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 Plans for a few years of yunnan Tibet line, finally achieved this year, looking for suvs club charter travel in Tibet. High teacher is very humorous, we four people happy all the way, here is my yunnan Tibet travel records. Our registration is yunnan Tibet 9 

Booked after stroke, high teacher from Lhasa to lijiang to meet us. High teacher start gives us the message to inform, we will be trust of play. We arrived in lijiang, 2 days in advance around the ancient city, eat good food. 
Lijiang cuisine is really wide world out there, it was delicious. 
Bamboo worm 
Looks very afraid, really delicious! 
Lijiang steelhead 
Lijiang steelhead belong to North America introduced species, named because there's a rainbow fish skin texture, suitable for the water that flows a breeding inside body, lijiang salmon growth in jade dragon snow mountain glaciers, feed on small fish shrimp, water temperature should not exceed 15 degrees. The requirement of water quality is very high also, to be rich in negative oxygen ions. Plateau freshwater salmon golden trout salmon and trout salmon, golden trout salmon are golden, rainbow trout salmon body show green gray, with golden trout salmon and among them is relatively rare. Rainbow trout almost no cholesterol, rich in unsaturated fatty acid (dha), protein, amino acids, vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, etc., be helpful for heart head blood-vessel, mental health, etc., is the most beneficial to the health of the fish in the world. Its meat is tender, no small bone spurs, various cooking methods, is the main material in the manufacture of the deep sea fish oil abroad. 
In lijiang, a fish to eat three: raw fish, Fried fish, fish cooking hot pot 
With raw fish like salmon eat, mustard and Japanese soy sauce, taste delicious, but seems we four points 5 jins of too many, the table, the popurality, the table is full of fish. 
Fried eggs rose - taste very good 
After the food, the package car went to yunnan Dali 
With high teacher last night after sign a contract with the good club take down, is a normal bus and normal tourist contract. We set off! 
This is passing a piece of sugar cane, sugar cane tall, look very sweet. 
Like a painter to paint, terraced fields in yunnan province, this is the art of farming. 
Turn of the legendary 72, 99 bent; Look back to see, all with a sense of accomplishment, the sense of the yunnan Tibet is: I walk! 
High teacher is very good, extremely sharp curve, steep slope, is so handsome posture steady in the past, must be a. 
However lake, in dreams, the trip arrangement we live here, "beauty" is difficult to describe our feelings. 
But the lake 
Bome all surprise, all the way along the way of the peach blossom to greet us. Bome said little Switzerland, I think it is the set off of peach blossom was more beautiful than Switzerland, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, peach blossom, fence, wild horses, everything like the middle. 
In addition to the peach blossom, and rape, nyingchi is really small jiangnan in Tibet, in the land of the plateau, can have the golden and the clumps, really let us surprise again. 
Nyingchi the roadside scenery, the high teacher will find photo site, take the initiative to stop taking pictures to us, is indeed a good point ah, now I understand why the scenery of Tibet is on the way. 
Show the castle 
Lin Zhixiu the castle 
Arrive in Lhasa, her exhaustion, to experience the pure bar a handful of Lhasa 
No commercial lijiang bar, no beauty, the handsome boy chat up, here, you just sit down and quietly listen to the original singer of Lhasa, bowed their heads and softly. 
Tibet is the most memorable travel the holy land, I have been to yunnan Tibet is the most don't regret I go travel, Tibet must praise a suv club services. 



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