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Beijing road book: the sichuan-tibet yunnan Tibet line
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[reading] Beijing road book: the sichuan-tibet yunnan Tibet line. Route: Beijing-xian-lanzhou to qinghai lake marcus-geermu- -the Lhasa naqu wood cuo-Lhasa-xigaze-where-pull kirgiz Lhasa-BaYiZhen- BoMiXian-ZuoGong county-the yan jing hot springs-shangri-la-lijiang-Dali-qujing-in chengdu-the-in xian city-zhengzhou-shijiazhuang-Beijing

Route: Beijing-xian-lanzhou to qinghai lake marcus-geermu- -the Lhasa naqu wood cuo-Lhasa-xigaze-where-pull kirgiz Lhasa-BaYiZhen- BoMiXian-ZuoGong county-the yan jing hot springs-shangri-la-lijiang-Dali-qujing-in chengdu-the-in xian city-zhengzhou-shijiazhuang-Beijing
Trip: 53500 kilometers
Last: 1 month
Fuel consumption: 11.05 liters/km
Cost: 13000 yuan
The Tibetan, sichuan-tibet, yunnan Tibet line (of)
Before you start to car in Beijing has a comprehensive examination, dredge the water tank (unloaded on the cover), change the drive shaft assembly before; Cleaning the nozzle, throttle; Change into the main; Five former car tire yellow sea off price, changed stone bridge AT child. Basic is in good state of the road, but I still do this experience and dangerous estimate shortage. For instance two root brake oil pipeline before, because is 99 years of inventory, has split, no change. Xinrui whom
The other have: the original car before and after each pair MOPAS shock; The original import ignition coil a; The two sets of SanLv oil, Sheffield (don't buy good) 15 yuan a pair of loading a deputy to take a pair of; Customized five meters long 14 mm steel wire rope pull a root; Dragging the possible; Customized with car nylon bound (with a lock closely, because I am not two deputy head frame installs the baggage) and the car things too much, in line with my consistent style, and strive to original pieces, don't do big modified, before and after suspension had been increased changes, but through the practice to prove it is useful, pack. Such as LORD PLUS (a foot brake recommended), since last year's mount, feel is really good thing, on the one hand, reduce the direction of the burden of shock absorber and after, on the other hand to reduce the emergency brake the car when the guy.
According to work overtime students advice, want to do with the strengthening of exhaust pipe support, but could not make it. Discharge three yuan, just change to pack the original car bombs the pipe, but between with muffler without welding, and there was a leak, also didn't care about, the later in a molten image a big mistake! Everest down from the exhaust pipe will have a flutter ring, back to Lhasa, although added welding, yunnan Tibet way yet to Britain opened, and later or persistence to xi 'an, in the new settles.
5 September the road, zhengzhou to rest stop, after arrival fangdongye omissions, that's not the main problem, the situation is more and more serious, added a tank has exactly, add the withtheengine after, still can maintain. So the day much at 8 o 'clock to xian and went to sleep up a car, already dropped a, we lodge in the city's TangCheng hotel, as if're super-effective, inclined a crossroads, I see the brand of a highway bureau of shaanxi province, drive in his luck, is to find the right place, according to speak factory, xian only the specialist Cherokee car, spare parts and regular from Beijing to go in. Watch factory equipment, personnel management in perfect order, then we think the plant's size and management than Beijing jeep thrusters are official, spare parts warehouse put it and supermarkets almost. Open list, and then start to check, pump is bad. Here is one of my poor preparation, how thought of it with a? Check the chassis that the break of the brake oil pipeline, because time is too tight, no change, but tell me after to Lhasa must take good check whether oil leakage. The teacher is serious leave me a good impression.
Lanzhou, xining, qinghai lake and golmud all the way hinder, live in ge-ermu salt lake hotel, and six * 6 students by, and then in Lhasa, hotels and return the hongshan Lhasa and he was lucky to have contact way. And that day (September 10,) at four in the morning from the kunlun mountain pass of geermu genius light, found that water tank cover solder joints have some slack, but not serious. A wudaoliang a fog, visibility and 10 meters. 11 PM, when the car a cheer originates (into CangTou a plus 90, oil), check engine light, because is the first encountered this situation, we have serious of take out books, check carefully fault code, the reason is insufficient intake, this is helpless, from now on it (away will not lose), also didn't think car affected, fellow six cylinder automatic-shift also appeared put on your hazards, and the other one way no problem v8 music, because he is on the plateau before nearing to increase gas device. I find the way Internet close-out students book, above have the Cherokee ZhouGuangKun master of Lhasa's address, according to black coffee students speak, the department of car parts, still can be, it seems that the first thing to Lhasa is to look for weeks teacher. People with a car, the same when arrive tanggula mountain some uncomfortable, and barely get off photograph, happened on the bus and head touch of wilde door, a total of two, dizzy, daughter some catch cold catch a cold, just want to sleep. Although I daze, still can always remind ourselves, this is in the drive. Along the way many military convoys, order in perfect order, so the anduo, 6:30 naqu to hotel, northern Tibet grassland rich scene so one from sight across.
