choushen festival


S festival time

Every year the Tibetan New Year's eve three days

S popular areas

Cable in naqu county praise Dan temple

S festival source

Every year the Tibetan New Year's eve three days, in naqu county praise Dan temple cable will be held by 80 monks in congress for god, for the welfare of the generality of the world come down.

S celebration

The traditional religious dancing--god for dance in the praise Dan temple has suspended the 30 years, 1987 years again, like all religious activity, the form of dance festival god extremely strong, structure and if the circumstances are all ritualized, the rhythm is extremely slow, the performers, few audience to communicate with emotion.

The CangLiNian before 3 days, for god is the dance for 3 days, the dance of content and program every day the same basic. From sunup at that time began, the temple lama concentrated in red palace oratory to chant buddhist scripture, till the early hours of the morning at 9. Then the lama climbed up the roadster cart, winding along the mountain road, into the field. Site set up tents in advance, living buddhas and senior monks face south and a deep red QianHouTai separated from the tabernacle, ten drum and the lama with cymbals in red the front of the tent of meeting to be seated. 10 face about diameter of 1.5 of drums up, a word son apart. The two old lama plate sitting on influential position to drum epilogue for command, and to the beginning to the end chanting mantras.

Two wearing a white mask of bare to the teeth of the white dress young appearances before the performance for the net games preparations such as they waved flowers stick, symbolically driven bystanders. Then there is a living Buddha dance, the living buddhas is full set in the process of program only don't wear of the mask, by a rapist and comely young monks play. "Living buddhas" noodles have no facial expression, the reserved slowly dancing. He visited the site of the choice LiangShao years after that for all the god here will come, and in the middle of the field draw a sacred symbol of the triangle.

"A living Buddha" and came away with a firm hale "dong Cha" drums cymbals sound, drop the town of demon "the deer" play god. The deer dance virile powerful and action of the amplitude, reflected the demons of integrity as to fight. The deer with god the stem of simulation mask, two branches branch shape antlers.

The straight part, is the closing of the method number. Double $lift of the two gold trombone blare away, and sing, the voice of the people were highly harmonious, be in harmony an organic whole, in the blue sky with between snow mountain cemetery. After the closing of tight as the birthday girl the old man and the boy a few, the old man wore a mask of prominent forehead big, XiMeiXiaoYan, were sent trembling, the boy who continually to LaoShouXing head face and amused barley, the birthday girl slow left hide right shine, to attract the audience burst out laughing the.

14 a great god played in succession, wearing a mask of the decorated with skeletons, some NiuTouMaMian, some QingMianLaoYa, color satin dress five-color profusion, gorgeous, long and ground, the front of HouJin cherubim ferocious guardian deity facebook design, only a mask is white flour bodhisattva, much like the manjusri. The gods dance is slow motion, raise arm along while just falling down. Lifted his foot and a half a day, the audience can enjoy viewing, fully appreciate the gods of the grave strict.

Finally in the gods circles, four dressed in red and white stripes clothing, fingers have iron claw toes set the skeleton jump "celestial burial master dance". Easy, witty, merry, make the audience eyes a bright, and after it is long the gods of the heavy dance. Series of living face mask cover one, a sense of god's life be its suffering. In order to active festival atmosphere, from beginning to end in a purple robe throughout the brown India to cut up people.

For god section of the god for dance, not a line and containing, except for two, three fragments outside, depressing atmosphere is very thick, this mysterious atmosphere with the grave, ferocious consistent, is far from earthly fireworks religious need. During the quarter to praise god for Dan temple lama for god dance dance is given priority to, they will secular and religious, god and man, and also all that industry as a whole. Their every move is to the spirit world, religious elysian reward and appreciated, prayer and admiration. For god is not only the great day of the festival Dan temple, and the county area township near are also far come here to attend this grand prayer meeting.



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