Awaiting Festival


S festival time

The crops HuangShou, ready to take place before the sickle

S popular areas

Tibet agricultural, especially the yarlung zangbo river middle reaches of Lhasa and on both sides of the countryside

S festival source

"Awaiting Festival“ is the Tibetan people's annual harvest festival to agriculture. "Hope" means land, land Tibetan language, "fruit" means a cane, "and fruit" is transliteration, sound around the field for a cane, "turn one blistering" festival.

According to the folk calendar calculation method "and so on the works recorded," and fruit "about began in the common one, two century cloth GongJieZan DE at times. At that time, YaLong region south of Tibet YaLong tribe has begun seeding, the QuGuan field, and agriculture. Pray for the harvest, the folk benzene quite in the harvest teach people before, and turn around the fields, may god bless. Then gradually evolved into a rich in content, mass blessing and entertainment festival.

S celebration

Social activities.we have our the day, people come to the traditional early a more open space, and this is the fruit of the activities at every year to set, the whole social activities.we have our activity is starting from here, and end here. Set to the central inserted with green tree hanging ear and pea plant flags branch of the tree, the tree and heat (fire sand) sets. The whole activity was in the wind up (fire sand) smoke began. About ten o 'clock sharp, keep method number, the drums, in turn, the field of team in orderly rows in a circle, usually a must have for one person, otherwise will have been the concerns of the disaster. Studies by a German high lama take right away, the whole activity command. His left hand holding sweet pot, the right hand in the container with green tree wine cup of wine, the mouth to chant buddhist scripture text, will spread toward, empty, three world, solemn and atmosphere.

There are five name wearing helmets; Put on the helmet little flags and feathers warrior dress up of man, respectively, hand-held firearm, sword, suona and small, along with the sound of the method number TiaoShen, strong NaHanSheng out of his mouth. At this time the team in round three weeks lap, later, with the TiaoShen two shot, turn to the field formally began.

Usually the mage exalted in five of the arrow at the capital package, walk in the forefront of the team. Followed by carrying the monks team is scripture, that is composed of farmers by village band and take the figure of Buddha, the village people riding a tailgate afterward. But a person or the village to tribal have prestige with the ZhuKuang be guided. A basket of fireworks explosion dry risking of smoke, he portable two ZanBa with white bag, to amuse god, request it don't drop the hail, flood, drought, ChongZai etc XiRao crops. Influence of harvest. After his figure of Buddha hall for reducing ku with green peas strains in the flag pennant 25 man team, followed by back v scriptures. The right hand to hold the hadad, barley and peas per plant bamboo pole with 49 of women and children. There is three teams in the young men and women were dressed as a hero. The whole way into one drum with a followed close behind.

Team gather location of from around the bottoms regional boundaries, do clockwise around the field parade. They think that turned the fields, evil will be away, harvest is smooth to hand. Each to the village, crossing, will stop, accept the cheer along the way. Heat (fire sand) people to turn the field dedicated green tree wine and ghee tea, then the mage is to hold off the horse (fire sand), chanting, blessing for the harvest. Till noon, turn back to the team dissolved. Their home for dinner.

Afternoon team set good continue to turn field, this time the mood is up, people and the slogan, singing constantly, even if the rain and the hail doesn't deter team progression. When the entire town land after turn, team dissolved. At this time, his own fields in the ear pull out three green tree, for in his barn and shrines. To see the field had said effect, grain set all received can be home, the harvest for security.

Then, in to the side of the clearing, a door is surrounded sit together for a picnic. People drink a toast to each other tea, wishes each other auspicious. After a picnic, and held a horse racing, archery, singing, dancing, and other activities.

Is the most lively rural social activities.we have our Tibet of festivals, no fixed day, in general, to be held before the autumn harvest ZeJi, lasted 1-3 days, over 1500 years of history. This day people will put on ancient warrior costume, please out the auspicious deity began in the village land way round, farmers in this ancient ways throughout your generations pray, grain harvest. Turn all fields is the most common form of fruit section, the formidable team through the houses between land, in a green meadow (and the golden tonal, weave a pair of magnificent structure of the plateau amorous feelings figure. The whole village village head collection, old and young, and offered a cup luzhou of barley wine, meet the mighty men turn fields triumphant return.

The first "and fruit" activity is a sacrifice to the gods to pray the ceremony of the harvest. After gradually increase such as horse racing, archery, singing and dancing, Tibetan folk activities. Hard for a year of farming people want to have a good time in the holiday season, they horse race archery, night out. In the song and dance tune in to enjoy the happiness of the festival. Holiday is over, the strain of the autumn harvest began.

Note: the Tibetan Chinese lunar calendar with the han people basic at the same time, late than Gregorian calendar for more than a month, generally for 20 to 40 days.

Social activities.we have our people's traditional festival family is reduced. Originally from the social activities.we have our teaching. "And fruit" is "turn out". Popular in south, social activities.we have our Lhasa and xigaze area, it has no fixed to the eye, it is to be in commonly crops of mature.
Social activities.we have our has been 1500 years of history, it initially popular in the middle of the yarlungzangbo river valley area. First "social activities.we have our", the activity is a sacrifice to god, to pray for a bumper harvest rituals. General villages around the unit is in the village land circle, the front have this teaching approach the wizard manager "to enrage". The eighth belly late age, Tibetan Buddhism. "Send prosperity," and fruit "activities with NingMa sent by color, must spell please to pray for the harvest of the new century, and old beginning, the package by strong color sect, procession carrying five before the figure of Buddha, carrying the righteousness. From this time "and fruit" activities become r l delimit quarter Tibetan, ground in electric constantly rich and colorful, increased the horse racing, strip off arrow, eye Tibetan activities. Social activities.we have our existing, old and young, men and women wearing new clothes, carrying the barley grain tower, a "harvest tower", on beating gongs and drums, singing around the mouth edge turn out unique. The earliest can be traced back to the social activities.we have our elegant



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