This want to September 11, as planned by the wood cuo to study, but because everybody is the first time to Tibet, and the body are unwell, my reaction although light some, but still think first to Lhasa for good, have a kind to be called the medicine was so effective GaoYuanAn, reactions of ate some, the second day will feel much better. The hotel room are available in naqu, 30 yuan a box. Rhodiola capsule a few days ago try taking a, but fire think tablet is suitable for their American ginseng injected
On September 11, starting from naqu morning, afternoon at 4 PM potala palace, plunge into the west to the potala palace hong shan hotel, they call for weeks a teacher, he hit the car. Open the machine covered, the car is like see the family members, water tank to the upper have water, a closer look from the upper portion of the solder joints (there are four or five place) gush out. Said of drive went JinZhu east road no. 6 weeks of master factory. This tank is to continue to change new welding or? Needless to say then Everest, no longer believe in the welding, simply for a new one. See the brake on the tubing, the original cracking place have some oil leakage. Finally get this day, for a change. And a us three cars have trouble, is the brake since entering Tibetan areas has found the meat. Week of water tank master said including problem, this is all plateau low air pressure to cause, only put gas, try again. We all put gas, brake oil patch. My car engine oil also has almost five thousand kilometers, along with all the SanLv changed, maintenance and the company.
Lhasa visit for a day, and thinking of the second day go to the wood cuo. A to DangXiong yangbajain, turn on the left, dirt road, and the first go into Tibet from after the shop is not way, then I just think, actually this is in the Tibetan area better not shop outfit road, it is the road rules hemilateral pan, keep good speed don't too slow, control the direction will do. First the speed table joint fell off, no speed shows this is old problems, two times last year to bashang appeared, get off climb to the car with tape put on the underground.
From the wood cuo return, sept 14 11 points from Lhasa set out, destination is xigaze, need to pass yangbajain, due to the 318 national road closed, xigaze need to go to the mountain roads, need to turn over two mountain pass, first gallas the mountain pass, then? The mountain pass, the two mountain pass if not the 318 national road closed, general is not after the next year, the students may have to hide after this road, in addition to the mountains, and increase of about 100 kilometers road. The original 318 way, to xigaze need only 3 or 4 hours, but now they spend 7, 8 hours, William gallas for we take on the map not, stay on the mountain pass, just feel appearing a shares the coldness of snow-capped mountains, to go into our journey, not get off taking pictures, came back that took some pictures for. When the car and went up into the mountain four cylinder six cylinder the difference is very big still car, but also have no fall too far, company add me in the middle, the front have a local car ShaMoWang 4500, saying our six cylinder automatic-shift let go and he ran gap is not big, but will take care of us the car, the back of the eight cylinder way music natural isn't, but he is responsible for the latter, also did not let go of running. Tibet mountain roads and other road, up the hill there will be down the mountain, so fuel consumption and is not too bad, down the mountain basic need not how to go, this in the future on the way to mount Everest reflected more obvious. (continuing)
The Tibetan, sichuan-tibet, yunnan Tibet line (bis)
Namco trip we have a full thoughts and material preparation, to DangXiong turned down the dirt road, first is a large higyway goes to, fortunately not the rainy season, the basically not trapped car, several wade, two drove to all have no problem. Bought tickets before going to climb the mountain pass, is a sacred mountain pass in the first sight of the place, and went down to the lake and nearly 30 kilometers. The divisions of the road seems to be frozen in the morning and evening to see the sun melt of, so people say the temperature between day and night, lake varies greatly. Should be in the lake for one night, we even though a up a tent, made of rice, but still night back to Lhasa. The lake to wade through the careful, look be like dry grass, go down as a parking after don't come, even some of the rainy season over the lake. The Tibet for not will include ali, and yamzho yumco to Lhasa a line and because road closed did not go. So namco is our trip to see and the most beautiful lake. Qinghai lake both in area and scale, it will interest CuoDa many wood, but that is only the first meeting plateau lakes. It can be said that qinghai lake is in in the world, is world a big beauty, but because of its commercial and reduce its charm; And the wood cuo can be understood to get to heaven, and the sound of the wind and the water, is soothing sounds, that I have a listen to the feeling of the universe in heaven. Then go the natural lake, BaSong cuo although came near, but whether momentum, or the mysterious and sense of shock cannot be compared with namco. No camping is the head of our trip a pity, said to regret, long distance travel every time there will be, as one's life, but also give you the opportunity to make up again, make you with an endless aftertaste.
September 14 morning, examined the vehicles. The CangBao guides by xigaze area, we passed through yangbajain to rikeze. The intermittent asphalt road began to enter mountain roads, and the way the dust blowout, but the weather visibility is extremely good, as long as the car is not too tight with, or can not hold up along the route of viewing. According to the local CangBao speak, Toyota 4500 go this way if drive fast need only five hours, and we walked nearly nine hours. The first impression on the mountain pass through is William gallas (elevation 5400 meters), and then is the snow (covering) ancient pull mountain pass (4830 meters). (name if incorrect, please walk through of the classmates to correct me, because in Tibetan areas of, I pass has been more dizzy). The first time we close close to the above the snowline feeling, Tibetan areas in the mountain of more than four thousand meters altitude the following all very good, is extremely thick vegetation, and more than four thousand meters above all is the snow, in recent years because climate warmed, and gradually snow and ice layer thin, less. At this time is just in September, (should be less rain and snow month for), two mountain to show the vicissitudes of life, ferocious's character, it is a mountain pass left me with the most profound feeling. In addition, is this the way more than the light, for HouCang Lhasa to the transit alone this one, but we found in Tibetan areas of the truck driver (especially military trucks) are modest comity. This road completely no car, the car is Toyota, banner, Toyota 62, QingLing, Cherokee also rarely seen. I've always wanted to, because the banner of being unable to Beijing on licence, this factory product how to sell, in qinghai golmud saw banner full run, visible sales of very good, see to being sales strategy is completely correct, can say it occupied the northwest, the most of the market. The CangBao xigaze, said HouCang area rich unit is advanced Toyota



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