Lhasa-Ali journey


Lhasa-the spring river
Day 1: the national-Lhasa
Day 5: the national-Lhasa

Day six: June 3, rest in the urban area activities (100 kilometers
The seventh day: on June 4 to gandan monasteries, only 100 kilometers
The Lhasa, old bridge of Lhasa. Along the sichuan-tibet highway went east 40 kilometers, DaZiXian in the chapter in more leave sichuan-tibet highway, turn right, and through a small village, along the dirt road has been set up to the top of the mountains. In one side slope is continuous on eight, nine kilometers plate, in the valley of Lhasa shine.
The top of the hill is a large glistening gold temples, this is Tibetan Buddhism is the head of the temple of the six gandan monasteries.

Visit Lhasa to ali lion springs from the river, should pass xigaze, pull, the kernel, SaGa kirgiz, apt and several county. Want to plunge and o DE bifurcation, and then hiding along the new highway go to xinjiang.

Day 8: Lhasa-xigaze
From Lhasa to xigaze direction the china-nepal highway, this is the Shanghai to Tibet of part of the national highway 318 camphorwood capital, Lhasa, part of the national highway 318 east also called the sichuan-tibet highway, west of Lhasa says the china-nepal highway.
From Lhasa to xigaze, north and south have three line:
The downtown: the song, GanBaLa, YangZhuoYongHu, water wave bands, KaRe glaciers to pull jomzi (white occupies temple, ZongShan castle), more than 250 kilometers. More than mountain, poor road conditions, but all the way to the rich humanistic landscape. Good way is to xigaze jomzi, 150 kilometers.
Central Line, also is the new the china-nepal highway, and more than three hundred km: music by water, JiangXiHang along Brahmaputra, the DaZhu card to rikeze.
Uptown is old the china-nepal highway, walk the road 80 kilometers to the yangbajain, go back to south into, over two to four, five kilometers snow-capped mountains, 190 km gravel road, around to DaZhu card the yarlung zangbo river. To xigaze and 87 kilometers. A total of 357 kilometers. Now the downtown, in line all roads, can only go north road,
On June 5, 07:50 on after breakfast, day some Yin.
Walk again Beijing road, west out of Lhasa, return to yangbajain. Along the pile of dragon song into the valley. This period of the qinghai-tibet railway is not the end, but you can see each built along the tunnel. The canyon of a dragon song of water, water come from mostly nyenchen tanglha herder milks snowy peaks.
08:30 about more than 50 km long canyon, the road is very good, soon see at the end of the valley tanglha snowy peaks.
The throat of the road sign is please blurs, right to golmud, left is yangbajain and xigaze. Leave the qinghai-tibet highway left, a DangXiong song, yangbajain into to hotspots.
A 08:46 yangbajain village, start out on a ShaShiLu.
09:19 eight well after village, turn right into the narrow valley, distant is pyramidical nyenchen tanglha herder milks of the mountains of the poor mother hillock peak, at an altitude of 7048 meters.
09:54 has been PanShanLu around on, finally came to the mountain pass 5454 meters. Also have rolled over the two snow mountain mouth, the elevation table shows in all 4900 meters.
A day on the JiangDa bamboo card ferry, go on the new the china-nepal highway, we walked 270 kilometers. Direct the song the yarlung zangbo river and water along the new the china-nepal highway, only 200 kilometers, and the asphalt road, elevation 3700 meters are in.
In the bridge of small restaurant, and onto the formation of the asphalt road, walked to the west, the way is green crops and tree.

Whichever of the door into the study, a JinBiHuiHuang.
Many xigaze hotel, convenient accommodation, 3850 meters above sea level.
This day trip 357 kilometers.

Day 9: xigaze, kirgiz, SaGa-
June 6, 07:19 NianChuHe bridge, JingFan flieg, come on, cheer, journeyed north, the yarlung zangbo river, embarking on a new asphalt road, has been to the west.
08:19 dashan, grand canyon, straight the right path.
08:30 go nearly an hour, more than 80 kilometers of the asphalt road until you see a signpost, marks: the right to XieTong door 1.5 km, left to pull kirgiz county 75 kilometers.
His into the china-nepal highway, and the intersection of G315 G219 after uzbek pull into the county.
New g219 highway, east up Tibet kirgiz, and the china-nepal highway cohesion, west to xinjiang phosphatide, and from xining to Sally car of 315 national cohesion. New hid 2256 km of road (Lhasa-the spring 1156 kilometers, and the river spring river-1100 km phosphatide).
After the meal, 12:06 leave kirgiz city, on the new g219 highway.
The north county, a border checkpoint. Again lead the yarlung zangbo river and then a thick ShaShiLu. Go more than ten kilometers, suddenly right rear flat tire, return to pull [buy tires.
Hold to the road, a mountain pass, have JingFan. After came down from the mountain, the right side become extremely flat open, here is the yarlung zangbo river of the ancient river, the distance from the yarlung zangbo river only ten kilometers, if have binoculars, and to the south is see, maybe can see mount Everest.
15:02 card honk crossing, the road has a pair of huge key, five, six meters high, do not know how to understand. Road sign instructions: go straight to ali 1103 kilometers, turn right to AngRenXian city 5.7 kilometers.
15:02 back to card honk crossing, and into.
And afterward the circle, and JingFan.
16:56 road into a wide valley, the 219 national highway milestone appeared I look forward to the already a long time of "1999". Here the altitude of 4800 meters. A fork in mulberry mulberry soon, the elevation and PanShanLu on, and see JingFan, "expanded", at an altitude of 4926 meters.
The end after many male hide in the upper reaches of the cloth



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