such as to not in yinchuan zhongning rest.
Day 14: return from yinchuan baotou, covering a total of 550 kilometers, the tournament victory over!

3. Carrying articles:
Charge the clothes, hiking shoes (preferably waterproof) or travel, and a set of sunbonnet warm clothes, long sleeve shirt or T-shirt, guards against the crack lipstick, sunscreen, sunglasses, travel bag, id card, camera, film or digital partner, oxygen tanks, drinking water, garbage bags.
Spare: charge pants, sleeping bags, picnic mat, mountaineering rod, Swiss army knife, heat preservation kettle, coffee and adequate amount of food for a picnic. In addition, in Tibet might run into money or anything the child, prepare some small change, small food, pencil, rubber, etc when little thing can help you clear.

4. Drugs:
Expectorant and cold medicines and bufferin, antidiarrheal, yunnan baiyao, a band-aid and other people may of common drugs, in xining or golmud to buy some rhodiola, GaoYuanAn antidepressants plateau response drugs, such as the discovery of a cold must promptly take medicine, have a good rest.

5. Tibet tourism information:
For many visitors is not had been to Tibet, Tibet's geographical location and climate characteristic is easy to produce fear psychology, in fact as long as you know of the plateau climate characteristics, can correctly to protect themselves.
The climate of Tibet features are: low air pressure, the air density is small, oxygen levels 25% less than the mainland plain-30%, and sunlight intense, years average sunshine up to 3000 hours, more rain, hail, dry climate. Plateau climate vertical change significantly, temperature gap between day and night, ultraviolet ray is strong, low temperature, air quality, no pollution.
Beginning to plateau, everyone will feel different degree of downy reaction, such as headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, generally two or three days later, these symptoms will gradually reduce disappear. Before into plateau, as far as possible the body adjustment to the good condition, don't take disease into Tibet, sleep is close friends, don't be nervous mood, to Tibet, don't do strenuous exercise, walking slowly, can do more take a deep breath. After into Tibet, must prevent caused by catch cold catch cold catch a cold, pay attention to increase or decrease of clothing, try not to take a bath, really to wash, and adapted to the Tibet's environment again after washing, go out to wear long sleeve clothing, avoid ultraviolet burn the skin.
In addition, because of the sake of plateau response, in plateau some people get angry easily, sometimes cause the quarrel between associates, even at the end with the end. So please, everybody can consideration for each, and keep the peace of mind, have a problem to communicate in time, avoid unnecessary disputes, common to complete the trip.
Tibet is not, as many people think that terrible, through his own personal experience, you will love this piece of pure land. Wish you have a good trip! Zha-xi-de-le!



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