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Dear visitors, and now we're here is famous to the Yangtze river headwaters-case feature winter. It is located in naqu anduo county territory, from naqu town 140 miles (kilometers), the traffic is very convenient. The winter snow mountain is a feature, the birthplace of the Yangtze river, altitude 662 l m.. Already gives birth to the great civilization of the earth and brilliant culture, but also produced a Chinese ground countless splendid mountains and rivers, it is "JiangHeYuan," said. In 1999, the central committee of the CCP total = diary, state President and central military commission chairman comrade jiang zemin at the Yangtze river headwaters with questions. Our country the rivers Yangtze river is originated in the champions league-the qinghai-tibet plateau TangGuLaShan's main feature in the southwest of the winter "geladandong such as" the fragmented. "Case feature winter" is a Tibetan, meaning "ice cut of figure of Buddha," many of its snowy peaks like ice cut 座座 figure of Buddha of jade carving, so its name. "Geladandong such as" the translation of the Tibetan language, its meaning for "northern hills group", such as the two have fragmented geladandong article of half arc is big glaciers, ice on the south side of 12.5 kilometers long, wide and 1.6 kilometers, the glacier tail 5 km long BingDaLin; Glacier long 10 1 km north, wide and 1.3 kilometers, the glacier tail 2 km long BingDaLin. These BingDaLin in nature the erosion of wind and rain lightning, long the baptism of the years, presented the now appearance condition, the silver carved jade build by laying bricks or stones, the QiongLouYuYu BingDaLin, has a very high ornamental value, by local people called "hillock and artful and", meaning "BaiXueSheng lights". The north and south of the glaciers melt two water, which is miles in the beginning of the Yangtze river.
Winter is a feature, the towering similar to the fragmented tower, the huge mountain wrapped in layers of glittering and translucent and bright thick ice that is mine, the flow of the solid an inexhaustible reservoir. In the fragmented at 6000 on the area around, rich in crystal stone. In the nearby Ga di such as mountain snow mountains, and QuHe farmar on both sides, with high grade of ore, aluminum metal magnetic and crystal mineral. In the beautiful scenery of the sea ZuEr Ken, is rich in the fat plateau no scale (naked. Perennially snow-capped cui YingShan, home to a large group of snow cocks are. In that one by one at the foot of a hill and grasslands, the bushes full of all kinds of rare flowers &grasses musical group, snow leopard, BaiChunLu, big head, ovis ammon, animals, such as wild yak in the lives and work. The fabulous 1 water J_l world, is gradually show the people that he attractive. In recent years many of the experts and scholars at home and abroad to visit us and, research; More numerous tourism, mountaineering, the photographer to this visit plateau glacier style. Here BingFengXueLing shows the formation of the Yangtze river is the source of originates, the famous "people jiang first bridge"-it originates in above the bridge across originates, in which people can see the scenery of the Yangtze river headwaters.
Everybody is good, today we visit is praise Dan temple. Praise Dan temple, the full name "SuoXiu GanDanPei YuLin", it is located in one of the four northeastern county of naqu county territory, the song and wild song there rendezvous, were known locally as the L Lin palmer q grand ara at the foot of the mountain, about 220 kilometers away from naqu town. According to legend, here is the king gesar, "epic in the queen's historical love river bead animal husbandry birthplace. The great temple built in mountain Dan, the momentum of the majestic, share out bonus white two buildings, far see shaped like the potala, reducing the earliest north region is adistinctive landmark in the temples situated. According to historical records, was built in the early adistinctive landmark in the fifth dalai shua period, when five} LAN in gushi sweat by the dalai lama forces under the aid, first in eastern Tibet region implemented the Puritan policy, the use of force to destroy a lot to give priority to the temples of the han, and force the other religions temple to many temples situated.. according to praise the temple volunteers Dan temple, is adistinctive landmark in other additionally Bi seat in confiscate the temple of the yellow property based on a new, one of the biggest is a folk temple-SuoYongZhong Lin temple, is located in it is adistinctive landmark in yue (in the county territory), 15 km away from praise Dan temple or so, before confiscated more than 1500 monks bon religion, confiscated and establish in praise after Dan temple, SuoYongZhong Lin temple never become history. In addition CanQiangDuanBi outside of the ruins left only legends. Be not lf temple and the firm for being sent more than 300 monks about good temple, NingMa pie, honk frame about 200 monks temple, the firm's SaJiaPa ram temple. In addition, two small temple, a total of seven temples of the confiscated goods. Praise Dan temple according to both have a large number of classic folk the electricity is adistinctive landmark in collections in the inside. Dan after the completion of the temple, praise be LangJie pierced the potala palace except the first since the storehouse directly by the local government GaSha have ruled over temple.
Praise Dan temple points, J, jf [white two buildings, each with the size of 50 room sets, can say it is the largest of ancient northern Buddhism, the most glorious period, sharp adistinctive landmark in number as many as 500 more than person.



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