ZhenZhou-Lhasa journey


[reading] from zhengzhou start ZiJiaYou Tibet the classics of the way books.

Most people think that Tibet is the best ZiJiaYou into, sichuan-tibet out, or conversely, because only the qinghai-tibet railway, the ChuanCangXian scientism, can all see beautiful scenery along the way, truly understand and know the qinghai-tibet plateau. Listen to the driver came from Tibet special smile cold speaking, most of the qinghai-tibet railway sections for asphalt, basically no danger, accommodation and food service conditions than other route into Tibet is ready, but relative to the scene of the sichuan-tibet slightly dull just, listening to his narrative with the grand plateau scenery along the way, the bad natural climate, these are reminded us great exploration desire, we listened to his opinion, to choose the qinghai-tibet railway.

Overture:! To the Tibetan plateau, toward Tibet, toward the full of mysterious, is to live to heaven, straight to but go to.

Day 1: zhengzhou-about 510 km in xian, we spent seven hours, at around ten o 'clock in the evening arrived in the ancient city of xi 'an. In order to trip tomorrow, we just look at the old walls and drum tower, and not the most complete and China is the most magnificent Ming city had close contact, early to have a rest. The first day expenses 350 yuan, come on 475 yuan, 180 meals, accommodation for 200 yuan.

The second day: xian-xining (xian to xining about 670 kilometers)

On this day, we got up JueZao, except on the other side of the tin shui is expected to go a bit difficult mountain, we should be able to do all the early xining car maintenance. By the way, if ZiJiaYou words, as long as there is big 4 S pit should be whole car do a check, especially tires and the chassis. Listen to laugh cold said, also said the qinghai-tibet railway this road walk the hardest, not roads is stuck in traffic. A walk if so, one morning is blocked up three times, with a look at the scenery is what, a squat down in the roadside parking everyone looked at the angry "yellow" the river in a daze, is really depressed. Later car has been in the twists and turns around through ups and downs mountain, and the roadside and now and then broke down and flat tire of a car accident, a is there danger, several people still scrambled to see,...... ...... . In fact, this period of the way we're worried about, also dare not say what laughs and cold, looking at him when playing the steering wheel a detour appearance, also contain don't care, but I was scared to death. Every time after the a big here, have a kind of take any chances of mental state, "oh! It's not an accident, I'm still alive"!!!!!! At about 3 PM, quick out there, the bus because accident ahead and stopped, a big truck from eight meters high on the highway to the beach straight up. Astonishingly, truck ran down is a XieLu, it is below the beach soft soil, and even the car window glass are intact, just the driver white face sit on the future. Lord! Amen!!!!!!!Quick take me out of here. After nearly a day of trial and suffering, after suffering, we finally came to xining. The second day expenses 207 yuan, come on 390 yuan, 160 yuan meal accommodation, 270 yuan. By the way, go out if hurry hurry, might as well put local food with more on the way to eat together, not only convenient, and regional characteristics. (we in xian bought the meat clip buns and chicken, taste is especially good) if accommodation not convenient, can choose local high-grade bath, foot bath center, the price is not expensive (50 yuan/person), and the whole body to relax.

Day 3: xining-golmud (about 671 kilometers)
Morning at 10 do all car check, we instantly on the road. Xining to golmud almost eight hundred kilometers, traffic as great as high speed. And in the sparsely populated on both sides of the highway, everywhere can see some of the temple and consecrate a coloured drawing or pattern. Look, "China XiaDou" predominantly buddhist and not figure have hollow reputation. Out of the xining after, I didn't see the real big northwest, our country-of northwest China!!!!!! This gave me the impression of particularly insightful, then present before us is no longer a colorful world, everywhere is bare of barren hills, a series of gully as transfixed the tears scars from the top of the hill has been stretched to the foot of the mountain, spanning, this a few can see larger tree, I even want to, living in this piece of barren hills to the people of the area to the shade little notion about it, because there except the clouds of heaven on earth can leave a shade besides, almost the whole earth are all in the sun under!! When we are in this piece of withered and yellow poor land, everyone can feel a never had the dismal.

After the riyue mountain, the picture has changed greatly, grass slowly turn green and mountain slowly go green, again far away to see the faint there are miles and snow mountain. The before you leave, I went out to buy some of the plateau with amorous feelings of the CD, listen naqu "who brings ancient call, who is left in one thousand to......" Of the Tibetan plateau, enjoying the endless prairie grassland, and his heart to suppress the mystery and ancient land for people, I the big fellow of leng meter of eight several a somewhat sad. The car to qinghai lake fishing grounds around, there's like a horse racing's party, the broad meadows with over design and color kinds of tents, many tibetans are riding on horses, dressed in bright holiday array. Though small, also do not have to imagine in the waist ku arrows, bear hard bow, horse race archery spectacle, but listen TongLing sound from the side of the water chestnuts, roared, still can feel plateau don't some customs and local nomads that straightforward bold and unconstrained flavor. Lift eye looks, magic mirror general qinghai lake is in our not far, in plenty of green tree wheat, YouCaiHua to reflection of say, that's a geometry of the United States. We don't have too much in here, just straight to qinghai lake core but go to.

Qinghai lake ticket price 80 yuan per person, including scenic spot, little traffic. Please a tour guide to charge $50. According to the guide introduces, qinghai lake Mongolian called "repository, Noel", which means "the green lake", we mainland called it "LiuXin sea", the lake at an altitude of more than 3000 meters, is the largest inland salt water lake in China. We are not to the lake, it shares the wet, salty, some like the sea is lifted the breath came, the brisk wind blow on the lake of wave, beat the voice of the shore from far away can hear; Looking from a distance qinghai lake is blue, but you really approached qinghai lake, you will find that it is by no means the monochrome, different places, different angles, and colorful fickle



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