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Dear friends, today we visit is east honk PiYang sites.
East honk PiYang site, located in the zhanda about 40 kilometers to the north of the county, stretch for 2 kilometers, divided into east honk PiYang building sites and grottoes group. East honk PiYang site, founded in the 10 th century or so, is that year the kingdom in the construction of the eight guge temple has one of the kingdom of case is the political, economic and cultural center.
We are now in the firm cloth let area east of the PiYang honk township, east honk PiYang site is located in a dry up the Banks of the platform about 90 m of the hill. Construction site at the foot of the main distribution, and the top of the north and south hillside on both sides, with a total area of more than square meters. Here are Buddha hall, dwellings, grotto hole, pagodas, and cave and so on, it is the one place by monasteries, the castle and grottoes, tallinn composed of large sites. Grottoes, distribution of the mountain before in mountains and reckoned. Local legend caves here is the number of "mountain before one thousand," "reckoned one thousand". Before the mountains PiYang hill, has a high platform, known as the "green tong", with the ancient buddhist temple and tallinn. Before a hillside and to the top of mountain, respectively, the early buddhist temple remaining of the big ship du kang, and senior seng she "pull don't let [" sites, and grottoes group of blend in. After the mountain, the residual. Having a custodian of the palace, the house and the amount of caves site, the overall size of the grand. Among them, GongKang, namely the custodian of the temple, is digging in the cliffs of the palace in caves. KuNa top still remaining traces of digging, the mouth of the cave is orientated north and south. The remaining north hole a Buddha, for a lotus flower. Especially the model has the guardian deity lukin kampot, has not kept. KuNa, the remaining wall has a large murals. The east wall draw has past dynasties as issachar like, tara, painted as guardian deity. Top right) has a head warrior. Warrior costume and cultural heritage city guge same murals. South wall right E party draw as monks, ranked second in Hu drawing and gods, a revered as the first person of like, have a row with a left my 6 people, wore a white towel, the boots, wear robes. The underlying otherwise ride, and lead a horse people 6, TouQian a as to guide, horses are carry goods after team, like a tribute performance scene, over time, drawing skulls, etc. This fresco right, as a guardian deity Lord. Its around to classics, ox horn and wore a cap of issachar rider 5
Name. The north wall, the picture has dapeng bird, two side with black paint a dog, ShanTu. ShanTu hair in a "annulled just", and cultural heritage city jinke guge lacan painted in the L [L rabbit image similar, two side, draw more backlighting arm in Hu gods. The custodian of the cave, the house is sites the best-preserved of architecture.
Here is the du kang, also is the rally temple, is located in the east of the GongKang hillside. The porch of the gate, composed by hall. The porch was 4 column, the main halls and column. Now in addition to keep good outside wall, roof, doorcase, pillar are already don't store. The high wall about 5 ~ 8 water, for which sets. Adobe wall system building. Porch for horizontal rectangles. Hall for rectangular plane. Inside the mural, from years the rains washed out, has blurred part.
The site where the stupa of 2 place, a place for single pagoda, square base, the upper body build towers, basic intact. Base, painted with the red, white dichromatic, draw a dharma pattern such as lion; Another place for tallinn, is located in the east of the slope house du kang, a total of nine seats, shape size basic cattle with H, with "1, 2, 3, 4" order, tallinn is yellow, badly damaged.
ZongShan, located in the eastern end of the site a top XiaoShanBao, called the "eriksson lang JieZongShan". Reportedly, for the kingdom of seed m prosperous lang jie built. Construction area of 7000 square meters, is now only to save wall. ZongShan agains t the opposite, and abandoned housing construction, for PiYang old temple. The distribution of the grotto hole are dense, around the mountain, layer upon layer distribution in the foot of the mountain ridge, and, most likely to residents. Hole left by smoke inside a black mark. Hole has single room, double shape more room, the portion of room, and, under layered double Chambers in the breakthrough. Plane shape is rounded rectangle using rounded rectangle shape tool. Rough statistics, the total could be more than 2000 seats. This suggests that, at the time of the residents of population density than today.
Site PiYang great scale, variety of building sites. According to the site in collected in the shape of the iron armor to see, and the study of guge hole similar artifacts basic same, GongKang hole in a number of also preserve modified.this Tibetan dao handle, and with the same basic same guge artifacts.
Now we go to is the east honk grottoes group, it PiYang about 2 kilometers away from, a YuDongGa village north soil f ¨ rock on top. It is the biggest ever found in Tibet in a buddhist grottoes sites.
The type of grottoes for Buddha week course of including hole, the practice of living room, debris piled up the grotto of warehouse and resettlement of bone grotto monks spirit grotto, etc. Among them, FoKu ritual in many of the remaining draw elegant murals, has the rich content r points. Ali is the oldest and most early murals.
Mural roughly divided into 10 kinds of subjects, the figure of Buddha, Buddha is like, all kinds of female and like, eminent monks as guardian deity, as he has, make offerings to, like, Buddhism that figure, of course, stories, secret teach mann tea figure ronaldo, all sorts of adornment designs.
Of these, the most wonderful is the mandala, draw very exciting. The color of quietly elegant, particularly fine, quite a research and textual research value. Mural on the animals adornment design also is very attractive, a unique, chic and beautiful. In the cave, GongYangRen image also draw very vivid (GongYangRen that capital is digging grottoes and carry forward, and thousands of dharma want characters). Their social life at that time is the photo. GongYangRen, no matter the men and women dressed in a triangle with big turndown costumes. Sleeve long changed hands, collar, garment, sleeve edge with flowers are or design. The man wore a wide along the cap, or headscarf tied; And women are the comb more tress, scores Yin coiling around the head, pelosi to tire.
Dress characteristic of the bodhisattva basically the same. Bunch of high bun, wearing three flowers, five HuaBao champions. Earrings large ring, XiangShi pelosi, or have YingLuo. The upper naked, pelosi has arm, ShouLuo bracelet, etc. "JiaFu sit on the lotus tower above, with both hands, or" seal, light, backlit behind head around. The bodhisattva avalokitesvara bodhisattva for more like standing position. Some honk 1 in the grotto, the painting of 11 surface view audio and video, full body, face is beautiful, graceful, facial expression and moving. In the arts, the most abound change is all kinds of female and like. Their lively modelling, change, rich, is the most pure mural grottoes



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