GuangDong-YunNan-lhasa journey


The first day (July 6)

Guangzhou-zhaoqing----wuzhou guigang nanning (about 850 kilometers)

Nanning profile: nanning is surrounded by mountains, the city greening area of 40%, with "green all the name", nanning city buildings are relatively aging, nanning another city on the road the characteristics is the motorcycle is very much, basically with vernacular language in guangxi to give priority to. Night accommodation nanning, can to shang road around in the night market, a local characteristics, 6 PM on the road shang every night shift, and selling various types of grades of clothing, toys and souvenirs. Stay in nanning is necessary to have a taste of nanning local flavor snacks, nanning best known HuaDiao drunken chicken, paper chicken, v up fish, walnut sweet pigeons chang, etc, and it is also the full avenue dog meat hot pot and lemon duck, and if you want to choose economical dinner, it can be a taste of of all kinds of nanning rice flour.

The second day (July 7)

Nanning- -the baise instrument (about 600 kilometers)

From nanning to baise about distance at 330 km, and along the 324 national highway on 4 hours, can arrive, can spend 2 hours to visit the old revolutionary base areas. Along the 324 national highway to the old state town, all ethnic groups to XingYiShi longlin autonomous county.

The third day (July 8)

The instrument to kunming, Dali, (about 800 kilometers)

Starting from the instrument by 324 national road LuoPing to the stone forest ShangKun stone high speed to kunming, west from kunming, less than 30 kilometers along the 324 national highway, reach a representative of the kunming dianchi lake scenic spot, you can make a little stay, the picture of it, then along 320 national road after chuxiong to Dali (high speed to 180 km), chuxiong-Dali's most urgent detour, be careful. This period of traffic is good. Dali main attraction for Dali and the features of erhai lake, the home of the segment fame-Dali is a lot of people like a small town, can live a night watch town at night; It can buy a set of eight guardians, a review of the JinDaXia literary skill. Dali's moonlight is very beautiful, still can see the erhai lake scenery, must be relaxed and happy.

The fourth day (July 9)

Dali, lijiang (about 170 kilometers)

Traffic is very good, is called the high grade highway, four lanes of the main street, no anything bifurcate mouth to get lost would not be easy. To go to lijiang road landscape is good, but it seems that the traffic police very afraid of driver light to look at the scenery not good drive, on the road will have a lot of never before seen very fun warning language, article 10 consecutive afraid of driver bored after watching it and come to a similar "good medicine tastes bitter" warning. From this time started might be a little plateau response, everybody.
To the old town of lijiang, since the tube into the ancient city, remember that cars can only stop in ancient city outside, walk into the city. Arranged accommodation, can go first a walk to the city, to see the pure like jade jade dragon snow mountain melt down water, look at the of primitive simplicity and bar street of lijiang building flourishing, and then can find a place to eat, but also can directly on the street looking for bar bar bubble, until you can't remember this is anything so far place.
In addition to lijiang bar of your bubble is not, the book you is not listen to not ancient bell music, watching the jolly old man sing that old folk music, and read the humor in word, you must forget the night of the ancient city of it already separate a life time.

The fifth day (July 10)

Lijiang-lugu lake (250 km)

Lugu lake is a quite a reputation of the plateau lakes, located in yunnan yi autonomous county in sichuan and ninglang YanYuanXian between, lijiang big research from the more than 270 kilometers, is apart from the ninglang county 73 kilometers. The lake covers an area of 51.8 square kilometers, lake on average 40.3 meters deep, deep in the 93.5 m, is not under any pollution, the biggest visibility of 12 meters, water surface elevation 2680 meters. Lugu lake around dense woods, the air is fresh, because the sparsely populated, is present throughout the country suffered the most light, man-made destruction of the protection of the natural environment, one of the best place. Lugu lake water clear through the eye, around scenery poem, beautiful charming. There were carp, lake pink fish, LuGu schizothorax, etc.
Lugu lake live by the nerghborhood also a matriarchal society's heritage, in the home in older or capable women for the head of the family, male don't marry, a female not to marry, the relationship between building only occasionally.

The sixth day (July 11)

Lugu lake, lijiang (250 km)

Jade dragon snow mountain is located in the north of lijiang ancient 15 kilometers, jade dragon snow mountain peak to dial 5596 meters ShanZiDou, straight into the blue sky, north and south of the arrangement of yulong 13 peak is one of suspension dragons, it not only great momentums, and tall and beautiful, modelling and exquisite, as the seasonal and cloudy skies of alternating, landscape and mercurial, sometimes cloud steaming mist chung, jade dragon at first glance is hidden at first glance, now scattered pearls such as water, cloudless, like the mountain peaks way scrub, glittering and translucent and silver glare resistant dazzling; Sometimes a cloud with waist, JiaoJiao peaks of the above, the emerald green scenically. Uneventful ride and the summit with early morning, colorful rosy dawn reflects the snowy peaks, the Snow White is a rosy glow complements the twinkle; In the evening the peaks of the rays with like put on GongSha dye, the clouds, with an evening JiCai, FeiGui between peak GuHe, a worthy of the play, abnormal condition is boundless.

On the eighth day (July 12)

Lijiang-zhongdian (about 230 kilometers)

With all of the sichuan zhongdian daocheng, known as China's "shangri-la", the so-called "shangri-la" is xanadu. On the way to lijiang in zhongdian about 110 miles (kilometers) to see tiger leaping gorge, tiger leaping gorge is the world famous grand canyon, to the said in the world and grotesque, is divided into the upper, three long jump down tiger, total 18 place dangerous shoals, water in the yulong snow mountain of two of habakkuk, clip relies on the running, among which the tiger jumped the most narrow a, striding over m width, in the middle of a boulder, also called tiger jump stone, and hit a stone encircling the sound of the roaring through the valley, but if you want to go on foot or by boat full of tiger leaping gorge need 3 days, we can only stay here for several hours. Swim to the 214 national road of tiger leaping gorge 100 km to the north, then arrive zhongdian, zhongdian is a Tibetan residential areas, belong to yunnan diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture, domestic average elevation 3380 meters, the highest elevation of the is the elevation 6740 meters meili snow mountain. The main attractions BiDaHai zhongdian, NaPaHai,



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